(Clearwisdom.net) My computer twice ran into problems recently, and both resulted in losses of important data caused by my mistakes. The loss of "Quit the CCP" declarations before sending them out especially caused me a lot of trouble. After calming down, I examined myself to understand why I had encountered such troubles and where I might still have omissions in my xinxing. I have summarized the following points to share with fellow practitioners.

1. Do work according to Dafa. Don't depend too much on technology

Because of the special use of computers and the Internet during the Fa-rectification period, especially their irreplaceable function in breaking through the information blockade by the old forces, I developed a strong feeling of dependence on computer technology. Through computers, we can obtain Master’s scriptures and share and improve together with fellow practitioners. "Truth-clarifying" materials produced with computers can save people. Instant exposure on the Internet can effectively shock and frighten the evil. For all these reasons, computers have become an indispensable tool for Fa-rectification Dafa practitioners, so it is easy for us to develop a feeling of dependence on them.

This dependence was developed unwittingly, and under normal circumstances I would hardly have realized it. But the moment the data loss occurred and I became certain that the data could not be recovered, I suddenly sensed a strong feeling of dependence. At the time I thought, "What can I do?" There were all kinds of materials that I had classified and stored on the computer during the last couple of years: a CD cover I had designed; pamphlets ready for publishing; all kinds of articles about technology; various materials for our local region; messages that I hadn’t been able to send; my passwords, etc. What should I do? A strong feeling seized me that without computers, I could not do Dafa work. At the same time, though, I recognized that, because of my attachment, I repeatedly made mistakes in technical operations.

This attachment had placed technology in too important a position. It is not wrong that we value the improvement of technical ability. However, no matter how good our technical ability is, it is still a matter of "techniques," while Dafa is what’s most fundamental. My strong feeling that without computers, I could not do Dafa work—that feeling already had placed this matter of technique in a position above Dafa.

"Supernatural skills are but petty means,

The Great Fa must be the basis of everything."

("Seeking the Righteous Fa" from Hong Yin, translation version A)

What we do during the Fa-rectification period must fundamentally be done according to Dafa; only according to Dafa can the work be done well. Elder practitioners without education and technology can also have righteous thoughts and righteous actions and can also cultivate and improve while doing the three things that Master asks.

During the last couple of years, computer technology has developed very fast. But no matter how advanced it is, it is still by no means comparable to the Buddha Fa and supernormal power. Two enlightened beings do not need to send emails while communicating with each other; an enlightened being can create a world more easily than a web expert can create a multi-functional website, not to mention the dazzling charms in such a world.

I have no intention of denying the importance of technology. On the contrary, in the future I should be more careful and further improve my technical level so that I can do Dafa work more effectively. What I should avoid is too much dependency on technology like I had in the past. I will do things fundamentally according to Dafa principles, treating matters during Fa-rectification with my "xinxing" cultivated in Dafa. This way I will be able to better use my technical ability to help with different work during the Fa-rectification period.

2. Eliminate the negative effects of computers

Computers and the Internet can bring users strong audio and visual effects through their virtual reality and high performance. The interactivity can also attract users. It can help do Fa-rectification work with high efficiency, doing great, good deeds in the whole world and in all of history; however, it also presents negative aspects such as harming children who are addicted to Internet games, and causing practitioners to waste lot of time on the computer, etc.

When practitioners are operating computers, it is also easy to be interfered with, causing the various following kinds of attachments. Reading certain frequently updated websites can bring joy to my homeless, difficult life. Staying in certain highly interactive web forums makes me feel not so lonely. Whenever I design truth clarification pamphlets well, it causes me the attachment of being too engrossed. Editing a beautiful Nine Commentaries CD cover also brings me feelings of accomplishment. These kinds of attachments and negative elements caused by computer technology are also things that I should eliminate during cultivation.

It wasn’t until the last computer crash that I realized yet one more attachment. At the time I also lost my Internet connection. A feeling of loss filled my heart: I strongly felt that, if it was always like this, would my life be meaningless? I felt that I could no long live without computers! This attachment is not small at all!

There is another problem with operating computers: It lets people become lazier. Because computers can conveniently store information, nowadays I don’t want to memorize anything. I always try to store it in the computer. Recently I have not even been willing to memorize passwords. I became more and more lazy. This time the loss of passwords has caused me to reconsider this problem. Additionally I no longer handwrite; for new materials I would always typewrite and print, depending on computers and printers. Even my long-standing habit of hand-copying scriptures was gone. This has also affected my Fa study. Everyone knows this is not in accordance to Dafa,

"… they come to rely more and more on our sophisticated tools. So our human innate abilities have steadily atrophied, and now it’s come to the point where they’ve totally vanished." ("The Third Talk" of Zhuan Falun from the 2003 translation version)

The above are two realizations from my self-examination. I think I may have other problems. We need to look inside for all issues and truly take note from the heart. Eliminate these attachments during cultivation, treat all matters with righteous thoughts, solve these problems completely, avoid causing the same trouble, and be a deserving Dafa practitioner.