I am a retired government official from Anhui province. I had been in poor physical condition and had suffered from many diseases such as tuberculosis, heart problems and chronic dysentery etc. I had resorted to Chinese and western medicine and some folk prescriptions but my health did not improve. Having no other choice, I resorted to Qigong and had attended more than ten kinds of Qigong lectures. I practiced all these Qigong practices diligently and persistently without any break, even when it was windy and rainy. Yet I received no obvious improvement from these practices. Most serious of all, I also suffered from osteoporosis and my bones were so weak that they could break very easily. I had suffered from fractures five times, the most serious of which happened in my left thigh bone in July 1989. The hospital operated on me to replace my thigh bone with a piece of stainless steel. Unfortunately, an accident happened during the operation. As a result, the thigh bone was split and shortened so that the leg was 3 centimeters shorter than before. I did not recover from the split and had to stay in bed for more than 8 months before I could walk with the support of two walking canes and the help of others. I had to rely on canes to walk until 1993.

Although I suffered more and more from these ailments, I attended the Falun Gong lectures given by Teacher in Hefei in November 1993, nearly four and a half years after the operation. On the fifth day of the lectures, a day I will never forget all my life, something miraculous happened and I threw away the walking canes on which I had relied for more than 4 years. After that, my injured leg recovered little by little and, at the same time, I started to recover from all of my chronic diseases without taking any medicine.

At that time I was working on some financial affairs in the Qigong association. That day, I went to Teacher’s living quarters to speak with His assistant. After I had finished, the assistant asked me unexpectedly: "Why do you use the walking canes." Before I had time to explain, she urged me to let go of the walking canes and asked me to crouch and stand up. I crouched and then tried to stand up with the support of something, but she didn’t allow me to do it that way. I was nervous. I thought it would be difficult to stand up after a long time of crouching even for healthy legs and I must stand up as soon as possible. Then I stood up with great effort. After that, she urged me to walk fast and run in the corridor, go upstairs and then crouch and stand up.

I was so excited when I did all these things as she asked, which I had never dared to imagine that I could do in the past. Then I expressed my gratitude to her. She said: "Why thank me? It was Teacher Li who cured you." At the words I remembered that Teacher had fixed upon me for a short while when I came to deal with the affairs, but I never expected that Teacher had removed the root of my diseases.

Teacher said in the Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles:

"Many students saw before that when I did healings for ordinary people, I didn't need to lift a finger. I would just take a look at the person and he was cured. When I looked at him I was emitting certain things; I could emit supernormal powers from any part of my body. His ailment would be cured immediately over there upon my emitting those things."

This teaching of Fa has manifest in me. From then on I threw away my walking canes and all of my chronic diseases were gone without taking any medicine.

Now I am a 78-year-old woman in perfect heath and can move freely and leisurely. It is compassionate Teacher who saved me, to whom I can find no words to express my reverence and gratitude.

It is a great honor for me to become a Dafa practitioner during the Fa rectification. In the 10 years of my cultivation, under the compassionate care of Teacher, I have been persistent in my Fa study, sending forth righteous thought and clarifying the truth. Yet I am not diligent enough. Not much time is left for the Fa rectification, so I must cherish the precious predestined relationship with Dafa by progressing steadfastly and righteously on the path home.