In Spite of the Chinese Communist Party's Attempts to Stop it, the Truth of Falun Gong Spreads More Widely

By a practitioner in China

When I took a bus in Beijing the day before yesterday, I bought my ticket using money that had truth clarifying content printed on it. When the booking clerk received it, he earnestly read what was on the money and handed it to the driver. Two passengers behind the driver also read the truth on the bill.

The driver said, "The manager wants us to turn in this kind of money if we receive it and make up for the lost money ourselves."

A booking clerk said, "It is so unreasonable!"

The driver replied immediately, "You can be more flexible! We don’t have to hand these bills over to the manager."

To prevent people from learning the truth, the Chinese Communist Party uses methods like these, but unknown and unexpected to them, people still manage to find a way to keep truth-clarifying material spreading among themselves and away from the government’s hand.

"Never Say You Are a Communist Party Member When Hunting for a Job"

By a practitioner in Shenyang, Liaoning Province

One day at the beginning of July at my workplace, a college student was promoting products from a certain company. When our conversation turn to how college students find jobs, something stirred in him and he said, "If you're looking for jobs in foreign-funded or sole-source investment, never say you’re a Communist Party member. The boss wants to hire you when he hears you are a college student, but if you tell him that you’re a member of the Communist Party, he will reject you. The Communist party has a bad reputation."

I asked him the reasons for rejecting Communist Party members and he answered, "They said that party members are in a daze and have no creativity. Also, the Chinese Communist Party persecutes Falun Gong practitioners. People hated the Communist Party even more when it was found out that they harvested organs from living Falun Gong practitioners."

From our conversation, I learned that this college student had withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party using an alias. He has chosen a good future for himself.