(Clearwisdom.net) On June 13, 2006, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., the Xiangyang District Court in Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province put Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Yang Yongying, Mr. Shang Xijie, Ms. Liu Liping, Ms. Hu Guijie, and Ms. Zhao Guiyou on trial.

These practitioners and their lawyers claimed themselves innocent, and exposed how the police had tortured them using all sorts of cruel means, including depriving them of their right to sleep for several days. They refused to accept the evil accusations.

The judges of Xiangyang District Court ignored the facts, ignored the defending statements, and sentenced Mr. Yang Yongying to 17 years in prison, Mr. Shang Xiping (from Huanan County) to ten years in prison, and Ms. Liu Liping (from Daqing City), Ms. Hu Guijie and Ms. Zhao Guiyou to four years in prison each.

Xiangyang District Court judge Wang Jidong (male): 86-468-6116633, 86-13945757597 (Cell)

Xiangyang District Court chief Chen Xuegang

Hegang City First Detention Center head Li Yingcheng: 86-468-3400777 (Office), 86-468-3279283 (Home), 86-13803681777 (Cell)

Hegang City First Detention Center CCP director Kong Fanqi (male): 86-468-3406171 (Office), 86-468-3457288 (Home), 86-13945769618 (Cell)

Hegang City First Detention Center deputy head Zhao Yinghuan (male): 86-468-3406171 (Office), 86-468-3433737 (Home), 86-13803680007 (Cell)

Hegang City First Detention Center deputy head Waang Qinglong (male): 86-468-3406171 (Office), 86-13019026995 (Cell)

Hegang City Court chief: 86-468-3351718

Deputy chief: 86-468-3351616, 86-468-3351918