(Clearwisdom.net) On June 13, 2006, the Xiangyang District Court in Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province, illegally tried five Dafa practitioners for remaining firm in practicing "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." The practitioners are Ms. Liu Liping (from Daqing City), Mr. Shang Xiping (from Huanan City), Mr. Yang Yongying, Ms. Hu Guijie and Ms. Zhao Guiyou. While detained at the First Detention Center in Hegang City, the five practitioners were cruelly and inhumanely tortured by the policemen from the Public Security Sub-bureau, Xiangyang District.

Ms. Liu Liping was forced by Chang Qizhi and his cohorts from the Xiangyang District's Public Security Sub-bureau to suffer the iron chair torture. She was handcuffed with her arms behind her back and her feet were beaten violently with a bamboo stick. She fainted several times due to the brutal torture. During the court proceedings, Ms. Liu Liping tried to expose these inhuman acts, but was stopped by the judge.

Mr. Yang Yongying showed the court the scars on his shoulders. There was no doubt that the scars were caused from being tortured during interrogation. Although it had been almost a year, and many of the wounds had already healed, the scars were still visible. This is a clear sign of the severity of the persecution.

Mr. Shang Xiping was interrupted many times during the court hearing by the police and others while he was trying to present the facts about being tortured during the interrogation. His knee-cap was severely injured, and he was unable to walk for three months. The depraved policemen who participated in the persecution were afraid that they would be have to bear responsibility for Shang Xiping's disability. On May 26, 2006, they took him to a hospital in Hegang City for an X-ray. The X-ray showed that his knee-cap was injured.

Ms. Hu Guijie used to be healthy, but now she is disabled and cannot walk normally. Her illnesses became worse because of the torture. Her high blood pressure was 260-270, and her low blood pressure was 150-160. The prison doctor monitored Ms. Hu's condition every day, as he did not want to be responsible for her condition.

Ms. Zhao Guiyou did not say a word during the entire court proceedings. She had no facial expression and responded slowly. Those who were present at the court were concerned that she could not speak normally. One can tell from the expression in her eyes that she was seriously persecuted.

We hope that people with righteous thoughts will make phone calls to expose the inhuman actions of Chang Qizhi and his cohorts from the public security sub-bureau of Xiangyang District, Hegang City. Let justice prevail! Certain phone numbers may have been changed. We apologize for not being able to verify them.

For cell phones, please dial country code + cell phone number.

When using regular phones, please dial country code + area code + phone number.

Country code: 86 Area code: 468

Hegang City phone numbers (area code 468):

1. Hegan City, Xiangyang District Public Security Sub-Bureau phone numbers:

  • Assistant commissioner to the chief, Yang Zengxian: 13359970909 (cell)
  • National protective brigade chief, Zhang Shujun: 13351933633 (cell)
  • Bureau chief's office: 3224647
  • Bureau assistant commissioner to the chief's office: 3222336, 3237544, 3220860 (office)
  • Regulation & Guarantee branch: 3236493
  • Legal System branch: 3236049
  • Public Security branch: 3222066
  • Punishment Technician Brigade: 3283234
  • Riot Defense Brigade: 3230110
  • Beishan local police station: 3221018
  • Guangming local police station: 3224860, 3225557
  • Hongjun local police station: 3224678
  • Nanyi local police station: 3284854
  • Shengli local police station: 3222544
  • Policemen, cell: 13104680190, 13945750077
  • Xiangyang District court, Wang Jidong: 13945757579 (Cell) 6116633 (Office)

2. Hegang City First Lockup Facility phone numbers:

  • Facility manager, Li Yingchen: 3400777 (office), 3279283 (home), 13803681777 (cell)
  • Political instructor, Kong Fanqi: 3406171 (office), 3457288 (home), 13945769618 (cell)
  • Facility assistant manager, Zhao Yinghuan: 3406171 (office), 3433737 (home), 13803680007 (cell)
  • Facility assistant manager: 3406171 (office), 13019026995 (cell)

3. Hegang City Public Security:

  • Address: Hongqi Road, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province
  • Public security switchboard: 3340600, 3340277
  • Bureau chief, Ren Xiubin: 3344591, 3522015

Party committee assistant deputy secretary, assistant commissioner, Zhang Chunqing: 3353188, 3353909, 13904682688

4. Municipal public security bureau,

  • Assistant commissioner, Ma Baotai: 3226789, 3333777, 13803680777
  • Assistant commissioner, Yiao Wenbo: 3222490, 3344591, 13904680065
  • Assistant commissioner, Zhao Yanfeng: 3427918, 3340257, 13904682257
  • Assistant commissioner, Zhao Rongzhou: 3351178, 3352233, 13945760333
  • Political department director, Shang Qinghe: 3457403, 3357799, 13904680900
  • Police service supervision team, director, Jiang He: 3456880, 3226273, 13945766166
  • Police service supervision team, assistant director, Zhang Yadong: 3222231, 13054380707
  • Criminal police crew party, chief, Shi Yanfang: 3452563, 13946756764
  • Criminal police crew branch, secretary, Guan Hongyi: 3221866, 3353919, 13304680177
  • Criminal police crew party, assistant chief, Zhao Qingyu: 3434688, 13019024718
  • Criminal police crew party, assistant chief, Yang Dachuan: 3454058, 3354758, 13904880058
  • Criminal police crew party, assistant chief, Fan Mingliang: 3421156, 13009781681
  • Union brigade, chief, Yang Xibao: 3343137, 13946745737
  • Union brigade, assistant chief, Zhao Ziqi: 3418897, 13803688897
  • Public information network supervision, branch chief, Zheng Yi: 13054382226
  • Public information network supervision, sub-branch chief, Wu Zhende: 3341718, 3349611, 13904681438
  • Supervision and management branch, section chief, Li Zhong: 3435880, 3406846, 13945766699
  • Detention Center manager, Sun Jinqi: 3522018, 3406846, 13846807797

5. Hegang City Court

  • Court Chief: 3351718
  • Court assistant chief: 3351616
  • Court assistant chief: 3351918

6. City Procuratorate

  • Chief prosecutor: 3388888, 3389801
  • Assistant attorney: 3389802, 3389803, 3389804

7. City National People's Congress

  • Director room: 3225506
  • Assistant director room: 3223783, 3225148, 3225214

8. Hegang City Politics and Law Committee

  • Disciplinary inspection group: 3340382
  • Law enforcement inspection group, office: 3350465 and 3350466

9. Hegang City leaders number

Municipal party committee secretary/assistant deputy secretary/member




Other Information

Zhang Xingfu



Former secretary, actively persecuted Dafa and Dafa practitioners

Fu Huiting




Zhao Shuhua




Wang Limin




Tan Yunmin




Xue Yunge




Han Shugui




Xu Zhuxin




Li Zhongqin




Gao Min




Zhu Qingwen




Major/deputy major




Jia Yumei



Yu Huiwen



Xi Dongguang



Zhang Xianyou



Na Yuxiang



Wang Rubi



10. Heilongjiang Province Judicial Hall, area code: 451

Address: Heping Erdao Street, Nangang District, Haerbin City, zip code 150040
Fax: 6223065
Office: 6227852, 6220578

Heilongjiang procuratorate: 86-451-2362000

June 22, 2006