(Clearwisdom.net) The Falun Dafa Association and the Minghui/Clearwisdom website established the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong" on April 4, 2006, and began collecting evidence from many sources related to the recently exposed organ harvesting atrocities. The following are some recently obtained leads. We hope people will continue to help us expose the truth about the labor camps, prisons and hospital officials in Mainland China who collude with each other in brutally persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, so we can together bring an end to this persecution.

Investigation Lead: Vehicle Used in Executing Death Penalty, and Destruction of Evidence

On July 20, 2006, Nanfang Daily, a China-based newspaper, reported the defense of Li Zuliang, former president of the Intermediate People’s Court of Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, with regard to allegations that China harvests vital organs from death row convicts on vehicles used to transport prisoners to the execution ground.

Li’s defense came in response to a June 15 article by USA Today entitled "China Makes Vehicles Where Death Row Convicts Are Executed through Injection." The article stated bluntly that China adopted this practice to harvest and trade prisoners’ organs in a more expeditious and comprehensive manner. In the face of allegations from overseas media, Li had to put up a show in defense of China’s "innocence," using official language from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Nanfang Daily revealed in its report that the court-led Li Zuliang represents the first judicial institution in China to use a large vehicle where prisoners are killed through injection, and Li is one of the innovators and designers of such vehicles. The report announced that Li will soon become Vice President of the Superior People’s Court of Guizhou Province.

Zhao Li, sister of Zhao Xu, an accountant with the Chinese Traditional Medical Hospital of Hengyang City, received a kidney transplant in 2002. The donor was said to be a death row prisoner from Guangzhou City, and the operation was performed at the No. 1 Hospital affiliated with South China University in Hengyang City. According to sources familiar with the matter, the No. 1 Hospital has so far performed over 100 such transplants. It is possible that they were related to the CCP’s harvesting of vital organs from live Falun Gong practitioners. Hospital president Kong Chengzhou died not long ago, and the cause of death was not known. It could be a sign that the CCP has started to destroy evidence.

Investigation Lead: Kidney Transplants Continue at the 281 Hospital in Qinhuangdao City

The 281 Hospital, a Class B medical facility in China, is prohibited from performing transplants according to CCP policy. But it is an open secret that the hospital has been performing transplants since 2002. Approximately 40 to 50 kidney transplants were performed each year from 2002 to 2004. In 2005, over twenty cases were done, and eight were performed in the first half of 2006. This is known within the hospital, which claimed donors were from the cities of Cangzhou and Hengshui, as well as the local area. The hospital also acknowledged that kidneys were taken from prisoners. Prior to a transplant, a patient needs to pay 2,500 yuan for tissue matching, 10,000 yuan for exclusion treatment, and 50,000 yuan for surgery. The hospital needs to pay the police, the prosecution, and the court over 20,000 yuan, which will in turn be charged to the patients. So a transplant surgery will cost about 100,000 yuan in total.

After the concentration camp in Qinhuangdao City and the 281 Hospital were exposed, other hospitals began admitting that it is now hard to find kidney donors. But the now-expanded 281 Hospital is still attempting to turn into a Class C medical institution or a facility specializing in transplant operations, so that it can continue to make windfall profits out of such operations.

The chief surgeons are Yang Tingguang, director of the Urology Section, and Ma Binggang, deputy director of the section. Both are experienced in organ transplant operations. Other doctors involved include Jiang Wei and Liu Yanbin, both of whom assist in the operations and post-surgery care. According to patients in the hospital, quite a few surgeries are performed each day. They could recall that three were done on a particular day. Details are to be confirmed.

Investigation Lead: Hospital in Chongqing City Needs Only Eighteen Days from Accepting a Patient to the Transplant

Luo Xiaolin, a contractor in his 40s, went to the Southwest Hospital of Chongqing City in February 2005, to receive chemotherapy for his liver cancer. His doctor advised that he receive a liver transplant and he agreed. Eighteen days later the transplant was done. The surgery cost the patient 800,000 yuan, of which 20,000 yuan was for the liver. Luo lived ten more months after the transplant, and now more than six months has passed since his death. The surgery was performed on the 20th floor of a building at the hospital. The chief surgeon was Professor Yang. This is all the information we can obtain from the family of the deceased, who is still afraid of the CCP. For more information, please call the wife of the deceased.

The following is contact information for the wife of the deceased Wu Shaorong:

Home phone: 023 44560558

Cell phone: 023 44909437

Investigation Lead: Mysterious Movements by the Administration of Justice in Shanghai

On July 18, the Administration of Justice in Shanghai chartered four luggage compartments of the Shanghai-Shenyang train, with each compartment carrying about 30 persons’ luggage for a total of over 100 persons. The Administration officials refused to answer questions from the staff at the station while going through transportation procedures, and they only told a few staff members dealing with the administration that they were "carrying out their routine job of transporting prisoners." Their arrogant, mysterious, and suspicious actions caused complaints among the staff at the train station.

Any staff member who raised questions invariably received a "no comment" reply. According to informed sources, the station had the experience of cooperating with the administration in transporting prisoners before, but this time the procedures seemed different, especially in their confidentiality and exclusiveness. Moreover, prisoners had always been sent to Xinjiang Autonomous Region rather than Shenyang. It is recalled that recently, especially before and after the "six nation summit," the CCP had been willfully arresting and abducting Falun Gong practitioners en masse. The institutions of justice and public security in Shanghai, in particular, have not been hesitant in taking the lead in the persecution. The evil’s mysterious movements at this moment cause us to suspect that the authorities are planning to secretly transport Falun Gong practitioners after the practice of harvesting organs from living bodies was exposed worldwide. We hope that people of justice from all walks of life will follow this development closely and provide more detailed information.