(Clearwisdom.net) Police from Daishan Police Sub-Station and from Qingyunpu Public Security Sub-Bureau broke into a materials center where four Dafa practitioners, Huang Liqiong, Zhang Shujun, Chen Wen and Chen Xiangyang, were working and arrested them. They were sent to Daishan 510 Hotel in Qingyunpu District to be persecuted.

Ms. Huang Liqiong, 68, was a senior engineer at the Earthquake Bureau in Jiangxi Province before she retired. Police persecuted her by hanging her up by one hand with both feet off the ground and they didn't allow her to close her eyes or use the toilet for twenty four hours. Currently she is being illegally detained in the No. 1-8 Cell of the No. 1 Custodial Station in Nanchang City. On April 20, the perpetrators issued a so-called "arrest warrant" for her. Ms Huang Liqiong began practicing Falun Dafa in 1998 and soon recovered from many kinds of diseases from which she suffered. She went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong twice. She was illegally detained by the persecutors from the evil Party four times.

The director of Daishan Police Sub-Station, its deputy director, the team leader in Qingyunpu Public Security Sub-Bureau, Zhang Jun, and policeman Deng Xiangyang ordered the lookout patrols to persecute Zhang Shujun. Each of them pulled one of her legs apart 180 degrees, then they fiercely pushed and pulled them apart and shook them back and forth. Her lower back was broken due to the violent shaking. She was persecuted for six consecutive hours, and was not allowed to close her eyes for even one second during the torture. If she did, the police ordered the lookout patrols to brutally beat her again. Policeman Deng Xiangyang pounded her toes using the stool legs. Her toes were crushed and covered with blood. Dafa practitioner Chen Wen was subjected to the same kind of torture.

Perpetrators who participated in the persecution also included Hu Xiaojun and Zhu Li from Qingyunpu Public Security Sub-Bureau, and Chief Li ( He may be from the Public Security Bureau in Nanchang City -- needs further investigation).

Sources said that four Dafa practitioners are currently detained in the No. 1 Custodial Station in Nanchang City.

Phone numbers of related persons and organizations:

Daishan Police Sub-Station in Nanchang City: 86-791-5277547

Zhu Shengyuan, director of Daishan Police Sub-Station: 86-791-5273699 (Office), 86-13507919969(Cell)

The No. 1 Custodial Station in Nanchang City, director Xu Zhusheng: 86-791-3817954 (Office), 86-791-6796437 (Home)

Political commissar Su Yuanjing: 86-791-3819164 (Office), 86-791-6786977 (Home)

Yu Maomao, political commissar of Qingyunpu Public Security Bureau in Nanchang City: 86-791-5227799 (Home), 86-791-5202158 (Office), 86-13607919911 (Cell)

Chen Meichuan, deputy director of the 610 Office in Qingyunpu, Nanchang City: 86-791-5203609 (Office), 86-791-6516190 (Home), 86-13970903298 (Cell)

Qingyunpu Public Security Sub-Bureau in Nanchang City: 86-791-8451661

Deng Yangcheng, director: 6-791-8451334 (Office), 86-791-3752391 (Home), 86-13807003779 (Cell)

Fu Sanbao, political commissar: 86-791-8450328 (Office), 86-791-6780198 (Home), 86-13807053237 (Cell)

Shu Weijian, deputy director: 86-791-8442789 (Office), 86-791-6266378 (Home), 86-13807062930 (Cell)

Zhou Weihua, deputy director: 86-791-8452581 (Office), 86-791-5663036 (Home), 86-13807065789 (Cell)

Wang Xiaokun, deputy director: 86-791-8432742 (Office), 86-791-6782298 (Home), 86-13807092727 (Cell)

Du Donglin, deputy director: 86-791-5231058 (Office), 86-791-8453111 (Home), 86-13907086526 (Cell)

Deng Biwu, deputy director: 86-791-8452719 (Office), 86-791-6381558 (Home), 86-13607091558 (Cell)

Hu Zhirong, deputy director: 86-791-8446854 (Office), 86-791-6559039 (Home), 86-13970005555 (Cell)

Gong Xiyang, deputy director: 86-791-8451661 (Office), 86-791-6828688 (Home), 86-13807915887 (Cell)

Zhang Guifa, deputy political commissar and the Party secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee: 86-791-8432364 (Office), 86-791-8333475 (Home), 86-13007202598 (Cell)

Zhang Yifei, brigade chief of the National Protection Brigade: 6-791-8446534 (Office), 86-13907085792