(Clearwisdom.net) Zhu Aizhen and several other Falun Dafa practitioners who were detained by the Xi'an City Lianhu District Police Department on April 25, 2006, are being illegal imprisoned and persecuted at the brainwashing center located at Shaanxi Workers Hospital. Currently the physical condition of Zhu Aizhen and the others are extremely weak, and they have become emaciated. The police even shamelessly said, "We haven't done anything to Zhu Aizhen and the others except deprive them of sleep.

The Xi'an brainwashing center is located in the Shaanxi Workers Hospital. The practitioners detained by police in Xi'an City generally are first sent to the Workers Hospital to be brainwashed. It is essentially a detention center without a sign. The illegal imprisonment can be of unlimited length and follows no legal procedures. If a Falun Dafa practitioner holds a hunger strike, he is immediately delivered to Xi'an Ankang Hospital and force fed. If he eats again, he is returned to the Workers Hospital.

The Shaanxi Workers Hospital is not only a brainwashing center, but also a dark den of evildoers who secretly interrogate and apply brutal tortures. Some Falun Dafa practitioners' heads were covered with black plastic bags or black cloths. In some rooms there are torture tools such as the iron chair where Falun Dafa practitioners' wrists and ankles are tightly affixed. The several police participating in the illegal interrogation eat, live, and rest inside the room, while continuously applying the torture methods and carrying out the interrogation. The Shaanxi Workers Hospital very likely is one of the secret dens of evildoers of the Xi'an 610 Office, Xi'an Municipal Police Department and Xi'an National Security Bureau.

As of now, the Falun Dafa practitioners known to have been recently imprisoned at the Shaanxi Workers Hospital and suffered persecution at Xi'an Ankang Hospital include Sun Shulan, Wang Jinyun and others.

June 9, 2006