(Clearwisdom.net) On the night of July 11, 2006, the police illegally arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Xiangming, who lived in Building #8, First District, Gaojiayuan Community of Chaoyang District in Beijing City. It is said that the police also confiscated Ms. Wang’s computer and her handwritten copies of Falun Dafa teachings. A total of six people were arrested, including two from the Gaojiayuan Community--Ms. Liang, who is in her forties, and Liu Jinmei. The Jiuxianqiao Police Station sent two policemen to carry out the arrest. One is Mr. Ma and the name of the other policeman is unknown. Two officials from the city government were also said to be involved in the arrest.

The following is a partial list of telephone numbers of the organizations that are responsible for persecuting Wang Xiangming:

Wang Lihua, female, director of Gaojiayuan Community of Chaoyang District in Beijing
Gaojiayuan Community Tel: 86-10-64361499
Address: #4/3rd floor, Building 201, Gaojiayuan Community, postcode: 100015

The Clearwisdom website published an article on July 18, calling for peoples’ attention regarding the arrest of Dafa practitioner Ms. Qi Shilan, who is also from Gaojiayuan Community. Wang Lihua led some police and arrested Ms. Qi.

Policeman Li Yuhong (currently head of the department in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners): 86-13601161321 (Cell)
Jiuxianqiao Police Station: 6-10-64371415, 86-10-64378734, 86-10-64333572

This arrest followed the arrest of practitioners Wang Xinhua, Yang Shili, Qi Shilan, Bao Shuping, Li Xiaobai, Li Shuying, Zhang Jijiang and Zhang Guirong by Jiuxianqiao Police at Gaojiayuan Community. We call on practitioners both inside and outside of China to pay attention to the situation in Gao Jiaoyuan Community.

In addition, Mr. Li Xiaobai was illegally sentenced to three years in prison and is currently detained in Chadian Prison in Tianjin City (also known as Qianjin Prison). Mr. Li is an engineer in his thirties.

Telephone numbers of people responsible for the persecution:

1. Chaoyang District Police Department: 86-10-85953400
2. National Security Division of Chaoyang District Police Department: 86-10-85953559, 85953553
3. Detention Center of Chaoyang District Police Department: 86-10-65767711, extension 430
4. Legal Section of Chaoyang District Police Department: 86-10-65718148
5. Chaoyang District 610 Office: 86-10-65094972
6. Jiuxianqiao Police Station: 86-10 – 64371415, 86-10-64333572
7. Policeman Li Yuhong from Jiuxianqiao Police Station: 86-13601161321 (Cell)
8. Policeman Zhang Wang from Jiuxianqiao Police Station: Police ID: 034157, Tel: 86-13311538797 (Cell), 86-10-64379925 (Office)
9. Director of Gaojiayuan Community, Wang Lihua: 86-10-64361499 (Office)