(Clearwisdom.net) The article, "Record the Details of Teacher's Spreading the Practice and Teaching the Fa in the Human World" was published in Volume 218 of the "Minghui Weekly". It reminded me of a few things.

I was fortunate to have attended the third seminar in Guiyang City given by Teacher on August 15, 1993. When teaching the fifth exercise, Teacher showed us the exercise himself, and then asked a disciple to help teach us. When Teacher was showing us how to do the exercises, he took off his shoes, sat on the table, and adjusted the shoes on the floor with one foot so that both shoes faced the front and looked tidy. I saw it and remembered being struck by it, thinking that Teacher was really remarkable. During the last session, Teacher demonstrated the Great Hand Gestures to the students, and also laid his shoes very tidily and lined up. Teacher showed us what to do with his own actions, which deeply touched me. In the article "Sage" (Essentials for Further Advancement), Teacher said:

"He is on a Providential mission in this world as well as in heaven above. He has bountiful virtue and also maintains a benevolent heart; he is full of great aspirations while minding minor details. With broad knowledge of the laws and principles, he is able to unravel uncertainties. Offering salvation to the world and its people, he builds up his merit naturally."

Teacher lectured on the Fa in Dongying, Shandong Province on the second evening of the Chinese New Year in 1994. During the day, he went to various locations to give lectures and demonstrate the exercises. I was fortunate to have attended them. I arrived at the auditorium with my brother and another person. Since we arrived early, there were not many others. Soon after we sat down, more and more people came. When Teacher began talking, the auditorium was full, and many were standing. About ten minutes before Teacher's lecture, I thought it would be a good time to meet Teacher and talk a little bit, since I didn't want to miss this once-in-a-million-years opportunity. I hurried to the front lobby, and Teacher happened to be walking towards me from the gate of the auditorium. I talked with Teacher for a little bit, then Teacher looked at his watch and signaled that it was about time. He walked towards the restroom, and I walked into the lecture hall. Before I sat down in my seat, Teacher was already on the stage. I was very surprised: Wasn't Teacher outside the lecture hall just now? I was so surprised to see him on the stage so quickly.

When Teacher was lecturing on the Fa then, he looked only to be in his 20s. He endured many hardships when spreading the practice, and had to do many things himself, including setting up picture displays, promoting the practice, and drawing pictures of the Falun. A fellow practitioner said that once before a meal, they asked the practitioners who traveled with Teacher what they wanted to eat. One practitioner said, "Anything but instant noodles is fine." Apparently Teacher and the practitioners had eaten instant noodles for most meals. Even recalling this today makes me feel sorry for the hardships Teacher endured.

Published June 24, 2006