(Clearwisdom.net) When we shared experiences recently, several practitioners mentioned that their family members interfered with them a great deal when they were doing Dafa work. As a result, several practitioners can hardly calm down to study the Fa. Their mood is sometimes good and sometimes bad, and they don't have a stable mindset in doing Dafa work. Some practitioners even have to hide their Dafa work from their families. The main reasons for these conflicts are as follows:

1. We do not keep up with studying the Fa, and our xinxing does not meet the standard. We do not pay enough attention to the importance of saving our own family members, and we do not create a good family environment. We separate cultivation and Dafa work, and replace cultivation with doing Dafa work. Whenever we meet difficulties, we avoid them instead of deal with them.

2. When we clarify the truth to our family, we do so with a human mentality, with attachments, and with sentiment. We do not pay attention to cultivation of speech nor do we show compassion.

3. Our mentality changes when we do not get good result in clarifying the truth to our family. We may feel that there is no alternative and go not know what to do, or we think that they are not savable. We might also think that saving our family members should not interfere with our efforts to save other sentient beings.

What should we do? We have the following suggestions:

1. We should study the Fa calmly and cultivate ourselves well. We should improve our own xinxing. We should understand things from the perspective of the Fa. Since they are your family, there must be some kind of predestined relationship. They need you to save them. We should treat them with compassion, and we should clarify the truth to them with a pure heart so as to save them.

2. We should let go of our human mentality and sentiment in clarifying the truth to our family members, and we should treat them as sentient beings to be saved. We should be persistent and determined in our conviction. We should improve our methods and clarify the truth with compassion, while being careful to cultivate our speech in order to reach them "in a quiet way, like gentle spring rains."

3. We should understand that it is not our family members who are persecuting us, it is the evil. The evil manipulates our family members to persecute us. That is why we should use the most powerful "sword" that Master has given us and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind our family members to save them and stop the persecution. I suggest that we strengthen our efforts in sending forth righteous thoughts and add to our minds this thought: "Even though we might still have human attachments, we should not allow the evil to use our family members to persecute us." At the same time, we should treat our family members with compassion and really look at things from their perspective in order to move them. We should let them feel the compassion of Dafa, so that they can change their notions, agree with Dafa and support us, and finally save themselves.

Our family is one of the major cultivation environments decided by our cultivation way. Our family members are the sentient beings that we can save directly. It is very important that we walk our path of cultivation righteously and well.