(Clearwisdom.net) On July 6, Canada's former Secretary of State (Asia Pacific) David Kilgour and international human rights lawyer David Matas released an independent report, following their two-month inquiry into allegations that vital organs were being seized from Falun Gong practitioners across China. The report finds these allegations credible.

The independent report points out, "...the government of China and its agencies in numerous parts of the country, in particular hospitals but also detention centers and 'people's courts', since 1999, have put to death a large but unknown number of Falun Gong prisoners of conscience. Their vital organs, including hearts, kidneys, livers and corneas, were virtually simultaneously seized for sale at high prices…a grotesque form of evil which, despite all the deprivation humanity has seen, would be new to this planet."

Various signs show that in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province or nearby there may be concentration camp(s) detaining Falun Gong practitioners. Kind Falun Gong practitioners have become objects for evil persons’ living human organ storehouses. Every day, based on the patients’ needs, the hospitals’ doctors are killing Falun Gong practitioners to take their organs, and reporting them as donors to seek profit.

Located at 398 Zhongshan West Road in Shijiazhuang City, People's Liberation Army Bethune International Peace Hospital is good at treating acute and chronic renal failure, including uremia. They can do kidney transplantation if renal failure advances to uremia. The hospital is a military hospital and all doctors and nurses are from the military.

When people inquired at this hospital’s kidney clinic, the doctors explicitly answered that they can do kidney transplant surgery, and gave a price of 10,000 yuan for the new kidney, and adding the charges for surgery and medicine, the total price is approximately over 90,000 yuan.

The Department of Ophthalmology of this hospital has over forty years experience doing corneal transplant surgery. In recent years, it developed the applications of combining corneal transplants and other surgeries.

On July 23, 2006 this hospital performed a heart transplant for a patient named Hu Xiuqian. He was initially hospitalized in July 2005 for medical treatment, heart bypass surgery, and catheterization. The decision to undergo heart transplant surgery was made at this time and he had the transplant on July 23-only 20 days after his admission. Where can a hospital find a heart donor in such a short time? A person only has one heart!

The Chinese Communist concentration camps’ behind-the-scenes plotting of harvesting Falun Gong practitioners’ organs was disclosed on March 9, 2006 by overseas media, and on the website of the People's Liberation Army Bethune International Peace Hospital, all articles in the "local news" column were replaced on March 11, April 26, etc. What were they trying to hide?

The General Hospital of Hebei Armed Police Force publicly acknowledged in an advertisement at the train station that it "has an organ transplant center," with "sufficient number of donors" to attract patients. Later, the web link for the introduction of the "organ transplant center" was removed from the website.

According to the organ transplant procedure provided by the senior military doctor in Shenyang, the general hospitals of armed police and military hospitals have advantageous conditions for participating in harvesting Falun Gong practitioners’ organs and cremating corpses to destroy the evidence.

Additional Hospitals in Hebei Province Performing Organ Transplants:

The Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University, which has the technologies to do blood stem cell and nerve stem cell transplants, liver transplants, live kidney transplants, and marrow transplants, has reached the advanced international level. When querying other hospitals, almost all doctors recommend that patients go to this hospital to undergo kidney transplants. Among their peers, this hospital’s transplant surgery is "famous" and they must have performed many organ transplant surgeries from 2000 to the present. An unknown source reported that the hospital’s basement has an iron door, and people are not allowed to casually pass through it. This is very suspicious.

The Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University: a former patient disclosed that he/she underwent liver transplant surgery at this hospital and it took a very short time for the hospital to find a donor. Could it be because that liver was taken away from a living Falun Gong practitioner who had been medically cleared for donation?

The No. 1 Hospital of Shijiazhuang houses the Shijiazhuang Organ Transplant Research Institute. This institute has complete facilities, including the Organ Transplant Matching Laboratory, Immunity Suppression of Medicine Density Examine Laboratory, Transplant Surgical Rooms, Transplant Vehicle Team, and so on. Currently this institute can do liver transplants, kidney transplants (including live kidney transplant), heart transplants, pancreatic gland transplants, corneal transplants, hematopoietic stem cell transplants, etc.

It is really a complete program for start-to-finish service! This organization performs experiments to determine appropriate matches, removes organs and murders people. The special transplant vehicle team then cremates corpses to destroy the evidence.

According to Falun Gong practitioners who had been detained in Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp, around March or April of 2005, doctors came to the forced labor camp to check Falun Gong practitioners’ blood types. About 10 ml. of blood was taken from each practitioner, under the so-called prevention of AIDS program.

Local Falun Gong practitioners, please further verify the above information as soon as possible. At any minute, our Falun Gong practitioners’ organs may be taken away and these practitioners may be murdered. We firmly believe that with the Fa-rectification progress and local Falun Gong practitioners’ righteous thoughts to investigate, the related evidence will be obtained quickly. Even non-practitioners have said, "People do not know, only when you do not do." All evil will receive appropriate punishment.

Here we warn those doctors who are so attracted by profits: On July 20, 2006, the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) issued notice that it will investigate and collect evidence from those hospitals and individuals who have participated in harvesting Falun Gong practitioners’ organs in mainland China. It will submit such cases to the international court according to law, and sue and try every individual involved in the case.

WOIPFG urges people who are involved in these horrible crimes to regain their consciences and take the initiative to disclose the behind-the-scenes events. For such people who are willing to confess before September 30, 2006, WOIPFG will judge these actions accordingly and provide opportunities for these individuals to correct their misdeeds.

WOIPFG has reported that since the Chinese Communist regime started the persecution against Falun Gong in 1999, hundreds of thousands of healthy Falun Gong practitioners have been illegally detained as potential organ transplant donors. The government created a highly sophisticated and organized coalition of prison, court, and hospital personnel.

WOIPFG also stated at the end of their notice that 27 people, including former Head Jiang Zemin and other Chinese officials who are involved in persecuting Falun Gong, have been officially sued worldwide under acts of genocide, torture, and crimes against humanity. The WOIPFG has formed a Global Monitoring and Tracking System to investigate all individuals directly or indirectly involved in any way, of harvesting and selling human organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. "WOIPFG will track down each and every one of you. No matter how long it takes and no matter how far and wide we have to search, we will bring each and every one of you to justice."

Additional transplant experts involved in the case (they are all servicemen):

Kidney Department, People's Liberation Army Bethune International Peace Hospital,
Address: 398 Zhongshan West Road, Shijiazhuang City, operator: 86-311-87978114
Kidney Internal Medicine Clinic: 86-311-87978603
Kidney Internal Medicine Ward, Nurse Office: 86-311-87978310
General Information: 86-311-87978310 (nurse office)
86-311-87978311 (director’s office)
86-311-87978312 (deputy director’s office)

Wu Guangli, director, 86-311-87978311 (director’s office), Ph.D., director of Kidney Department, People's Liberation Army Bethune International Peace Hospital, director of Kidney Diseases and Research Center of Beijing Military Area, master’s degree student instructor of Beijing 301 Hospital, and director and committee member of Nephropathy Academy of Beijing Military Area, etc. He is well-known and has academic influence in the Beijing Military Area and Hebei Province. He has worked in clinical nephropathy for 22 years. He holds the specialist time, every Tuesday for the entire day.

Yang Xinjun, deputy head, 86-311-87978312 (deputy director’s office), Master’s degree, doctor in charge, has worked in the clinical nephropathy for 13 years.
Zhang Lixia, Master’s degree, doctor in charge, has worked in clinical nephropathy for 11 years.
Li Sai, doctor in charge of kidney diseases
Wang Lihui, Ph.D. degree, doctor in charge, has worked in clinical nephropathy for 13 years.
Liu Yu, master’s degree, doctor in charge, has worked in clinical nephropathy for 10 years.
Huang Xudong, master’s degree, doctor in charge, has worked in Kidney Department for 10 years.
Chen Yunshuan, master’s degree, doctor in charge, has worked on clinical nephropathy since 1999.
Wang Jinhua, master’s degree, doctor in charge, has worked on clinical nephropathy since 2001.
Guo Hu, technician in charge, has worked on blood purification for over 20 years.
Zheng Qiuyue, head nurse, has worked on clinical nursing for over 30 years.
Shi Yonghong, head nurse, works on the clinical nephropathy and supervisory work.