(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ban Huijuan from Huadian City, Jilin Province became mentally disoriented after suffering prolonged persecution in Heizuizi Prison, Changchun City. Half a month ago her mother and son visited her at the prison. She had to be carried to the meeting place by two people and could no longer recognize her family. She spoke only broken words, and kept forgetting what she had just said as she continued to speak. By the end of the meeting, she still barely recognized her family. The guard said she was faking it.

On the surface one could not see any bruises on Ban Huijuan, but one could see that she had become extremely weak. Right now the details of the situation are not very clear.

Falun Dafa practitioner Ban Huijuan and her husband Xu Guijun were arrested on June 3, 2002 by police from the Huadian City Police Department. Ms. Huijuan suffered through brutal interrogations from the political security team of the City Police Department. Three policemen tied her arms and legs onto the four corners of a bed and pasted wet paper on her face until she almost suffocated. They tortured her like this repeatedly. When the police saw that Ban Huijuan still would not give in, they shouted, "We’ll feed you aphrodisiacs, and find two thugs to rape you in the detention center." Afterwards, another 2-3 policemen entered the room and beat her severely. Ban Huijuan quickly passed out. The policemen poured cold water onto her head and then took off some dirty socks and stuffed it into her mouth so that she would not cry out loud.

Ban Huijuan and her husband were illegally sentenced to 12 years of prison. She is illegally detained in the Heizuizi Prison in Changchun City. Because she has been firm in her belief, the guards imposed severe torture on her. The guards usually tie steadfast practitioners down on beds, with each limb fixed to each bedpost.

Related responsible units and personnel:

Jilin Province Women’s Prison (i.e. Heizuizi Prison): zip: 130000, P.O. Box 1048
Xu Guangsheng, Warden of the Prison: 86-431-5375001, 86-431-2725199(Home), 86-13704362518 (Cell)
Gao Mingya, Deputy Warden of the Prison: 86-431-5375003, 86-13604425882(Cell)
Wang Jie, Deputy Warden of the Prison: 86-431-5375002, 86-431-2842148(Home), 86-13504482003 (Cell)
Wu Zeyun, Deputy Warden of the Prison: 86-431-5375003, 86-431-8694030(Home), 86-13604449573 (Cell)
Zhao Xijun, Communist Committee Secretary of the Discipline Committee: 86-431-5375000, 86-431-7908699(Home), 86-13604362560(Cell)
Office of Public Relations: 86-431-5375038
Jilin Province Prison Administration Bureau:
Zhu Guozhi, Warden: 86-431-2750001(Office), 86-431-8969266(Home)
Zhang Zhensu, Deputy Warden: 86-431-2750004(Office), 86-431-7919580(Home), 86-13704366006(Cell)
Yu Guangsheng, Deputy Warden: 86-431-2750005(Office), 86-431-8586398(Home), 86-13904333821(Cell)
Xu Fumin, Associate Secretary of the Communist Party Committee: 86-431-2750006(Office), 86-431-2744928(Home), 86-13604326388(Cell)
Zhao Xiande, Deputy Warden: 86-431-2750007(Office), 86-431-2707063(Home), 86-13704366106(Cell)