(Clearwisdom.net) Today I read that Sujiatun Concentration Camp in Shenyang had detained more than 6,000 Falun Dafa practitioners to harvest their organs for profit. I shared with other practitioners and found some problems. Although it was already very late into the incident when we learned about this, I still hope that everyone can learn from our sharing. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

1. At present, it is important to send forth righteous thoughts collectively. We should send righteous thoughts whenever possible and completely destroy the evil. Let the evildoers receive retribution immediately and use righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Eliminating the evil and dispensing retribution can be done when we send forth righteous thoughts often and ask Teacher for support. Remember: "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful."

2. Practitioners in every area must identify missing fellow practitioners. At the same time, ask families of those missing to demand the release of those individuals. All others should send forth righteous thoughts to support the families and persecuted fellow practitioners.

3. When anything goes amiss, do not look for external answers, do not complain, and do not point fingers at practitioners who are being persecuted. We can't even entertain such thoughts but must keep righteous thoughts and use every thought to reject the old forces' arrangements. Even though our fellow practitioners have shortcomings, it should not become an excuse for persecuting them. Moreover, we do not even acknowledge the old forces themselves. Do not to let your thoughts be moved by anyone! Think about everything with righteous thoughts, regardless of the extent of the incident! Especially when we are exposed to a conflict, regardless of who is involved, it is not accidental for us to see or hear about it. We have to help other practitioners, because their issues are our issues. One righteous thought can easily affect the outcome. We cannot send negative thoughts his way. Wouldn't this be recognizing the old forces' arrangement? We have Teacher and the Fa. No one can move us and no one is worthy enough to move us.

4. Do not be influenced by any changes that affect everyday society. We must be firm and do the three things well. I noticed that some practitioners have recently slacked off in sending forth righteous thoughts. For example, when practitioners have a group meeting, righteous thoughts in the group must be good. Unfortunately, some practitioners forget about sending forth righteous thoughts because they are in the middle of sharing a thought and they just keep talking. Some practitioners don't even send forth righteous thoughts after six o'clock because they are busy and tired. This does not happen just once or twice, but appears to be a constant problem. Do not look at others, but look within! If one person says he does not send forth righteous thoughts, we have to tell that person of its importance. We can get back to the conversations later. We need to do the "three things" well! Aren't we improving the one body like this?

Some parents neglect their responsibility as Dafa practitioners. They do not have their children send forth righteous thoughts with them and regard their young practitioner as merely a child. Isn't the child a Falun Dafa practitioner? If the child is older, the parents must accept the responsibility for the child's actions. Sometimes it is not the child that does not want to send forth righteous thoughts: the child thinks that if the parents do not remind him or her, he or she just can ignore it. If the child does not send forth righteous thoughts because of laziness, then you can ask, "Are you a Falun Dafa practitioner? If you are, you must do the three things well, and you must follow the path arranged by Teacher." If the child does not send forth righteous thoughts because he or she is busy doing homework at night, then you can kindly remind the child, "Sending forth righteous thoughts will not delay your study. It can make your mind clearer, and you can do the homework faster." I am a young practitioner. Sometimes when I studied I didn't watch the clock, my mother did not remind me, and I did not send forth righteous thoughts (of course I must look within). I hope fellow practitioners pay attention to this. Don't always "At the mallet's drumming one knows to be diligent" ("Drum Tower" from "HongYin" II) (provisional translation subject to further improvement)

5. After some practitioners read the news about Sujiatun, they did not have righteous thoughts, but held fear in their hearts. They did not understand that their issues are our issues. Instead they subconsciously held some evil thoughts and fear. Such incidents must be resolved with righteous thoughts and more diligent study of the Fa. Some practitioners became passive and went to the extreme. Teacher is watching. No chaos will ensue! Study the Fa more, stabilize your mindset, and always walk your Dafa path steadfastly and rightly.

It is not by chance that the CCP removes Falun Dafa practitioners' organs while still alive, and it is not by chance that it became known to us. We should all look within. First and foremost we cannot acknowledge the old forces' arrangements.

Some fellow practitioners only think about how to cultivate well. Of course this thought is not wrong. But, never forget that his issues are also our issues. So many fellow practitioners are still detained in forced labor camps, but we neglect to send forth righteous thoughts for them. This is because we have not cultivated well. This is an attachment of selfishness.

When some practitioners see other practitioners' tribulations, they do not point them out immediately. They fear that the practitioner may get angry. Instead they find some excuse and attach blame and do not think why they saw it. When some practitioners have negative thoughts or human notions, we do not recognize them but fall into the same trap. Some simply point out that his thought is wrong, but do not tell him the fundamental problem. We are Falun Dafa practitioners! We must negate the old forces' arrangements with every thought. Sometimes when several practitioners are exchanging views, their minds are not kind, their tone of voice is harsh, and their words do not have positive energy. They are arguing! This is not compassion.

When some practitioners share about issues, they always note who said this or who said that, and what they believe to be wrong. They do not judge the incident with the Fa. Actually, when we discuss issues, we have different opinions because we are on different levels. We still have to judge the situation with the Fa. When we discuss issues, we must be peaceful, have a tranquil mind, and should not be irrational and anxious. Someone holds fear and wants to quickly tell other practitioners their problems. Being full of worry, the person does not understand that this may lead in the wrong direction. The thought is perhaps good, but the process and point of view are not positive. The thought certainly must be kind.

When we encounter conflicts in cultivation, we should not run to everyone and discuss it. We must deal with it with righteous thoughts. When we encounter some ordeal, we must first calm down and study the Fa. If we really can't find fault, we can ask Teacher or fellow practitioners to help us. Do not fear to trouble practitioners or Teacher. Actually, we are all Teacher's disciples. If we neglect to base our actions on the Fa, we are not being righteous. Dafa practitioners are one body. It is only the evil that does not want us to share with fellow practitioners. It knows that once other practitioners are told, they are able to recognize the problems. Therefore, evil thoughts cannot find fertile ground among practitioners.

We also must cultivate our speech. When practitioners meet, please don't discuss who is and who is not good or who has done wrong. When you see something wrong, why don't you kindly tell the person? Don't you realize that when you add negative thoughts, you are unknowingly cooperating with the evil? Because our thoughts have an effect--positive or negative--on those around us, we should refrain from having them. Some practitioners do not pay attention to how they come across. They simply think we are all fellow practitioners and just speak their mind. They think we should not regard each other as outsiders. As a matter of fact some people pay special attention to this aspect. You say something unconsciously, which in reality could help the other person. But, if one is not careful about how one comes across, others misunderstand the message being conveyed. We should pay attention to this, because we still have human attachments! We should not have conflicts because of this!

Some practitioners do not measure their actions strictly according to the Fa. They occasionally say things that would have been better left unsaid. They pay no attention to the way it comes across. They are also more interested in everyday people's matters instead of what is important under the Fa. I think we should truly abandon such behavior. Everything is caused by our heart. We should not think about things that have nothing to do with Dafa. In cultivation, there is no big or small thing,

"Each and every barrier must be broken through,

And everywhere does evil lurk." ("Tempering the Will" from Hong Yin)

Some practitioners like to spread rumors. It is better to know less than more. Only a few people should be kept in the know, including the location of truth-clarification material production sites. But, some practitioners do not pay attention to this. Your mind is probably very righteous, but the other person's mind may not be righteous. If you tell that person about it, if you have strong righteous thoughts, your righteous thoughts may stop any problems, but it's best to cultivate the speech.

What I would like to emphasize is to negate the old forces' arrangements with every thought. For example, one day a few of us were sending forth righteous thoughts towards the concentration camp when practitioner A said: "How come I cough as soon as I send forth righteous thoughts towards there?" I immediately said: "Don't acknowledge it. The evil does not want you to send forth righteous thoughts. You must not cough. Destroy the interrupter with righteous thoughts." After half a minute, that practitioner stopped coughing.

Sometimes the old forces lure us indirectly. For example, one day a few classmates and I were involved in sports. They were singing pop songs. I never sing pop song, and only listen to Dafa music. However, that day I was hooked. I also bought a tape of pop songs after school. I listened for a while after I went home. When my head became heavy and dizzy, I immediately stopped the music. Teacher gave me a hint and helped me remember that whatever I listen to will be in my mind. I should not listen to these songs, because they try to interfere with my Fa study. They try to "destroy" my righteous thoughts. I no longer care what songs my classmates sing. As soon as I recall the pop song tape, I immediately remember what happened when I listened to it--and I wasted six yuan.

I enlightened from the aforementioned incident that some interference comes indirectly. On the surface it was just a song, but actually it is not that simple. Don't you sometimes feel that it's only you that can't sing pop songs (vanity, attachment to competition)? So, you had to buy the tape! Couldn't you have spent the money on Dafa? Since you bought it, you had to listen? Couldn't you have studied the Fa instead? If you really learn the song, it will form thought karma. You will sing it daily and waste time, which could be used for sending forth righteous thoughts and memorizing the Fa. The first thought would go amiss, and then all thoughts would begin to go amiss. If I did not feel remorse, and continued to listen and learn the songs, then I would descend to another level. I don't think this is a small issue! Nothing is simple! If we do not correct it in time, it will cause a big problem in the long run. Foremost, we must negate the old forces' arrangement with every thought! If we guard the first thought, the latter problems will not occur. Therefore, we must study the Fa more, as righteous thoughts come from the Fa.

We can't disappoint Teacher and sentient beings, and we must achieve "The Closer to the End, the More Diligent You Should Be," which includes our every thought. Don't be passive, do not be complacent, do not slack off, and do not hold fear. Time is the opportunity to do the three things well, "Returning to Heaven is no longer just yearned for." ("New Year's Greetings from Master")

Note: Some of the points I addressed above were thoughts shared by other practitioners. I thought in the past that sharing was limited to a local area. Therefore, I did not write it down. Now I understand that we need to share with all practitioners, so we can all enlighten and improve. Therefore, I suggest that after your sharing with practitioners, try to put the thoughts and issues on paper and share with everyone. It will help others to improve. In fact, sometimes we enlighten correctly but keep it to ourselves, and do not write it down to help others come to similar or the same understandings on the Fa.