(Clearwisdom.net) In February 2002, I was arrested at work by the security personnel at my workplace. They also ransacked my home, and later illegally detained me at the private prison set up by them. They handcuffed me, shackled my feet, tortured me using the tiger bench, and tied me up in the iron chair with my limbs outstretched. They then beat me, force-fed me through my nostrils, and injected me with unknown drugs, etc. I did not yield to the persecution. Every month they deducted money from my salary. Later they sent me to the so-called "Law Education Center" for forced brainwashing and further persecution.

After arriving at the Law Education Center, early each morning I was sent to the hospital for force-feeding. Two people held me down in the chair and stretched my arms under the chair tightly. Then, a so-called doctor started to forcibly insert a tube into my nose. He was rough, and sometimes caused my nose to bleed. After force-feeding, I was sent to Wangcun Labor Camp Division 12 for brutal torture. At around 8:00 or 9:00 p.m., they sent me back to the Law Education Center.

After several days, the officials simply left me in the labor camp the whole time to be tortured. Division head Zhao Yongming, and assistant head Zhang Bo found a number of collaborators, including Kong Tiezhu, Hua Mingliang, Liang Zhaozheng, Liao Weixing, Yu Yongqiang, etc., to persecute me. They used various cruel means, and took turns to torture me continuously day and night. Zhao Yongming instructed them to take the wooden bench apart to hit me with. Some hit me with the wooden boards, and others beat me using the wooden legs. There were also some who punched and kicked me. It was just past the Lunar New Year, and it was very cold. They poured cold water on my head, and the water came down my neck, and soaked through my clothing. I was freezing and trembling. Zhang Bo instructed the thugs to tie me up, and threw me on the cold concrete ground.

During this persecution, they deprived me of sleep for four or five days. Hua Mingliang and Kong Tiezhu used thick jujube wooden sticks (with sharp edges) to hit my head more than 300 times. As a result, my entire head was swollen with extravasated blood. It was excruciatingly painful when the stick touched my hair, not to mention beating. My hair fell out, a bunch at a time. It did not take long before almost all the hair on my head fell out. As if that wasn’t enough, Hua Mingliang also brought some needles and thread, and stitched my lips together. They poked several holes in each of my lips.

Not to be outdone, Liang Zhaozheng tried to force me to read Chinese Communist Party (CCP) materials that slandered Dafa; otherwise he would hit my head, and slap me in the face. During the beating, I felt dizzy, and tumbled over again and again. This lasted four or five days, and my face became swollen. My entire face turned purple like an eggplant. When Zhang Bo saw me during his inspection round, he was shocked, and yelled loudly, "Turn your face away! I can’t bear to look at it!"

When people from my workplace came to visit me and saw me face to face, they did not recognize me. After two days, the swelling lessened, and they sent me back to the Law Education Center for further persecution. After hearing about it, my family came to visit me. Although the swelling was reduced, my face still looked awful. Under my family’s strong request, they sent me to Basan Hospital in Zhoucun for electroencephalogram.

In the Law Education Center, in addition to depriving me of both sleep and the use of the restroom, they also beat, scolded, and attempted to brainwash me, and used a sinister way to destroy my will—sitting still. There were stools of about 20 cm. (8 in.) high, with numerous hard pointed areas on top, some of which were almost as sharp as knives. Practitioners were forced to sit on the stools, facing the wall, with both knees close to the wall but not touching it. Practitioners were forced to place both hands on the knees, sitting still around the clock, and not allowed any movement nor access to the restroom. Otherwise, vicious beating would follow. After several hours, the buttocks became itchy and painful. The back and legs were also very painful and numb, and unbearable. Within less than two days, there would be several holes in the buttock. It was very painful once one’s buttock touched the stool, let alone sitting. When the exudating pus congealed, the flesh then stuck to the clothing, and it was very painful. When using the toilet, one first has to soak the buttock in water, and then manually loosen the clothing. Very often the flesh would be torn, resulting in a painful bloody mess as one poured out sweat. It was awful.

Even so, the thugs did not stop at that. Hua Mingliang turned the stool upside down, and forced me to sit on the four narrow steel legs for a very long time. They also hit me with clubs at the same time. For torturing me, these collaborators were rewarded with reduction of their sentences, and they were all released from the labor camp within six months. Because I did not yield to the evil, they sent me to the labor camp, where the persecution was intensified.

The above were just small parts of the persecution I received. More brutal persecution happened during the time when I was at the labor camp.