(Clearwisdom.net) A few days ago, after a report was published on the Clearwisdom website about practitioner Mr. Zhou Jiangang being brutally persecuted in Qinduankou Prison in Hubei Province, the prison and the guards were in a panic. Xiao Wenhua, the person immediately responsible, was terrified. Mr. Zhou has two broken bones in his neck and is paralyzed. However, we still need practitioners' help to further expose the evil's crimes and strengthen the effort to clarify the truth and rescue our fellow practitioners. Following is more information about Mr. Zhou Jiangang's situation.

On March 10, 2006, after Mr. Zhou Jiangang and Feng Zhen were arrested and sent to the Strictly Supervised Team, Xiao Wenhua from the Prison Political Section and Qin Ling, the assistant instructor from the Strictly Supervised Team, were on the scene. Xiao Wenhua ordered the criminals in the Strictly Supervised Team to "teach them a lesson" (referring to Zhou Jiangang and Feng Zhen). Wang Chonghua from the No. 11 Team especially asked, "Where should I hit them? What will happen if the beating causes a problem?" Xiao Wenhua said ruthlessly, "Except the kidney, feel free to strike them anywhere on their bodies." The criminals then rushed toward the practitioners to beat them. Those mainly responsible for the beating were Wang Chonghua, Zhu Yong, and Li Min.

According to eyewitnesses, on that day, Mr. Zhou's head and face were swollen like a water bucket. From the beginning to the end, Mr. Zhou was very firm and would not cooperate with the guards and their orders.

Abuse and physical punishment are rampant at the prison. The guards on duty usually participate. On April 25, after Mr. Zhou Jiangang's beating, he was first sent to the No. 4 Hospital. Because they could not treat him, he was then transferred to Tongji Hospital. Even though he was at the hospital only a few days, the hospital charged more than 300,000 yuan. Qinduankou Prison wanted to perform an operation on his neck by removing the broken bones. However, both Mr. Zhou and his family refused to give permission. To date, the prison has not performed the procedure. After a few days in a coma, Mr. Zhou began to regain consciousness. When he could speak, he exposed details of his persecution. At first, Li Guozhou, the team lead from the Strictly Supervised Team, was suspended from his position. Other guards and those who beat up Mr. Zhou are very anxious.

I hope practitioners in the Wuhan area will reveal more of Xiao Wenhua's evil deeds. In the meantime, please help Mr. Zhou Jiangang's family to maintain righteous minds and protect Mr. Zhou's safety. Also, help his family to demand that the prison:

  • Guarantee that it will give Mr. Zhou Jiangang the best medial treatment and release him.
  • Give monetary compensation for his brutal treatment.
  • Punish those who beat up Mr. Zhou Jianggang.

If the prison cannot agree to these three basic requests, the family should never agree to the prison's intention to transfer Mr. Zhou to Hongshan Prison. Hongshan Prison is administered by the legal system and has very bad executive management. On the other hand, the prison wants to create difficulty for his medical treatment and follow-up report.

Qinduankou Prison in Wuhan City, Hubei Province:Address: Mail Box 51183 Wuhan City, Zip 430051

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Prison: 86-27-84613642

Head of the Prison Kong Jinxi: 86-27-84657626 (Home)

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Secretary of the Discipline Committee Gao Xunting: 86-27-84613611 (Office)

Dean of the Political Department He Chunyun: 86-27-84613605 (Office)

Prison Political Section 86-27-84613655

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Assistant section heads of the Prison Political Section Zhang Yingsong, Liu Wei, and Pan Li: 86-27-84613655 (Office)

Leader of the Prison Xiao Yuntong: 86-27-84657306 (Home)

Political Department Tong Zhiqun: 86-27-84613641 (Office)Section head of Education Song Qisong

Instructor at the No. 3 Team Chen Chuanhong

Police guard Zheng Mao, the instructor at the No. 4 branch of Qinduankou Prison

Lian Jinwen, the assistant instructor

The No. 17 branch of the No. 4Prison section (Detains practitioners):86-27-84657400 (Office)

June 10, 2006