(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1994, and have believed in Master and the Fa since then.

I was drilling holes in a steel plate one day in July 2005 when the plate suddenly started to turn. I remember that the plate got caught on my glove and dragged me into rotation. Other than this, I don’t remember anything.

No one was around me at that time. When I was found, it seemed as if I were dead: my shirt and my work uniform were twisted and cut up into pieces, my shirt collar was tied tightly around my neck, and my body was covered with blood, with bruises around my neck and left shoulder. My colleagues thought that I must be dying. But about fifteen minutes later I suddenly said, "(I was) chatting with someone…" With these words I came back into consciousness.

Actually, I went to another dimension while unconscious, and chatted with someone there. My main spirit was still recalling my experience in the other dimension when I came back to life. Hearing my first words, my colleagues said to me, "How could you be chatting? You haven't been breathing for over ten minutes." I took a look at myself, and found my clothes to be in pieces, my neck covered with blood, and both the front and the back of my left shoulder bruised. But I didn’t feel any pain. So I borrowed a jacket, and rode my bike home.

I understand from this experience that Master protects every Dafa disciple who truly cultivates. A Dafa disciple is fortunate. In addition, Master has repeatedly given opportunities to our former fellow practitioners who have enlightened on an evil path, to those who are deceived by lies and hate Dafa, and to those who were driven by material interest and have done evil things to Dafa. No words can describe Master’s compassion. We should clarify the truth about Dafa to save the people of this world.