[Editor's note: On March 5, 2002, practitioners intercepted cable TV signals and broadcast truth-clarification video to hundreds of thousands of residents in Changchun. After that the police arrested thousands of practitioners in Changchun area at the attempt to find out who did it.]

After I read the Clearwisdom article of June 1st, 2006, "The Cruel Persecution of Practitioners Suspected in the May 5th TV Broadcast Interruption by the Changchun First Public Security Bureau", I proceeded to write down the things I knew to expose the persecution.

After the broadcast interruption incident, police frantically arrested Dafa practitioners. At the time, they suspected that I was one of them and treated me as a "special target". They arrested me on my way home from work and transported me to the Luyuan Area Police Department. I then went to the criminal detention center, and I was finally sent to the place where they persecuted Lei Ming and some others.

At the police department, about 8 policemen stood in a circle around me and slapped me again and again. A policeman named Liu slapped my face more than ten times, and another named Huang kept hitting my face until blood spurted from my mouth. They handcuffed both of my hands, and then lifted me up with rope so that only the tips of my toes touched the ground. Because of this, both of my arms were numb for more than 40 days. Huang demanded thousands of yuan from my family as the price for my release.

After that, they took me to the First City Bureau, which had a secret place in the basement of the Jingyuetan Hotel. A metal chair was installed in each room of this secret place. They covered my head with cloth as I was led in. I could see where we are by the cleaning materials in the bathroom that had the name "Jingyuetan Hotel" on them. The three policemen that physically abused me were Gao Peng, Zhang Hang, and Jiang Zhong. I remembered their names from their conversations with each other.

In that place the police used electric batons to shock my whole body. The skin was broken and disfigured wherever they shocked me. A policeman named Zhang Xing would shock female practitioners' nipples and vaginas. He and Jiang Zhong each held an electric baton to shock my neck. A year later, those marks on my neck are still visible. They also used a black trash bag to cover my face, which caused me to almost pass out from being suffocated.

Later on, I met Ms. Wang Yuhuan and Ms. Chen Yanmei in the detention center. Wang Yuhuan had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt very sorry for her suffering, but she persisted in doing the exercises. When she could not rise, I read the Fa to her. She told me that after she was arrested, the person who tortured her was named Jiang. He would use an extra large sized electric baton to shock her. They would take her to a hill near Jinyuetan (Pure Moon Lake), tie her up, lean her up against a tree, and shock and beat her repeatedly.

You could still see huge bruises. I also heard about Zhao Jian from a practitioner who was detained with her in the same cell, who said that Zhao was also tied up with rope, and her whole body was shocked with electric batons.

Police who torture Dafa practitioners think that under Chinese Communist Party protection, they can do whatever they want. They think that they can hide the truth from everyone. They do not realize that it is impossible to escape from the law of Heaven. One can only hope that they will change their ways before it is too late.