(Cleaerwisdom.net) During recent days, Australia media, including Sydney Morning Herald, Time, The Australian and ABC, covered the investigation report of Canadian independent investigation team of David Matas, international human rights lawyer, and David Kilgour, former Secretary of State (Asia-Pacific) for Canada. The report was released on July 6 and concluded that there truly exists large scale seizing of vital organs from unwilling Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Leader of Australian Greens, Bob Brown

Leader of Australian Greens, Bob Brown issued press release on July 11, 2006 on CCP's live organ harvesting.

Foreign Minister Downer should seek an independent investigation of claims that Chinese political prisoners are killed to provide organ transplants in the international market, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"A Canadian report claiming Falun Gong and other prisoners' organs are sold to provide foreigners with heart, lung, kidney and other transplants, coupled with evidence that Australians go to China to receive organs is alarming," Senator Brown said.

"The Chinese authorities would welcome the air being cleared. The Australian government should seek permission to, either directly or through the United Nations, have forensic experts go to China's jails and medical institutions to check the claims," Senator Brown said.

"The Australian government should rule out the inclusion of human blood and human organs in the Free trade Agreement it is currently negotiating with China."

"The claims about organ harvesting in China are shocking. The Australian

Government must rule out the inclusion of any human blood or tissue from

the China Australia FTA," Senator Brown said.