(Clearwisdom.net) It is an interference and loss that Dafa disciples left the human world prematurely when they are most needed today in validating the Fa and saving all beings. That is because while the old forces and wicked, rotten ghosts are destroying all beings, only Dafa disciples are saving them. In their daily efforts to explain the truth to the world’s people, Dafa disciples can save numerous beings, including those with predestined relationships. That is why the evil forces take advantage of the illness karma in interfering with us by cutting the strength of our one body. So we need to have a clear understanding based on the Fa principles, and clear away all interference from the evil. Here I would like to share how I feel about and understand this issue.

Over the years since I started cultivating in Dafa, I, too, often had pains here or there in my body. But each time the illness karma struck, I invariably tried either to entrench my righteous thoughts through studying the Fa, or to eliminate the karma in sitting meditation. Not long after, the illness karma would be gone. But, of course, it would come back after a while. The real test came when large illness karma caused great pain in my body. When this happens, it is important to hold righteous thoughts, and as long as those thoughts are firm, anything can be overcome.

Starting from this year, the evil interference in the form of illness karma has been different. Initially my mind was clear and my memory was long when I memorized Zhuan Falun. But over this period of time, I started to feel dizzy and groggy all day long, and found it hard to memorize the book. I knew it was the interference from the evil, and I responded by sending out righteous thoughts. But I did not have a clear understanding based on the Fa principles and still held human notions, so I did not pay enough attention to this issue. As a result, the dizziness and grogginess lasted over two months, and I was like that even when I clarified the facts to people and I found it hard to explain it to them clearly.

Then I realized how serious this had become. If this had been allowed to continue, it would have impeded my efforts to validate Dafa. I pledged silently: Master, I won’t let the evil interfere in my efforts to save all beings and clarify the facts, and I am determined to get rid of this evil.

The next day as I was embracing the wheel while doing the standing exercise, I saw in another dimension a toad crouching on the top of my head. I felt a jolt before I calmed down and understood that it was that stupid thing that had caused my dizziness and grogginess. So I started eliminating this evil spirit by sending righteous thoughts and asking for Master’s fortification.

The specter looked quite small in the beginning, but became as huge as a mountain when it knew it was being eliminated. I wasn’t frightened and held the thought that I am resolved to destroy this stupid thing. In about 20 minutes, the specter started to rot from inside, and white fluid flew out of its body. Seeing its doomed fate, the stupid thing wanted to run away. At that moment, something shaped like a wheel or plate flew into my dimension and, with great energy, aroused a strong wind, besieging that thing. Within seconds, it fell apart and vanished into thin air. Afterwards, many evil elements were destroyed in my dimension.

Since then my head is no longer dizzy and I felt energized. I have become more rational and clear-headed in clarifying the facts to the people and validating Dafa.

Master has told us the cause of illness karma and its solution. So, when interference occurs, we should understand the evil’s doing early enough and eliminate the specter by sending out righteous thoughts. The earlier the evil is detected, the better chance we will have to get rid of it. We must not allow the bad field emitted by the evil specter to damage our body, and should save all beings and validate the Fa with a strong body and clear mind. That way we will be able to do well the three things that Dafa disciples should do. Meanwhile, in all circumstances we should remember that we are Dafa disciples. So we should walk our path well by constantly thinking about where we have not done well enough. Thus we leave no gaps for the evil to exploit. Master has reminded us more than once that we should "take the Fa as the Teacher." The importance of that teaching can never be overemphasized.