(Clearwisdom.net) On May 21, 2006, Vice-President Edward McMillan-Scott, MEP of the European Council, met with practitioner Mr. Cao Dong in China. Shortly after, Mr. Cao Dong disappeared. Rumors are that authorities arrested him. At 6:00 p.m. on May 26, five male and one female plainclothes police officer, and a woman from the local neighborhood center broke into and ransacked Cao Dong's home. They also arrested practitioner Mr. Gao Feng, who was at Mr. Cao's place at the time. Below is an account of how Mr. Gao was illegally arrested and secretly detained.

1. Mr. Cao Dong's Home Illegally Ransacked

On May 26, at approximately 6:00 p.m., five male and one female plainclothes police officer and a woman from the local neighborhood center broke into and ransacked Mr. Cao's home - Room 704, Unit 3, Baozhuzi Alley, Zhaojialou, Beijing. Without presenting a warrant, they ransacked the home and forced practitioner Gao Feng to squat in a corner of the room.

They confiscated Falun Dafa books, Teacher's new articles, truth clarification materials, a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, two removable hard disks, one MP3 player, Mr. Cao Dong's identification, photos, receipts, two containers full of blank CDs, his wedding pictures, rolls of films, and more. They also body searched Gao Feng, and confiscated his MP3 player, a radio, identification card, address book, 2,000 yuan, and keys. They even took off Mr. Gao's shoes and his belt. The woman from the neighborhood committee fingerprinted the inventory list. The woman asked for a copy, but the leader of the group refused her request.

While the others were searching the place, the leader of the group interrogated Mr. Gao, using various tactics. He asked about his relationship with Mr. Cao, how they knew each other, about his previous sentencing, where the Dafa materials came from, why he came to Beijing, on which train, how he and Mr. Cao Dong keep in touch, what they do when they see each other and if they talk about things that happened in prison, and what they think of Falun Gong now. He also asked if Mr. Gao knew Yang Xiaojing and what she was up to, and what Mr. Cao said to him before he left. He also told Mr. Gao that Mr. Cao was in serious trouble, and was especially interested in finding out if he knew any overseas practitioners, and practitioners Cao Kai, Wang Zhigang, Wang Zhiqiang, or Yang Moufang. He threatened Gao Feng that since they had found a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, he could be sentenced to four years in prison. And since he had been arrested several times before, he would be sentenced to a longer than normal term. He wanted to know, since Mr. Gao had once written the three "guarantee statements," why he had not learned his lesson. He even tried to force Mr. Gao to slander Falun Gong, so he could be sure that Mr. Gao had been "transformed."

Instead of following their unreasonable demands, Mr. Gao told them that Falun Gong improves people's health and moral character. Then he refuted what the evil party media had published about Falun Gong.

The people searched the place for two hours, and took a lot of pictures. In the end, they forced Mr. Gao Feng to sign and fingerprint a "Subpoena Notification" and arrested him.

2. Taken to an Unknown Place

When Mr. Gao walked out of the Mr. Cao's home, the officials surrounded him and forbade him from shouting. He was also not allowed to look over his shoulder. One of the officers forced him to lower his head, took away his eyeglasses and ordered him to close his eyes, all the way to the police van.

After about an hour, they arrived at a place surrounded by high walls and electric wires. One could see armed police changing guards frequently and hear military training nearby and the barking of dogs. There seemed to be an airport nearby, as on the May 29 and 30, airplanes were heard taking off every five or six minutes, as if some cargo was being taken away quickly. At other times, the noise of airplanes was heard infrequently.

3. Secret National Security Bureau Base (May 26 - May 31)

Mr. Gao Feng was taken for interrogation to a room which held three beds and a washroom. He was shackled to the chair in the outer room. This was Room 103, where people wore plainclothes and did not address each other by names. A young man with glasses was called Chen, and a tall person with a tanned face was called Zhao. Mr. Gao overheard this when they were whispering in the hallway. When Mr. Gao asked for their names, they refused to answer and changed the subject.

Mr. Gao immediately went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention and persecution. Eight males and one female interrogated him around the clock. At first, he was not allowed to sleep. As soon as he dozed off, he was ordered to stand up. He was then allowed to sleep until dawn of May 28. He had only had slept four times, and only for a brief period, during the past days.

On the evening of May 29, a nurse came to check on Mr. Gao. Afterwards, she whispered in the hallway about taking him to Tianjianju (Tiantanhe) for forced feeding. Four people were in the car with him. They forbade him from opening his eyes, and covered his face with a big hat. On the road they shouted at him constantly to do exactly as they said or they would shackle him. They used Gao Feng's money to buy salt, sugar, milk, and sesame paste. One of them said to him, "You can be assured that this is not poison." After about an hour, they arrived at a secluded hospital. He could only see a few people. Two nurses, two male doctors and four national security guards held his arm. The female nurse was very brutal. She forced the tube into him without lubricating it. The tube became stuck halfway down. She pulled it out and pushed it roughly down to the stomach again.

Mr. Gao Feng felt dizzy, sick and his stomach was in pain. He was sweating profusely. At first, they could not get the liquid into him. Then they diluted it further and used two injectors to force-feed him. Mr. Gao Feng felt very uncomfortable after being force fed. He was sweating profusely and almost died. After over an hour of torture, they relented. They said, "Didn't we tell you that it would feel like hell? It would be better if you eat on your own. We are trying to protect your life for humanitarian reasons. We cannot let you die of hunger. We did not want to do it. But we have no choice."

4. Intimidation and Temptations Used Simultaneously

Chen, the young man, was the most vicious. He used different tortures to intimidate people. He used torture methods on their face, mouth, fingers and he also kicked the practitioners. He did not allow Gao Feng to stretch or cross his legs, and deprived him of sleep. As soon as Gao Feng fell asleep, he forced him to stand up. They used all kinds of tactics, trying to tempt or intimidate practitioners. Every time the sound of armed police pulling the rifle bolt was heard, he would say, "Did you hear that? High walls, electrified wire, guns, they are not here for nothing. You'd better think about it. As long as you tell us everything and explain to us about the people whose names are in your address book, you can go home." He repeated this fifteen times during the few days there. Then, he would say, "Do you know who is locked in there? They are gang members, murderers, and very wicked prisoners. If we lock you up with them, you may get beaten up and lose a leg or arm. You may not able to see your parents again. You are decent looking, therefore someone may take a liking to you and rape you. Isn't this all about the address book? Do not take any responsibility for Cao Dong. Just explain everything about these people to us."

Another person looked as if he was the leader of the group. He was in charge of filling out forms. He told Gao Feng to stand up and listen to him in respect for the law. He mentioned that in the end they would send him home and put him under "house arrest." He also said that they would take one step at a time in treating him. He yelled at practitioners, and forced Mr. Gao to stand for two hours. When Gao Feng spoke of the principle of karmic retribution, he became furious and stopped Gao Feng from speaking. He threatened Mr. Gao that the books and materials found at Cao Dong's home could be said to have belonged to him, and that even though he refused to sign their documents, they could still convict him. Gao Feng replied, "What you said does not count. I do not acknowledge what you have done." The interrogator got very angry, "Stop saying the word 'acknowledge.' You should know better. You decided that you would not eat or drink, and we didn't make you. We offered you water and food. You decided not to eat. You are asking for trouble. We have to force-feed you. I know it feels horrible, but we have no choice."

A number of people came to tell him about the regulations of the place. When Gao Feng slept, they shackled one of his arms to the chair. There were two double beds in the other room. The curtains were drawn most of the time. Occasionally they were opened, but then shut right away, as if they were afraid that Gao Feng may see what was inside. They also talked about keeping blades and other items from sight. It seemed that the man had just come from interrogating Mr. Cao Dong. Gao Feng also overheard that two "patients" had been sent to the hospital.

5. Cao Dong Very Close By

On May 31 at noon, two police officers, Zhao Hui and Zhao Genxi, from the Anning Public Security Bureau, Lanzhou City came to conduct the interrogation. Zhao Hui was one of those responsible for taking Gao Feng to Gongjiawan Brainwashing Center, from the Lanzhou Prison when his term was up. (Xia, Long, and Cui from the local 610 Office were others who were responsible for the aforementioned persecution of Gao Feng.) Zhao Genxi's interrogation techniques of Mr. Gao were very vicious. Gao Feng refused to answer. He still kept taking notes and tried to force Gao Feng to sign. Zhao Hui was present and took part in the persecution of Mr. Gao. They asked whether or not Gao Feng was still practicing Falun Gong and what he thought of Falun Gong. Mr. Gao said, "You don't have to ask any more of these questions. Don't try to trick me. I will not sign anything. I do not acknowledge all this."

At 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon, Gao Feng was handcuffed and a hat put on him, and he was driven away by Chen Moumou and another man. When they left, Gao Feng heard them saying something about taking Cao Dong's clothes to Cao. It suggested that he was also jailed nearby.

Mr. Gao Feng was taken to the seventh compartment of a sleeping car in the No. 75 train. On the train, his right wrist was handcuffed to the bed, and when he slept, one of his feet was shackled to the bed and covered with a jacket so no one could see. They half-heartedly offered Gao Feng something to eat and drink, but he refused. When the train attendant saw Mr. Gao's pale gums, he asked if he was vitamin C deficient. Gao Feng showed them the handcuffs and told them that he had not drunk and eaten for 5-6 days. He also told them the truth about Falun Gong. People nearby were listening and the plainclothes police did not say anything.

6. Mr. Gao Feng Forced to Become Homeless

On June 1, in the afternoon, they arrived in Lanzhou City. Han, from the National Security Brigade of Anning City, was waiting in the police van. He was swearing all the time, cursing Teacher, Falun Dafa, and the practitioner. As soon as they arrived on the third floor of the police station, Gao Feng was forced to sit on the tiger bench. Han said to him, "You Falun Gong people are all the same, you refuse to eat, drink or sign. Let me give you some medicine. Haven't you "transformed?' Why did you talk to the National Security Bureau people about Falun Gong? Those high above all know. Did you get us into trouble? What did you go to Beijing for?"

After a while, Xia the party secretary from the Anning 610 Office came and moved the tiger bench, leaving him and Gao Feng alone. Xia offered Mr. Gao some water, but he refused and said that he would drink after he was released. This person was instrumental in sending Gao Feng to the brainwashing center last time. In the end, Han forced Gao Feng's sister to sign the papers, withheld 2,000 yuan, his identification card, MP3 player and a radio, and refused to give a receipt. They also demanded 1,000 yuan from his sister and called it "a warning." Han also threatened that if "anything else happened" they would take Mr. Gao's hometown residency permit, keep him at the "station" for six months, and fine him 12,000 yuan.

Gao Feng is now homeless, with no place to return to.

June 13, 2006