(Clearwisdom.net) On June 7, 2006, local police arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Qian Jinsong and four other practitioners in Baigou. The persecutors were from the Gaoqiao Police Station of the Gaobeidian Police Department in Baoding City. On the afternoon of June 8, Qian was transferred to Gaobeidian Detention Center. Police and inmates, including the police chief, tortured him savagely. On June 26, Qian was unable to supply blood for a blood test. He then started to vomit blood and lost control over his bowels and bladder. He looked blue and was about to die.

Qian Jinsong, 30 years old, is an associate engineer at the Beishi District State Tax Bureau of Baoding City. He was arrested once in October 2003, and was sentenced to three years of forced labor. During his incarceration he was shocked by extremely high-voltage electric batons and subjected to other gross tortures and abuse. Due to the abuse, the illness he previously had, returned. He was almost tortured to death in August 2004. His weight dropped to about 65 lbs. His family was then told to take Qian back. After a long period of time he recovered.

At around 11:00 a.m. on June 7, 2006, Qian and four other practitioners were arrested at Baigou. The arrests were carried out by agents from the Gaoqiao Police Station.

1. Tortured at the Gaoqiao Police Station

Qiu Tao and another policeman extorted a "confession" from Qian. He was slapped on the face and suffered other kinds of physical abuses. Because of that, he had heart attack and a stomach ache. Even when Qian was in extreme misery, the police continued to torture him. He suffered cigarette burns on his arms, and scratches from metal clubs especially made with spikes as torture devices. He sustained a 10 cm (approximately 3.6 inches) long wound on one of his legs. Some other tortures inflicted on him include being hit in the ribs, knees and other protruding parts with a metal club and being hit in the testicles, earlobes, lips and other sensitive parts with toy gun bullets. The police derived pleasure from torturing him.

2. Brutally Beaten and Extorted at the Gaobeidian Detention Center

On the afternoon on June 8, Qian was taken to the Gaobeidian Detention Center, which at first refused to admit him. Then, after a request from a high-ranking official, he was admitted.

The second evening in the detention center Qian had a heart attack. The inmates took him inside the restroom and poured cold water on him. After shivering in cold water for a long time, Qian finally stopped shivering. Yet, the prison guard only asked a couple of quick questions and did not care about what happened to him.

Qian had heart and stomach problems for several days and did not eat; however, he was still forced to do hard labor. The head of the cell assigned to death-row prisoners slapped his face over 100 times. A group of them also put a toothbrush handle with edges in between his fingers, and, while holding his fingers tightly, twisted the handle forcefully. In the meantime, other inmates kept hitting Qian. He had bruises all over his body and was burned with cigarette butts.

Deputy detention center chief Du watched through a small window for ten minutes when all this was happening. The chief was right there supporting the abusers. Hence, the inmates did their very best to torture Qian. A death-row inmate verbally abused and hit him, at the same time saying, "didn’t you say that there were concentration camps? Let me tell you, this is a Nazi concentration camp right here!" The deputy chief even encouraged them.

After that, the inmates hit Qian if he leaned on the wall, despite the fact that he was too weak to walk. The cell head extorted money from him and demanded his family to bring in 500 yuan.

3. Hunger Strike Brings Verbal Abuse, Beatings and Pinching

Qian started a protest hunger strike on June 18. With the onset of his hunger strike, the detention center also escalated their mistreatment of Qian. He was constantly verbally attacked, brutally beaten and tortured. During the evenings, they arranged two inmates to keep him from falling asleep. After his family members met him, they strongly protested. Only then did the detention center chief stop the inmates from beating, scolding and threatening Qian.

Qian continued the protest hunger strike. Then, the chief, the guards and the inmates began to threaten him. The inmates were told to torture him. They whipped him. The deputy chief Xu Zhong and guard Tian hit his face, which bled badly. They also pinched his arms, which became blue and purple. Xu caused at least seven bleeding wounds on Qian’s arms.

4. Injected With Unknown Fluids Endangers His Life

Qian was injected with an unknown fluid after being taken to the No. 18 Railway Hospital. Qian felt extremely uncomfortable right after the injection. He felt feverish and could not sleep. His mind often had random thoughts.

On June 24, 2006, he was sent to the same hospital one more time. The doctors said that Qian suffered from a rapid heart beat. It beat three times in one second. They also found Qian to have kidney failure. He required immediate hospitalization. During an infusion, Qian felt more and more uncomfortable. He started to have a fever. He told his family members that he felt extremely miserable. He felt more and more uncomfortable. He was on the verge of collapsing. He only felt a little better after the infusion was done. What was in the infusion is unknown.

On June 25, Qian’s family members requested that he be transferred to another hospital, but the detention center refused.

On the 26th, Qian was unable to provide blood for a blood test. He started to vomit blood and lost control of his bowel movement. He looked blue. The hospital issued a certificate of imminent death. The doctors said that Qian’s organs were all collapsing and his life was in danger at any moment.

Some personnel from the Gaobeidian Police Department and from the detention center hastily did some paper work and immediately turned the dying Qian over to his family members. After that the persecutors disappeared.