(Clearwisdom.net) Li Lanqing, Head of the "610" and one of the main persecutors of Falun Gong arrived in Singapore on July 4, 2006. Falun Gong practitioners in Singapore held a series of activities to protest on July 5.

A Falun Gong practitioner reads "Public Announcement of Falun Dafa Association" in front of the Chinese Embassy to warn the perpetrator to stop persecution.

A reporter interviews Falun Gong practitioners in front of the Chinese Embassy.
Falun Gong practitioners distribute flyers at Raffles Place

Falun Gong practitioners started distributing "Open Advice to Lee Kuan Yew" at Raffles Place in early morning. The advice formally reminded Singapore government that Li Lanqing is a chief persecutor of Falun Gong and has been sued for torture, crimes against humanity and genocide in many countries. He is also on the monitor list of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Once he lands in Canada, an investigation will began for the charges against him.

Another group of Falun Gong practitioners sent forth righteous thought in front of the Chinese embassy to protest the persecution. A newspaper reporter went to interview Falun Gong practitioners, who read aloud an "Open Announcement of Falun Dafa Association" and "Falun Gong Practitioners Openly Advise Lee Kuan Yew."

Falun Gong practitioners also protested outside of the Seal Cutting Exhibit of Li Lanqing with boards stating "Li Lanqing's Persecution of Falun Gong Cannot be Tolerated."

Singapore police were at every protest site. Practitioners hoped the police will learn more about the persecution and purpose of their protests through contact with them.

Falun Gong practitioners also advised the Singapore government: the whole world has learn about the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong, condemned the serious violation of human rights and called a stop of the persecution. Lawsuits against Li Lanqing have been filed in many countries including the U.S., France, Belgium, Taiwan, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Chile, Holland, Japan and Sweden. Please remember that the good will be rewarded and the evil will be punished. Don't assist with crimes!