(Clearwisdom.net) It has been more than four months since Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang Xiaodong from Huadian City, Jilin Province was arrested at home while carrying water to his house. Because he would not confess to the police, Mr. Yu Jinji and others from Huadian City Police Department Internal Security Unit tortured him using methods that included force-feeding of petroleum and a machine used to shake his head.

Mr. Yu Jinji and 610 Office staff Mr. Yang Baolin planted fabricated evidence to take Mr. Wang Xiaodong to court, but the Huadian City Procuratorate rejected their requests three times for a lack of sufficient evidence. Mr. Yu Jinji continued to collect "criminal evidence" and after several delays the Procuratorate held a closed trial for Mr. Wang Xiaodong on July 6.

His family members overcame many hurdles to see Mr. Wang Xiaodong in court, where he was locked in an iron cage. No matter how loudly his family members shouted at him, Mr. Wang kept his head down and never responded – it was as though he never heard anything. Seeing a doctor with a medical bag standing next to Mr. Wang, his family believed that he had been injected with some unknown drug that kept him unconscious. The illegal trial finished quickly.

For the last several months, Mr. Wang's mother has been pushed around, harassed, insulted and even threatened by Mr. Yu Jinji and other people from the Huadian City Internal Security Unit. She was very worried when she heard that her son had been severely tortured. She suffered greatly in court when she saw that her son was unable to recognize her after several months.

According to someone familiar with Mr. Wang Xiaodong’s case, not only did the authorities keep following Mr. Wang’s mother, but they also followed and harassed whoever tried to help her. As the result, Mr. Wang’s mother often did not go back to her home at night but instead stayed on the side of the road or beneath bridges. Afraid of being implicated, those people who wanted to help her only stood by watching, or even made her situation worse.

Mr. Yang Baolin also lied to Mr. Wang's family members, saying, "He (Mr. Wang Xiaodong) has confessed everything and named all the people that he worked with him." Actually, an insider told his family member that the judge asked Mr. Wang Xiaodong why he said nothing during four interrogations. Mr. Wang replied, "I did not do anything illegal. Why did they arrest me when I was carrying water to my house? And why am I on trial?"

Mr. Wang Xiaodong held a hunger strike to protest this persecution when he was detained. He held another hunger strike before his trial. All local practitioners, please coordinate with Mr. Wang Xiaodong’s family to request his release and expose these horrific acts. Practitioners who see this information, please use your righteous thoughts to strengthen Mr. Wang Xiaodong to help him quickly get out of detention.

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