(Clearwisdom.net) Since the crackdown on Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, nearly every year our local practitioners have been illegally arrested and/or illegally detained, and they have been sentenced without any good reason. Most "free" practitioners didn't realize that they should rescue those who have been arrested and developed a passive and pessimistic attitude. After studying Teacher's new article, "My Version of a 'Stick Wake-up'," we realized that rescuing our fellow practitioners is exposing the persecution and helping to stop the persecution, and stopping the persecution is saving sentient beings. Also, it is a process for practitioners to cultivate ourselves and improve as one body.

On September 30, 2005, local practitioner A distributed the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in a building. One person who didn't know the truth reported the practitioner to the police. The practitioner was arrested and sent to the No.1 Detention Center in that town. Practitioner A was known locally as a diligent practitioner. Some practitioners complained that practitioner A was not clear-minded in clarifying the truth during the arrest. They thought he should not distribute the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party during the day. At the time of the practitioner's arrest, the main local coordinator was in another city. In that situation, other practitioners voluntarily coordinated to rescue practitioner A. They organized practitioners to send righteous thoughts together. They phoned the 610 Office in their town and police station, and sent letters. But a few practitioners had attachments. They thought this behavior was aggressive, and that it would make the policemen and 610 officers angry, so that they would not release practitioner A.

Practitioners had differing opinions, so the rescue attempts did not go very well. What should have been done was not done. In the end, the rescue was unsuccessful. Half a month later, practitioner A was sent to Wanjia Forced Labor Camp with a one-year sentence.

The local practitioners were very upset after practitioner A was sent to the labor camp. During several Fa conferences, practitioners repeatedly studied Teacher's recent lectures and new articles. They looked inside: "Did I keep righteous thoughts or human attachments while trying to rescue practitioner A? What did I do for practitioner A?"

Teacher said:

"Some people have family members who have been imprisoned in the persecution and are being persecuted, and yet instead of hurrying up and working along with everyone else to resist the persecution, stop the persecution, and lessen the persecution of your family members, you're talking about things like 'studying the Fa at home' and you're still full of complaints about everything that [Dafa] students are doing. Did you know that when the persecution of your family members who have been imprisoned is lessened or stopped, it's the result of Dafa disciples exposing and shocking the evil beings while braving evil and danger to take action against the persecution-- When they get out, how will you bear to face them-- What have you done for them-- A cultivating human being is not a cultivating god, and everyone makes mistakes in the cultivation process; the key is how you deal with them. Some people are able to recognize them and some aren't, and then there are people who don't want to recognize them because of their attachment of fear and some other factors. Cultivation is not about taking part in ordinary people's political struggles, and even less is it about fighting for power or gain. The notions, bad habits, and tendencies that you've formed in ordinary society and in political circles and the like are looked down on even among ordinary people, so even more so should they be disposed of in cultivation." ("My Version of a 'Stick Wake-up'")

Practitioners realized that we should not look at practitioner A's weakness when he was persecuted, nor should we complain about him. If we do that, we would be standing together with the evil and agreeing with the old force arrangements. We must keep righteous thoughts to rescue our fellow practitioners. Take the process of rescuing practitioners as the process of actively suffocating the evil and stopping the persecution, clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings, cultivating ourselves and achieving improvement as one body.

In the middle of March of 2006, local police illegally arrested 6 practitioners during the night because someone reported on them. It happened so suddenly. When our practitioners learned about it, they didn't wait for the coordinators, but instead, they voluntarily organized themselves to send righteous thoughts. They eliminated the dark minions, rotten demons and the evil spirit of the Chinese Communist Party behind the persecution of the 6 practitioners. We also helped the 6 practitioners keep their righteous thoughts toward breaking through the detention as soon as possible. Some practitioners used the Internet right away to disclose the local policemen's evil behavior. Some practitioners who knew detailed information sent the addresses and phone numbers of the 610 Office and policemen directly to the Clearwisdom website and asked for help.

The local practitioners began sending righteous thoughts 24 hours a day and attending frequent group study sessions. During this period, power poles in the town were full of posted truth materials; in fact every corner displayed truth material disclosing the policemen's malicious behavior. At the same time, lots of practitioners called the 610 Office and the police station office to clarify the truth. Western practitioners phoned them a lot too and effectively suppressed the evil. Persecuted practitioners' relatives also participated in rescuing their family members with practitioners' help.

The 6 persecuted practitioners' righteous thoughts were very strong because they were strengthened by the practitioners outside. They sent righteous thoughts continually in prison. They didn't cooperate with the persecution at all. They used every opportunity to clarify the truth to the prisoners and told them to quit the CCP and other related organizations. This outside power and inside power coordinated very well and became very strong. Under Teacher's compassion and protection, all 6 practitioners were released within 28 days.

This case had a great influence and effectively suppressed the evil. The old forces plan of persecution was eliminated. This successful rescuing activity displays Teacher's compassion and protection, and again, also proves the Fa's strong power. It is a signal that local practitioners have become more mature during clarifying the truth, and that they have improved as one body.