The District Secretary Awakens to the Truth

One day in 2004, Sister Lin was at home, wearing a vest with the words "Zhen, Shan, Ren" (Truth, Compassion, Forbearance) embroidered on it. The district secretary came by and brought along the district director and two other persons.

As soon as the four people entered her house, they were all surprised to see her vest. The district director couldn't help but ask immediately, "Why do you wear a vest like that?"

Sister Lin replied, "I am really doing things according to 'Zhen, Shan, Ren.' Wearing this vest will help me do it better." Sister Lin then told these "caring" visitors two little things she had done based on the principle of "Zhen-Shan-Ren."

The secretary listened to Sister Lin's stories and kept nodding her head and murmuring to herself, "Falun Gong, Zhen, Shan, Ren is good."

Sister Lin also told them about the disasters that the Cultural Revolution and the Tiananmen Square Massacre had brought to the Chinese people. "Those were all evil deeds that can never be forgiven, even by the gods," she said. "Today," she continued, "if anyone informs the police on a practitioner and, as a consequence, the practitioner is arrested and persecuted to death, the informer would definitely receive retribution--just like those who were involved in the Cultural Revolution. If the people don't bring the bad people to justice, the gods will take it upon themselves to punish them."

The secretary and the others felt that Sister Lin had made good sense and went away without a word.

The next day, Sister Lin was on the street and saw that the secretary was following her again.

Sister Lin turned around and initiated a conversation with her. She said, "Madam Secretary, our predestined relationship leads us to meet again!"

The secretary said, "I have something to talk to you about and something to ask from you."

Sister Lin said, "Never mind. I know what you are going to say."

The secretary continued, "The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) doesn't permit your practicing Falun Gong, so you can't practice Falun Gong. Now the Political and Legislative Membership Committee is asking me for the list of Falun Gong practitioners here."

Sister Lin said, "You are surely not going to give out such a list. Things that involve selling someone for profit should never be done. I had my own office and earned 2000 yuan a month before being fired. I lost a 2000-yuan-a-month income for the sake of cultivation and for Dafa, which is truly good. If you sell a Falun Gong practitioner for 300 yuan or so, it is a crime against the Heavenly Law! Let me ask you: Do you want your life or money?"

The secretary replied, "Of course I want my life. But I still want to ask you about the flyers you post. If I don't tear down the flyers, but I ask the sanitary workers to do it, is that OK?"

Sister Lin said, "This will be very bad for you. You already know the truth. You're afraid of losing your life but ask others to risk theirs. The gods think of this kind of person is the worst and will eliminate him first."

The secretary said, "I understand now. I won't go down that path."

Sister Lin said, "Then you are doing a great thing that will bring you a good fortune."

A bright smile appeared on the secretary's face. She seemed to put down a heavy burden that she had been carrying on her shoulders for a long time. She happily said goodbye to Sister Lin and kept thanking her for sharing her wisdom.

It became known later that the district secretary didn't hand in the list of practitioners, and the materials posted on the streets were not torn down.

One day, when Sister Lin met the secretary on the street, the secretary joyfully called her over and said she was reading Zhuan Falun. She said she felt warm and good after reading the book.

Now, this secretary has taken up the Fa and follows the principle of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.

Hints from Aunt Hui

Aunt Hui was on her way home. She saw a cleaning lady holding a broom in both hands. The lady appeared deep in concentration as she stood near the door of a supermarket in the Linghe District. She seemed to have many things to worry about.

Aunt Hui walked close to her and asked with compassion: "My dear, what are you thinking about?"

From the way she asked the question, the girl felt Aunt Hui was like a sister or aunt, and so she told everything on her mind to Aunt Hui, as if she were a close relative. She said her husband was having an affair with another woman and usually came home at midnight. She had suppressed all her emotions and didn't know what to do, although she had thought of killing her husband.

Aunt Hui held the girl's hands and told her, "Regardless of what he has done wrong, you cannot consider killing him. Handling everything with compassion is the right path. Society's morality may have gone downhill and led to people doing bad things, but if you can rise above it and handle things with a truly compassionate heart, things will turn out for the best."

The girl listened to Aunt Hui and couldn't help crying. You could tell how distressed she was from the way she cried. Aunt Hui's words comforted her.

The girl listened to Aunt Hui and had an intimate talk with her. While they were chatting, the girl remembered a dream she had had the previous night and told it to Aunt Hui. She said: "Last night I dreamed a big Bodhisattva flew into my room through the window. She was so splendid and pretty! I can see it clearly. And she was just like you! Today, the first time I saw you, I felt a sense of kindness. It's really a predestined relationship to see you here."

Aunt Hui said, "I am one who believes in the gods. You see, I'm almost 70 and still so healthy and don't have any diseases. I tell you that people who believe in the gods will treat others kindly. Take it calmly no matter what happens and don't think of things in a narrow way."

After listening to Aunt Hui's advice, the girl was relieved of her worries. She happily said that she would treat her husband properly from then on.

Aunt Hui said, "I tell you now, for your personal safety, quit the Chinese Communist Party's three political organizations. No matter what happens in the future, you won't be affected and you will be safe."

The girl listened carefully to Aunt Hui's words. She didn't hesitate and said she would do what Aunt Hui advised.