Our great Master came to Guangzhou to personally hold the fourth Falun Gong class, and I was very fortunate to attend. More than 4,000 people attended that class, which was conducted from January 6-13, 1994.

The entire spectacular event was truly unforgettable. The first thing I felt was my mental attitude changing for the better after listening to Master's lecture. On the first day, everyone should have had their own guaranteed seat assignment, yet many new practitioners fought each other to get into the class with a lot of fuss, and the situation was quite chaotic. But on the second and third day it changed completely. No one even blinked their eyes during the lecture, afraid of missing even one sentence. All eyes were fixed on Master and everyone was solemn and respectful. Many people were so touched that tears covered their faces, and I was no exception.

One thing I remembered most clearly was when Master was saying that our human skeleton appeared to be made of pieces of black colored bones in other dimensions, I felt that Master was specifically directing that to me. Others felt the same way, too, because we had ailments all over. Our bodies were dark throughout with significant amounts of karma. When Master talked about the heavenly circuit, we all felt it was some extraordinary thing that was out of this world, yet Master said it was nothing unusual. Later in the lecture, we again felt that what we heard was most profound and incomparable, yet Master then pointed out it was also nothing uncommon. We all laughed and felt excited to the core.

In Zhuan Falun, Master said,

"Maybe when you're at work or out and about, someone will say that you're bad. But maybe you aren't really bad. Or maybe someone says that you're good. But, turns out, maybe you aren't really good."

I realized an important point: what ordinary people say is all limited to a very narrowly confined dimension of individual perspective, a perspective based on upholding oneself.

Then I listened to Master talking about the relationship between "loss and gain," and karmic retribution. As a result, I untied all the knots of resentment and hatred inside myself, realizing the predestined relationship between all surrounding things and myself. All the debts that I owed during my past lives must be repaid since this is the law of the cosmos. I believed that the law of the cosmos was absolutely fair.

I believe every sentence from Master without any doubt. I believe everything that Master said. After several days I truly obtained a great deal from the lectures and untied tens of thousands of knots in my heart. Some stubborn and hard locks were suddenly cracked open. I was so excited and every day tears ran down my face. I knew what I had just obtained was something you simply could never get by begging. For the first time, I knew what it felt like to be without any illness.

I went to attend the lecture given by Master in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province in 1994. The one thing that I remembered most vividly during this lecture was that I was at the end of the line registering for living accommodations. When I bent down to pick up my luggage to go upstairs, I noticed there was a bundle of cash next to my feet. I hurriedly picked it up and went to the front of the line inquiring who might have lost it. It turned out it was 600 yuan belonging to Mr. Wu, an older local practitioner.

I also remembered that there was a practitioner who had animal possession attached to her. We sat together during the lecture and her body kept swaying back and forth. I saw that when Master talked about animal or spirit possession he glanced over toward this practitioner, and she stopped swaying right then and there.

I also remember that one of the days the weather started out quite nice. Then suddenly there came gusty wind, pouring rain, and even a tornado with big hailstones. The torrential rain just poured down like someone dumping sheets of water. The tornado uprooted trees and sucked up debris from the ground into the sky and kept the debris there for a long time. I even heard that some farmers' houses were damaged by the tornado, and people said that they had never experienced such stormy weather in the history of the region. The electric power went out at the lecture venue and it was dark inside. We could see the ravaging weather hurling hailstones through the roof and landing near Master's podium. The hailstorm even broke quite a few windows along the sidewalls, with rain blowing in through the broken windows. People who were next to the broken windows could not sit still. Then Master stopped tolerating the interfering demons. The practitioners who sat up front saw Master start to do the big hand signs. He grabbed the disrupting demon in his hand and reduced it to a tiny dot. Master then put it into a water bottle, closed the cap and put it aside. Instantly the rain, the howling wind, and the hailstorm all stopped, and sun came out.

At the very beginning of the first lecture, Master told practitioners, "All of you came a long way to attend the lecture here (there were very few local practitioners). I did not want to charge you any fees. But because the expense was quite high, and they charge us 2,000 yuan per day for the lecture venue...(I do not remember exactly what Master said). On top of that they also charged us other fees here and there (Master could not even recall just how many different charges), so we have to charge a little bit. (Each practitioner paid only 30 yuan, equivalent to $4 U.S. dollars)." Master was so compassionate, like our fathers, and took pity on us. We all cried.

On July 15, 1994, Master came to the "Three Gods Five Buddha" site in Chenzhou City to give a Fa lecture class. This was such a splendid and jubilant event for the Land of Buddha in Chenzhou City. The class was held at the Chenzhou Women's volleyball training camp. There were 900 people attending. Due to lack of transportation, this class was not well publicized beyond the local group. Master said that if there were too many people attending the class, then upon completion of the class it would be difficult leaving town and might impact a lot of people's businesses.

I remembered that during the very first lecture given by Master, I wondered why the microphone volume was not set quite right for good sound. Master immediately said, "How is everything, was it that you could not hear clearly?" As Master was speaking, the volume changed back to normal. I could tell that Master knew each and everyone's thoughts. Again, it was raining hard. When a practitioner got an umbrella for Master, Master said, "Have you ever seen a qigong master using an umbrella?"

The rain never touched Master, not even the practitioner who was standing next to Him. One evening I was listening with my head bent down, and suddenly felt that Master was speaking to me directly, "Some people gained a lot, she used to have a lot of illnesses, and now her illnesses all reappeared because we must eradicate them from the root." Yes, just like Master said, I obtained so much.

Master stayed at Chenzhou for four days, and the class was approaching an end. Practitioners who helped to set up the class told the event organizer, "Our Master has not eaten anything. Each time we sent in some porridge, it was returned without even a little bit of it touched." Master did not try to socialize with the local officials as did other qigong masters. Master was so down to earth and I saw many times Master shaking hands with older practitioners. When a practitioner helped Master to purchase a train ticket to Guangzhou, Master was so kind and said, "Thank you" repeatedly. Master was compassionate to all sentient beings and treated everyone kindly. He set examples by his own actions and conduct. When we saw Master off, He had dinner with us. I knew Master held the good of everyone in His heart, and practitioners truly felt this. We were all very grateful and joyful when eating dinner with Master.

When Master was leaving Chenzhou we went to the train station to bid Master farewell. Master sent someone to bring us a watermelon after seeing us waiting at the train station. The watermelon appeared to be whole and uncut, but it was actually cut, and each one of us got exactly one piece. Master got on the train and the train left the station. We stood there without moving as the train pulled away. We knew we must cherish this once in a millennium opportunity. We will strive to cultivate ourselves with all our effort, following Master to return to our real home.

In December 1994, the fifth Falun Gong Class was held in Guangzhou and 6,000 people attended. When our great Master appeared at the lecture hall, the audience burst into a long round of thunderous applause. When compassionate Master waved His hands and asked practitioners to sit down, all 6,000 of them neatly and instantly quieted down. Master's care and compassion made many of us tearful, and someone cried out loud.

Because there were so many attending the class, there were several hundred outside the lecture hall who could not get tickets, and they did not want to leave. Master and the event organizer staff members worked out a solution using a video simulcast so that everyone outside the lecture hall could also view and listen to Master's Fa lecture. After the first lecture, all Beijing Dafa practitioners vacated their seats as a group for others outside the lecture hall, and they went outside to watch the video. If their xinxing was not high enough this gesture wouldn't have been possible, since everyone wanted to see Master. Further, they made the arrangement before the second class and did it without any fanfare so that the overall order of the class was not affected one bit. Everyone was deeply touched by their kindness.

Later, many Dafa practitioners helped those practitioners who were having financial problems with living accommodations and meals. They gave money to those who were poor. Another practitioner told me that there was one practitioner who had two critically ill family members who were bedridden. This practitioner had already spent the very little money he had, slept on the street, ate limited rations and drank tap water. When others learned of his situation, they wrote a note to Master. Master read this note during the lecture and said at the end, "The two sick family members of this practitioner are now cured." After the classes were over, this practitioner went home and found that the two sick family members were truly well. He asked them what healed their ailment. They replied that one day a huge Falun appeared spinning in the room. Both of them stood up together, and both wanted to eat. They could get off the bed, started walking and taking care of themselves. Based on their description, the time was precisely when Master announced that his sick family members were cured. That day Master cleansed their bodies and got rid of all the bad things simultaneously. That's why many people cried when they saw Master, because Master resolved the huge problem that you could not possibly resolve during your lifetime yet without your even being aware of it. The tribulations were born by Master, and patients were cured.

I was one such patient. One of the vertebrae in my back stuck out and no one could help me. I endured it for as long as I can remember. I did not have that much money to acquire medical treatment. However, that bone protrusion disappeared after seeing Master. Just like Master said, "Once you remove that spirit in another dimension, then this dimension would change for the better as well."

One evening after the class, many practitioners went to the rooftop. One young practitioner yelled out, "There is Teacher Li in the sky, sitting on a lotus." The scene lasted close to twenty minutes before it disappeared. I did not live there and only heard this from others. But one person I knew in Chenzhou City saw it.

My roommate came from Shenzhen City. She bought a brand new alarm clock with her. Before we returned home I told her that I really admired her clock, it was accurate and pretty. After hearing me say that, she insisted on giving it to me, and I accepted it and brought it back home. During that time I told her I did not have any money, but it was a lie. I thought if I said that then people wouldn't ask me to pay for it. However, the alarm clock stopped working after I got home. I could not get it fixed and it became a piece of junk. From this I realized that cultivation was most serious. Wanting good things belonging to others is an attachment.

During this class Master disposed of many severe animal possessions attached to many practitioners. One practitioner had chronic animal spirit possession and her life was miserable. It was very clear that she was being controlled by the animal spirit, yet there was nothing she could do to escape that fate. She knelt down in front of other Dafa practitioners and said she wanted to learn Falun Gong. Later, they brought her to Guangzhou City to attend the class. After just one lecture, she was completely healed from that deadly condition.

I also heard about the story of how Master brought a practitioner to eat at a restaurant. This practitioner never wasted food from then on and he learned to cherish food. He also told the story of how Master bought things in the store. He said that Master taught by setting an outstanding personal example, and that Master was responsible to society and people. In every case Master taught us to raise our virtue, to be good persons, to pay attention to de and be kind to others, to be tolerant, lenient, and considerate of others, and to look within to identify our own shortcomings. These are all manifestations of Buddha nature. Master spent all his time either giving classes and lectures, or traveling to the next class. Just like Master said,

"Compassion can harmonize heaven and earth, ushering in spring
Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world"

("The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos")

June 12, 2006