(Clearwisdom.net) To create a good environment for practitioners, sharing cultivation experiences is very important. For a long time, the number of overseas practitioners who shared their thoughts and understandings of doing Fa-rectification work has been few, and those who regularly write experience sharing articles for Clearwisdom are very few. Many fellow practitioners don't want to participate in sharing their experiences as a group, with the excuse of being too busy.Actually, many fellow practitioners have silently worked hard, and have many good experiences to share, so it is very pitiful that they have not yet written down their experiences and published them.

There is a little practitioner whose Primordial Spirit often goes to a Falun Dafa School in another dimension during his meditation practice. Once I asked him: "What has Teacher taught you today? Was there any schoolwork?" He replied: "Certainly, the schoolwork was that everyone wrote down their cultivation experiences." I asked him: "Has Teacher given you a score?" He replied: "Yes, Teacher also wrote the evaluations for us." I asked again: "What score did you get?" He replied with embarrassment: "So-so, I need to put in more effort!"

Below are some of my experiences with truth clarification on the Internet that I would like to share with my fellow practitioners.

1. Sharing Truth-clarification Materials on the Internet

There are many ways to send out truth-clarification materials on the Internet. Through the Internet, we can quickly send out truth-clarification materials and receive feedback from viewers. On counting the number of visits, you will be surprised at how many people read the materials each day. Thus, the Internet provides a very good environment to clarify the truth to people, and the effect is not like what we think it might be on the surface. Teacher said:

"So as for the Dafa disciples in any region, you are basically the hope for the beings in that region to be saved--their only hope, in fact." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York")

If we continue to post truth-clarification materials on different websites (which are covered by our righteous energy), after people read them, they will gradually understand the truth. Therefore, some people who have good predestined relationships with Dafa will be saved.

While sending out truth-clarification materials on websites in China, I had many people support me, as well as some who did not. This clearly showed me that many people do not yet know the truth. Some managers of the websites have already understood the truth, so they do not delete our truth-clarification materials when they receive them, but others are managed strictly so that it is hard for me to directly post the truth to those websites. Therefore, I posted some contents that ordinary people were interested in and then added on the truth-clarification materials. The feedback was very good. A mainland viewer left me a message: "I have looked for the truth for a long time, finally I find it. Thanks!" When some people slandered Dafa, there were always some people helping me to clarify the truth. Many overseas Chinese people do not know the truth, so we should also poste the truth-clarification materials on the overseas websites. Whenever we read words slandering Dafa, we should send out our comments to clarify the truth.

Sending out truth-clarification materials on the Internet is very flexible. When you have free time, you can do more work, otherwise, you can do less. Clarifying the truth on the Internet is also very simple. If you know how to paste and copy on the Internet, you can do the work. There are many truth-clarification materials made by Falun Dafa practitioners, like articles, journals, electronic books, music, flash designs and other materials, which we can use for truth-clarification. Once, a fellow practitioner who works for NTDTV came to my home. I asked her whether she was busy at the television station. She answered that there was some free time, so that after studying Teacher's lecture and sharing cultivation experiences, she and her coworkers could talk about something else. The time for Fa-rectification is very urgent; every second and minute counts. After this practitioner learned how to clarify the truth on the Internet, she then taught her group how to do it. I remember that Teacher mentioned that practitioners who hand out Dafa flyers on the street have mighty virtue, the same as those who work on other Dafa projects. I also think that truth clarification on the Internet is just as important as what is done on the streets.

2. Understanding Truth Clarification's Importance While Meeting a Hardship

It can be hard to find someone to take on a new Dafa project, so many times one practitioner has to do several projects. Some practitioners who had learned the skills for the projects early, later dropped off in their work, but there were very few new practitioners joining the projects in some areas due to insufficient sharing of information. During the progress of Fa-rectification I was overloaded with Dafa work. I felt intense pressure every day, and sometimes I was so anxious that my stomach ached. Frequently, I was busy until midnight. If I could not get up to do the exercises at the practice site the next morning, I would immediately receive a phone call from the practitioner at the practice site. Although we practiced the exercises, we were all on the verge of falling asleep. While studying the Fa, we read it very fast, and our minds still thought about Dafa work. We could not read Teacher's lectures with pure hearts as before. My difficulties occurred one after another. This was because I was taken advantage of by the old forces due to the loopholes in my cultivation.

One day I fell heavily down a staircase and was unable to move. Fortunately, my fellow practitioners encouraged me with righteous thoughts. However, all the bad thoughts emerged suddenly at that time: "Why did I become like this? It is even difficult to move. Now I have been paralyzed and can't practice cultivation any more." Fortunately, my hand could move, so I thought that it did not matter that I could not practice the exercises. I could at least clarify the truth on the Internet. Because my mentality of self-respect was very strong, I was absolutely not willing to ask for days off from my regular job just because of my physical problems. Every day I endured the physical pain at work, but as soon as I came home, the physical pain became unbearable and I was even unable to take care of myself. I tried not to think about my physical problem, and instead, I persisted in studying the Fa and doing Dafa work. Although I was unable to practice the exercises, I obviously felt that each day my physical condition got better and better. Two weeks later, I totally recovered.

When a practitioner encounters a hardship and loses his or her righteous thoughts, he or she will easily lose his or her confidence and become an ordinary person. I was very thankful that my fellow practitioners helped me through the situation. I realized that what had occurred was because I did not study the Fa well, practice the exercises well, and send forth righteous thoughts well. As a result, the old forces had an opportunity to persecute me. I also realized that even when we meet with difficulty, we still need to study the Fa well and do our best to clarify the truth to people. It is true compassion when we can ignore our own pain and instead focus on clarifying the truth to people.

3. Break Through Difficulties with Righteous Thoughts

I feel that my xinxing level has upgraded rapidly during truth clarification on the Internet. In order to clarify the truth on the Internet, we need to continuously learn new skills. Before, I was not an active person and only wanted to do the Dafa work that I liked to do. Whenever I met with difficulty, I would give up. When I saw that many practitioners' state of cultivation practice was not good due to their overloaded Dafa work, I took over some of their work. While doing so, I did not consider it from the perspective of the Fa, but instead based my actions on the human sentiment of sympathy. Therefore, I complained a lot privately.

I am so thankful to my fellow practitioners who have unceasingly reminded me, talked to me, and helped me understand issues at higher levels. Once a practitioner said to me, "What are you complaining about? You are the most fortunate life in the entire universe!" Recently, I read an article written by a practitioner who discussed the issues of "undertaking" and "help." Before, I acted as this practitioner once had: I first finished my work, and then, if I had free time, I would help other practitioners. If not, I would let it go.

During this time, I met a practitioner who worked for the Dafa media. He told me that although only a small number of practitioners were involved in his group work, they could do more work. He also told me that at the beginning there were more practitioners participating, but later, only a few practitioners remained. At first, they could not produce very much because they were not used to it. So, every day they continued working until midnight. Later, they could finish their work before midnight, so they thought that they could take a break. However, they started to use a new edition of software. After just getting used to the new edition, they had to do more for other areas. Soon a new project was assigned to them. The fellow practitioner told me that at that time, his xinxing had not improved yet and he often felt very bitter. After working all day, he had to do Dafa work at night. He oftentimes worked until dawn the next day and then went to his day job. When we look back at what we have experienced, this is just our cultivation journey. The Fa requires that we constantly improve our xinxing because our cultivation journey does not allow us to stay in the same spot. Truth-clarification through the media requires that practitioners work long hours. Sometimes they have to work a whole night. This is a very hard job, and not too many practitioners have the necessary mindset to do the job. I asked him how he could make it so far. He said, " Righteous thoughts and Teacher's help give me the strength." I thank Teacher for arranging him to share his experiences with me. We indeed should enlarge our "capacity" to do more Dafa work. Teacher said:

"One of you is a match for ten or a hundred people."("Lecturing on and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference")

As the Fa requests us to go higher and higher, we should upgrade our xinxing level to meet the Fa's requirements.

4. The More Hardships We Endure, the Easier it will be to Reach Enlightenment

All practitioners who work on the Internet endure significant hardship. All procedures operated on the Internet are fixed patterns. Often, in the past, when the computer manifested a problem, I wanted to quit. We always have to learn new skills. Each time we break through a technical problem, our xinxing level needs to advance first. Without upgrading our xinxing, it will be very easy for us to give up. In the course of cultivation practice, the more hardships a practitioner can endure, the faster his or her xinxing level can improve and the quicker his or her physical body can change.

Every new project presents new obstacles. When we break through our tribulations and look back, we can see that it is not as difficult as we had initially thought. I had no idea how to do Dafa work at the beginning. Being afraid of not doing well, at first I lost my confidence, but the more I worked at it, the better I did. Our fellow practitioners' criticism and suggestions are precisely an opportunity for us to improve. Doing Dafa work is also our cultivation. Without any conflict between one and another, how are we able to upgrade our xinxing? Actually, what can we do by using ordinary human hands? All of what we have accomplished has been done by Teacher! The paths that we walk will create the new future, and because it is difficult, we are able to build mighty virtue.