MP Wayne Marston

( On July 6, David Kilgour and David Matas jointly held a press conference to inform the public about the release of an investigative report on organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China. David Kilgour said that the Canadian government is very interested in the report.

Several hours after the press conference, the New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada released a press statement, urging prime minister to take action to increase pressure on the Chinese Communist regime to cooperate with independent investigation of these claims.

According to a report of the Canadian Press, conservative MP Deepak Obhrai commented that the Canadian government will look into these allegations seriously and the conservative government is planning to launch investigation.

In the afternoon of July 6, several hours after the press conference, New Democratic Party human rights critics and MP Wayne Marston stated in a press statement that the latest independent report alleged China is harvesting organs from political prisoners on a large scale and such conclusion is very troubling. The statement urged the Prime Minister to increase pressure on the Chinese Communist regime to cooperate with independent investigation of those allegations.

Marston said "Without doubt these are serious allegations and findings, and the Conservative government must treat them as such," said Marston. "Mr. Kilgour is a credible public figure on the issue of Human Rights. The recommendations of the report he compiled with Mr. David Matas should be taken seriously by the Harper government, and the extremely disturbing findings contained in the report require further investigation."

The NDP statement continued: "Claims that the Chinese government has engaged in the 'organ harvesting' of political prisoners, including members of the Falun Gong movement, have surfaced in recent months and include the summary detention and execution of political prisoners without charge. A major difficulty with the investigation of these claims is the secretive nature of the Chinese regime, and the inability of independent investigators to look into the claims on Chinese soil. Further investigations and reports by the United Nations and Amnesty International should be allowed to go forward without state interference."

"Nor should we stay quiet while allegations of broad ranging human rights violations continue to go unchecked." The NDP statement concluded.

Two months ago, when the independent task held a press conference to announce its investigation on May 8, MP Rahim Jaffer on behalf the Canadian government attended the occasion in support. He said that the government encourages efforts to investigate allegations of organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners.