(Clearwisdom.net) Nowadays, people commonly help each other with a condition or purpose, often seeking some reward. But the mutual help between Falun Dafa practitioners is selfless and touching.

In 2000, a Dafa practitioner was illegally detained for not giving up the practice. At that time, it was the season to harvest apricots. He had two or three acres of apricots, but no one took care of them. It seemed that the apricots would go to waste, and all his labors would be in vain. One day, more than ten people came, climbing the trees to pick the apricots, and carted them away. The people who lived in the same village thought, "This is too bad. Without the owner at home, bad people came and stole the apricots."

However, these people were Dafa practitioners who live in nearby villages. After learning that the practitioner was being detained and persecuted, they came to help by picking the apricots, taking them home, separating out the seeds, and making dried apricots. They bagged the dried apricots, as well as the seeds, and returned all of them. When this practitioner came back home he sold all of the dried apricots as well as the seeds. His income was no less than in previous years.

After coming to know the truth, people in the village were all impressed, "It is hard to find such people who are willing to help others like this. Falun Gong practitioners are so good. What kind of teacher and what kind of teachings make them so good?" This story spread far and wide.