(Clearwisdom.net) I often read experience sharing articles on "Minghui Weekly" about how to improve one’s cultivation by sending forth righteous thoughts, by Fa validation, and through Fa study, which accelerates our cultivation.

Today I would like to share my experience on having a wrong thought, which let the evil take advantage of my loopholes. My wish is that other practitioners will not make the same mistake I did.

At the end of 2005 I developed a wrong thought. I thought that I would have to encounter a huge tribulation before I reached consummation. This thought often came to my mind until May 2006. As a result, I was taken advantage of by the evil and the tribulation indeed happened.

The public toilet in my residential compound was old and lacked maintenance. The rain would come in from the leak on the roof. I took the initiative to fix the roof.

On May 15, 2006, after lunch, while most people were taking a nap, I climbed on the roof to remove the old shingles. When I tried to pull out the shingle nails, the four-inch thick timber my left hand was resting on suddenly broke. I fell from the top of the wall like a rock. My right wrist and my left leg were badly injured, and one of my right ribs hurt. I almost fell into the manure pit. If it had not been for Master’s protection, the consequences would have been much worse.

After the fall I couldn’t breathe for a minute. As soon as I regained my breath I started to send forth righteous thoughts. I assured myself that I would not have any bone injuries. Five minutes later I forced myself to stand up against a wall and then walked very slowly toward my home, which is 20 meters (65 feet) away from the toilet. Once I sat down on the couch I could not stand up again.

Following this incident, I was in a bad way for 35 days. Fellow practitioners came to visit me and said, "You should look inside to find out why this happened to you and find your omission that the evil used to attack you." I told them my wrong thought about the big tribulation before consummation. Practitioners said, "This thought is indeed wrong. You were willingly inviting it to happen. Since you invited it, the evil came and took advantage."

Fellow practitioners’ words were a wake up call for me. Yes, it had been nine years since 1997 when I began to practice Dafa. Why did I still think in the mode of everyday people? When I thought that way, wasn't I asking for it? Wasn’t that an everyday person’s thinking? If I asked for it, the thinking would fall exactly in line with what the evil had planned, so the evil made it happen.

A wrong thought caused the 35 days of tribulation. I realized that, when the evil tribulation arrived, I should have broken its arrangement and improved my cultivation in the process. I decided to study the "Fa" more often. During those 35 days I listened to Teacher’s Guangzhou lecture three times and read the entire book Zhuan Falun and the other Dafa books I have. Regardless of whether I was lying down in bed, sitting or standing up, I never stopped practicing the exercises. At the same time I persisted in sending forth righteous thoughts.

Under Teacher’s support and guidance, I was able to sit up on the tenth day. I stood up on the 15th day and walked on the 20th day. On the 35th day I could ride a bicycle. My recovery broke everyday people's notion that says, "A bone fracture needs about 100 days to recover."

Although I have recovered more quickly than everyday people, I still have a big gap regarding Teacher’s requirements and Dafa’s standards. In the future I will dedicate more effort to my Fa study. I will judge my every single thought from the standard of Dafa. Hopefully, I will never leave another loophole for the evil to attack again.