(Clearwidom.net) A practitioner was detained in prison for five years. He was recently released. He told me that he has an obstacle in validating the Fa. Whenever he wants to encourage practitioners to step forward, he feels that doing so will make the practitioners suffer more and he therefore feels unwilling to encourage them.

I believe this kind of notion surfaces because we have not truly understood the Fa. Master said in "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005:"

"This is something I often say: once you take up Dafa, whatever it is you encounter--good or bad--it is a good thing (applause), for it came about only because you cultivate in Dafa. Some students experience all sorts of hardships after taking up Dafa. If you didn't cultivate, those tribulations would lead to your destruction. But precisely because you do cultivate in Dafa, even though the pressure you face is great when the hardships come at you earlier than they would have, and the tests of your xinxing are tough to pass--and sometimes the tests may be huge--when all is said and done, those hardships are all things you need to overcome, they are accounts you need to settle, tabs that you need to pay. (Audience laughs) Aren't they great things, then? So whether it is good things or bad things you run into, so long as you cultivate in Dafa, they are all positive, to be sure. (Applause)"

If a being were in danger of missing this precious opportunity and losing Dafa, I would feel great pain for them. I am truly not willing to see such a being heading toward destruction. If I have the ability to help, yet I do not offer any help, it is same as if I were to watch them destroying themselves. We have already become Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. This is the choice of history. We cannot let them down.

In fact, I feel extremely fortunate because, while doing the three things well, I can constantly see my own shortcomings, recognize them, and correct them. I can feel that as my understanding of the Fa elevates, my realm also elevates. I have never before felt so upright. At the same time, I feel pity for those beings that have not yet obtained the Fa. They cannot see their own shortcomings because they have no Fa to guide them. They therefore cannot recognize their shortcomings and upgrade their levels. They will commit bad deeds without knowing. In fact, they are the most pitiful beings that suffer the most.

In addition, I do not believe we are asking "humans" to step out nor are we asking ordinary people to do Dafa work. Instead, Dafa disciples need to step out of human notions and do Dafa work in an upright manner. If we still hold onto these human notions, we will limit our understanding to an emotional level. We will be tightly bound by these constraints and not be able to do Dafa work.

Master had said:

"If you do not want to change your human state and rationally rise to a true understanding of Dafa, you will miss the opportunity. If you do not change the human logic that you, as an ordinary human, have formed deep in your bones over thousands of years, you will be unable to break away from this superficial human shell and reach Consummation." (From "Cautionary Advice," Essentials for Further Advancement)

"At the crucial moment when I ask you to break away from humanness, you do not follow me. Each opportunity will not occur again. Cultivation practice is a serious matter. The distance has become greater and greater. It is extremely dangerous to add anything human to cultivation practice." (From "Digging Out the Roots" in Essentials for Further Advancement)

I believe Master does not just simply ask us to do something for the sake of doing it, but to let us do Dafa work while we truly understand the Fa.