Recollecting Master’s 5th series of Fa lectures in Guangzhou

I am a veteran Falun Dafa practitioner now as I started to practice Falun Gong back in December 1994. I had the great fortunate to attend Master’s 5th series of Fa lectures in Guangzhou City. After that, Master ended his lecturing in China and left for Hong Kong to begin giving Fa lectures abroad.

The Fa lectures were held in Guangzhou Gymnasium, where about 5,000 people attended. Among them were 3,500 veteran practitioners from other provinces. A lot of people wanted to attend the lectures but the tickets were all sold out. Although no more tickets were available, a few hundred people were still waiting outside the gymnasium, hoping to get in. Finally a special area was set up in the gym to let them watch the lectures live on the TV. About 400 people attended the Fa lectures this way. Since I learned about the event pretty late, I was one of those unable to get a ticket. Fortunately a practitioner in charge of the sign-up sheet told me that one ticket had just been returned. I took the ticket right away. However, I noticed that this ticket did not even have a seat number on it so I decided to bring a mat.

As soon as I reached the entrance, the staff exchanged my ticket and let me sit closer to Master. Tall and compassionate, Master personally corrected the hand movements of the new students. Time flew and the eight days of lectures were quickly over. On the last day, the students presented Master with flowers, flags that honored Master, and a huge board with the single word "Buddha" on it that was taller than a person. At the time I did not think about it much, but looking back, that was truly a precious moment.

During the lectures, I heard of a story about a young man from Xinjiang Province. Financially strained, the man took a little money from home and carried a big bag of highland barley pies. When he arrived in Guangzhou to register for the Fa lectures, he took out his money to pay for the ticket. Deeply touched by the man's determination to study the Fa and by his compassion, the attendant at the ticket booth waived the charge for the ticket. Like this young man, many practitioners from other provinces lived in the cheapest rooms and ate the least expensive food, waiting for the first day of the Fa lectures. For some, a few crackers served as a meal.

Practitioners from Guizhou Province recollect the 1992 and 1993 Oriental Health Expos in Beijing

While I was attending the Fa conference in Guiyang City in 1996, I heard stories about Guizhou from the person who was in charge of the Guizhou practice site. According to her, to save the world's people and Falun Dafa practitioners, Master has endured a lot of hardship. Initially she did not make up her mind to attend the Falun Gong lectures because she wanted to figure out what Falun Gong was. Fortunately she had an opportunity to do some chores for Master.

Once she witnessed how Master cured the practitioners. "Master reached out his numerous hands, some small, some large, each passing over everybody’s head," she said.

She attended the Oriental Health Expos in Beijing both in 1992 and 1993. As she waited outside the room, Master saw her and invited her in, so she stood beside Master and watched how Master cured the patients. Under Master’s guidance, she was able to see that spirits possessed all of the qigong masters but two. One was a master in Buddha practice with two dragons on his head, while the other was that of Taoist practice, above whom Supreme Lord Lao was sitting, holding a horsetail whisk.

She also saw an old lady who was carried in for treatment by her family members. Master asked the lady to get up while reaching out His palms for her to grasp. As Master was backing up, he asked her to step forward. "I have been paralyzed for eight years. How can I possibly walk?" said the old lady. Master kept asking her to walk. Finally, she amazingly walked, and then walked faster and faster. Then she started to run, two circles! Everybody at the scene was moved. Some cried with happiness. The eyes of the practitioner from Guizhou were also filled with tears. The relatives of the old lady were so excited and moved that they all knelt down in front of Master, calling Master the living Buddha.

This practitioner also stated that during the health expo, she saw a cluster of black stuff moving towards Master, so she said, "Master, something bad is coming to you." Master kept treating the patient and told her not to pay attention to it. Soon after, she saw a golden kasaya catch the black stuff and wrap it up. She could even see the black stuff still wiggling beneath the kasaya. Back then she did not understand that it was the snake spirit that Master was eliminating. She had never known it until she read Zhuan Falun.

Although Master asked her several times if she wanted to attend the lectures, she did not make up her mind until the lectures in Guizhou ended. Then she followed Master to other provinces in order to attend Master’s lectures. As she recollected, Master lived a very frugal life during the lectures in Guiyang City. He put on the clothes that He just washed the night before; He often took a bowl of noodles as His meal. Worried that Master might not eat, once she quietly put a cooked egg beneath the noodles. On another occasion, for some reason the authorities of Guiyang Qigong Association took away all of the money from the ticket sales, leaving nothing for Master. As a result, Master had a problem paying for the room and board there. In fact, He could not even afford the train ticket back to Beijing.

Our Teacher has endured a great deal of hardship for us. Some we know about, but most we are not even aware of, and some we perhaps will never find out about. I often ask myself: "How am I doing? Am I worthy of the name of a Falun Dafa practitioner?" The only reason I am recollecting the stories of Master’s Fa-spreading is to remind myself to advance more diligently on the path of cultivation practice.