(Clearwisdom.net) Zhao Kejun, head of the 610 Office in the Political and Security Section of the Gaobeidian City Police Department, has been actively following Jiang's regime to oppress Falun Gong since the persecution started. The 610 Office established a brainwashing center in Bachang in 2001. They set up court in private and extorted confessions from Dafa practitioners, which is in violation of the Chinese Constitution. Under the full control and by order of Zhao, between 200 and 300 practitioners from Gaobeidian City were forced to attend brainwashing classes. No less than 30 practitioners were illegally sentenced or sent to forced labor camps.

During each brainwashing session, many practitioners were bound to bench legs and were lashed with batons or rubber batons, until they were covered with bruises. One woman practitioner was continuously shocked with an electric baton for three days in the city detention center in 2000. She was also tortured with a method called "Dog Noose" for three days. While suffering from this torture, a practitioner's hands and feet were crossed and then immobilized so that the practitioner couldn't stretch his/her back. This torture is extremely vicious. An elderly practitioner was abused so severely in 2001 at the shooting range, s/he suffered a mental collapse. A woman practitioner was arrested and sent to the shooting range on April 15, 2001. Several police officers pushed her on the ground and took turns to lash her. After they had lashed her to the point that she lost consciousness, they poured cold water on her to wake her up and then continued to lash her.

Every time they set up a brainwashing class, the 610 Office staff would also extort money from practitioners. Nobody could get out of there without paying them money. One word from Zhao would decide someone's fate -- to send Dafa practitioners to detention centers or even forced labor camps. So each practitioner who underwent forcible brainwashing was extorted out of huge amounts of money. No receipt was provided. One practitioner had just been fined by agents from the Tuanjielu Police Station, followed by swift arrest and being sent to the shooting range (brainwashing center). He was only set free after paying the extortion fine. Finally he was taken to the Yangmansa Police Station. According to our incomplete calculations, Zhao extorted one million and sixty thousand yuan from practitioners in the past several years from brainwashing alone. Zhao's approval was the only criteria by which anyone would be sentenced or sent to forced labor.

In seven years of persecution, some practitioners have become disabled from torture; torture made others mentally unstable. Some practitioners' cultivation will was destroyed. Some practitioners collapsed mentally. Some suffered from long-term depression due to the humiliation and eventually died.

The Zhuozhou City rape incident was the most outrageous. The evildoings of these morally depraved policemen from Gaobeidian City were no less serious than what happened in Zhuozhou. Similar crimes and witnesses for them exist, except that they have not yet been exposed.

It was reported that a woman practitioner went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong in 2001. She was taken back and sent to the Bachang Brainwashing Center. She was raped during an interrogation at night. Since then she has suffered from profound depression. She had not spoken for a long time and would run away from people. Not long ago, she passed away.

Toward the end of 2005, practitioners Ms. Huang Guohua and Ms. Su Xiaohua were arrested and sent to the city detention center for distributing truth-clarifying materials. Persecutor Zhao Kejun beat them and injured their legs. Even more evil was him stripping them of their clothes and forcing them to stand on the snowy ground. Huan Guohua only wore underwear and Su Xiaohua only wore a pair of thermal pants. The two women were sent to a forced labor camp several days later.

Five more practitioners were arrested and sent to the city detention center on June 7, 2006.

We sternly warn Zhao Kejun! Immediately step back from the brink of the precipice before plummeting down, and don't aid a tyrant to do any more evil. Immediately and unconditionally release all five illegally-detained practitioners! These Dafa practitioners didn't do anything wrong. It is against the law for you to persecute Falun Gong. The principles of heaven will not tolerate you to devastate innocent people!

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