(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Ma Jianshe was from Sijie, Xinji City, Hebei Province. After he practiced Falun Gong, his many chronic diseases such as diabetes vanished. He persisted in practicing Falun Dafa and clarifying the truth, so he was arrested, detained and fined many times by the authorities. Because of the harassment and intimidation from the police officers, his old diseases relapsed. He died on June 13, 2005, at the age of 54. More details follow:

Before practicing Falun Gong, Mr. Ma Jianshe used to have serious diabetes and was confined to bed for many years. He sought medical help all the time and couldn’t work. After he started practicing Falun Gong in 1997, the disease he had suffered from for many years vanished. He became healthy and then made a living by repairing bicycles.

He did a good job and never cheated anybody, so his neighbors and nearby villagers preferred his repair work to others’. He often forgot to eat when he had many jobs. Only after he finished all the urgent jobs would he eat the food that his wife had sent with him. When people saw that he ate anything and didn’t restrict himself to any particular type of food, they said, "Falun Gong is really wonderful. It can cure such serious diabetes." One time he got a forged note of 50 yuan. After he confirmed it was a forged note, he immediately tore it up, saying, "It came to me and I won’t let it cheat other people." All the people far and near recognized that Mr. Ma Jianshe was a good person.

When the persecution of Falun Gong began in July 1999, he walked to Beijing to clarify the truth. After he walked for six days, he was arrested and sent back to the Zhanqian Police Station. He went again to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa on October 5, 1999, and was arrested again. The police officer from Xinji took him to the car. On the way back, the police officer extorted 50 yuan from him at every intersection. He was detained at the Xinji City Cotton and Linen Company, where he went on a hunger strike for three days to protest the illegal detention. About six days later, he was transferred to Xinji City Detention Center. He was detained for more than 30 days and was fined 2,600 yuan.

During the October 1 holiday in 2000, police officers from the Zhanqian Police Station arrested him from his bicycle-repair booth and took him to the police station. They forced him to write a guarantee statement promising to give up Falun Gong, otherwise they wouldn’t let him go home. As soon as he was released two days later, Liu Quan, a security person, came to Mr. Ma’s home at 8 p.m. He lied and said, "Xinghua Office (a Town Government office) asks Ma Jianshe to come in and report. Nothing else." However, when he went to the office, he was immediately detained. He wasn’t released until 40 days later. Over the 2002 Chinese New Year Holiday, he was again detained by the Xinghua Office.

Government officials and police officers from Xinji 610 Office, Xinji Police Department, the Xinghua Office, and the Zhanqian Police Station, in total 12 persons, came to his home on March 15, 2003. They tried to take him to the brainwashing center. Mr. Ma said, "I practice Falun Gong, learning Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, trying to be a good person. What’s wrong with that?" They said, "The authorities don’t permit you to be a good person. If you want to be a good person, we will arrest you. We ask you to come, and you should come. We don’t want to lose our jobs for your sake." After they sent Mr. Ma to the brainwashing center, they forced him to write the "Four Statements." He refused. Officials from the "610 Office" headed by Xie Zhiyuan then abused, beat, and kicked him. They deprived him of sleep and punished him by making him stand for a long time, with his back bent and his head against the wall. He protested by hunger striking. Later, under the persecution, he wrote the "Four Statements." He was released after suffering torturous persecution for more than 20 days.

National Security Brigade Chief Geng Zhanfeng (the father of a current police officer, Geng Chao) led the police to Mr. Ma's home many times to search the place and harass him. When they couldn’t find anything, they threatened, "We will still come the next time. If we find some Falun Gong materials, we will make you lose everything." Due to the continuing harassment, arrest, intimidation, and extortion attempts, Mr. Ma’s health gradually deteriorated. His old diseases relapsed and he passed away in June 2005.

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