(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yuan Yuqin is from Longkou City, Shandong Province. Because she persists in practicing Falun Dafa, she has been illegally detained over a dozen times and her home ransacked many times. She has been fined, harassed, and brutally tortured. Eventually she lost her job.

Ms. Yuan Yuqin, over 40 years old, lives in Beizaoqian Village in the Kaifa District of Longkou City. After the persecution started, in March 2000, Ms. Yuan went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong with Ms. Zhang Shumin, another practitioner from the same village. They were detained and taken to the local liaison office. The local police department and a village official, Cui Jichuan, took them back home. (Cui, who used to help police search the homes of practitioners and verbally abused them, reportedly now has a brain tumor.) When Ms. Yuan was brought back, she was locked to a pole in the courtyard of the village administration office.

Around 10:00 p.m., Team Secretary Jie Dejiu, who was drunk, and village security chief Feng Jun, together with four or five thugs, showed up with electric batons. Jie started cursing the practitioners. He told the others to strip off the practitioners’ jackets, shoes and socks so that they were standing on the cold floor in their bare feet. Then Jie walked up to Ms. Yuan, punched her in the face, and said, "That’s for causing trouble for me."

Then the scoundrels closed in on the two practitioners and viciously beat them. They used the electric baton to shock their bare feet. Jie took a bottle of alcohol and tried to force Ms. Yuan to drink. Because she refused, Jie told others to strip off her pants. As she resisted Jie kicked her in the face and she collapsed to the ground. Jie then poured half a bottle of alcohol into her. After the beating and torment, Ms. Yuan’s face was swollen, with blood dripping from her mouth and ears. She was in excruciating pain.

After that, they did the same thing to Ms. Zhang Shumin. Ms. Zhang’s tooth was knocked out, and her feet became swollen. They then started to torture the practitioners who were detained in the village offices, Mr. Tang Zhulong and his wife Ms. Jie Yulan.

Jie Dejiu told the others to bring human waste from the toilet and force practitioners to drink it. When they refused, they were beaten. The practitioners were tortured until midnight. When Jie left, he ordered, "Do not let them inside, do not let them put on clothes, socks, or shoes. Let them freeze in the yard. Let me tell you, I will come every night to check." The next evening, the thugs again beat the practitioners in the hallway. They hung Ms. Zhang to a fence and beat her. They even drove her to a beach and threatened to bury her alive. Ms. Yuan and Ms. Zhang were beaten until they said they would not practice Falun Gong anymore.

In June 2001, Ms. Yuan was illegally arrested from her workplace and taken to Zhangjiagou Detention Center and detained for a month. The instigator of the persecution in Longkou City Police Department is Li Shuqiang. Among the police involved in the actual persecution were Yu Lihui and Wang Jun.

Near the close of 2001, Ms. Yuan went to visit another practitioner. She was again arrested and taken to Zhangjiagou Detention Center by Yu Lihui and others. As a result, the elders and young children left at home had no one to care for them. After the Lantern Festival, the authorities extorted 5,000 yuan from Yuan Yuqin's family before releasing her.