(Clearwisdom.net) Nanshan District Court in Shenzhen City illegally sentenced Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Peizhen to eight years in jail in April 2006. Afterwards, Ms. Liu was taken to Guangzhou Women’s Jail. More details follow.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu from Nanshan District, Shenzhen was illegally arrested at her rented room at around 9:00 a.m. on April 14 last year by police from Xili local police station, who were incited by the Nanshan District 610 Office and the Nanshan District Public Security sub-bureau. They confiscated her computer and some compact discs with the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Ms. Liu was illegally imprisoned in Nanshan District lockup for more than a year. During this period of time, police did not allow her relatives to visit her. The persecutions Ms. Liu was subjected to in the lockup needs to be investigated.

Around November 2005, Nanshan District Court held a trial of Ms. Liu and other three Dafa practitioners. In April 2006, Ms. Liu was illegally sentenced to eight years in jail.

When the police kidnapped Ms. Liu, they also kidnapped more than ten other Dafa practitioners. We hope that Dafa practitioners overseas and in China will send forth righteous thoughts and make phone calls to rescue them.

Guangzhou Women’s Jail (located in Taihezhen) address: PO Box 52 (610 Office), Guangcong Fourth Ave, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Office: 86-020-87413120, 86-020-87413069

Prison Politics Branch: 86-020- 87413186

Police Zhang Chunmei: 86-020- 87413538, cell phone: 86-13580597860

Guangdong Province Jail Bureau’s duty room: 86-020-83830247

Address of Department of Justice, Guangdong Province: 51 Zhengmin Street, Guangzhou City, zip code 510405

Fax: 86-020-86378752

Office: 86-020-86375465, 86-020-86378751

Nanshan Politics and Law Committee, 610 Office:

Address: District Committee Building, Taoyuan East Ave 2, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Zip code 518000

Nanshan District politics and law secretary, 610 Office director: Wang Liban 86-755-

26563676 Cell phone 86-13802223388

Nanshan District Public Sub-security

Chief: Lai Jianqiu

Deputy chief Liu Xing

Section duty office: 86-755-26610597

He Wei (section chief): 86-755-26610437 (office), 86-13502810010 (cell phone)

Section vice chief: 86-755-84466138 (office), 86-13509681118(cell phone)

Switchboard: 86-755-26610013

Administration Branch: 86-755-26610197

Public Security Branch: 86-755-26610131

Criminal Police Team: 86-755-26610424

Preliminary Hearing Branch: 86-755-26971752

Control Center: 86-755-84466083

Shenzhen Nanshan Public Security Sub-bureau Police Team: 86-755-26523110

Filing lawsuit phone number: Nanshan Sub-bureau Appeals: 86-755-84466028

Monitoring Branch of Nanshan Sub-bureau: 86-755-84466017

Police Team of Nanshan Sub-bureau: 86-755-26568733

Police from Nanshan Public Security Sub-bureau: Surnamed Chen: 86-

13603030186, Fu Zhansheng: 86-13509681118

Office telephone: 86-755-84453871, 86-755-84453877

Filing lawsuit: Telephone of Nanshan Public Security Sub-bureau: 86-755-84466017, Fax: 86-755-84466020, email: nsgajw@126.com address: Case Group, Monitoring Branch, Shenzhen Nanshan Public Security Sub-bureau (zip code: 518052)

Shenzhen Nanshan Procuratorate: 86-755-26071635, 86-755-26071737, 86-755-26071772

Address: Nanxin Street 3026, Shenzhen, zip code: 518052

Duty room: 86-755-83238400

Office: 86-755-26667597

Charge and Defense Branch: 86-755-26667807

Shenzhen Nanshan Court: 86-755-26667142, 86-755-26562573

Judge surnamed Chen: 86-755-26568564

Nanshan judicature bureau: 86-755-26665784

Shenzhen 610 Office: 86-755-28180494

Shenzhen Procuratorate: 86-755-25868000

City intermediate court: 86-755-83535000 (Communist Party Secretary and Chair Deng Jilian)