(Clearwisdom.net) The evil forces have launched a frenzied persecution against Dafa practitioners in the Yanbian area since February 2006. This has caused great damage. The persecution has seriously interfered with the truth-clarification to save the sentient beings. At least six major Falun Dafa materials sites have been destroyed and many practitioners were forced to leave home to avoid arrest. At least seventy practitioners have been abducted by the police. The equipment and books confiscated greatly exceed one hundred thousand yuan in value.

From the surface, the persecution seems to have been a result of a photo taken at the experience sharing conference in our area (How come the photo was spread to the public?). In the final analysis however, it was caused by not being in the Fa and having an improper mindset in the process of doing things.

However, no matter what the problem was, we must look inward to find where we did not do well from the perspective of the Fa. This is the most important thing we need to do. But from all the signs I can see, the majority of us have failed to draw a lesson from our mistakes and instead are repeating the same mistakes again.

I’d like to share my understanding on the issue in an attempt to help rectify the situation and get rid of our shortcomings so that we can upgrade ourselves together. Please kindly help me understand any shortcomings I may have.

Because We Were Not in the Fa, There Were Bound to Be Problems for the Whole Body

After the recent bout of persecution began, several coordinators took responsibility for the occurrence of the persecution all for themselves. However, I think the recent persecution was caused by the serious deviation from the Fa of all the practitioners in our area.

Our area had several incidents of serious deviation from the Fa before. One of the coordinators changed the main points and requirements in sending forth righteous thoughts and passed them to all the practitioners. However, many practitioners including coordinators failed to realize the seriousness of the problem that deviated from the Fa as well as the acts of deviating from the Fa. Some practitioners discovered it quickly but failed to stop it, thereby nourishing the unhealthy factors among the practitioners.

During the process, one practitioner raised the issue several times, telling them that it was not in line with Dafa and spelled out the seriousness of the issue. However, this practitioner became their target of exclusion and isolation. Fellow practitioners were asked not to contact this particular practitioner. Many practitioners failed to stop such action in accordance with Dafa, and instead followed along. I think that when the whole body did not act in accordance with the Fa we had already seriously broken away from Dafa.

Many practitioners still have not drawn lessons from this persecution and simply put the blame on the attachments of one coordinator. As a matter of fact, whether a practitioner is a coordinator or not he or she must take responsibilities that a practitioner should take. We should not divide responsibilities into "yours and mine" but instead strictly abide by the requirements of Dafa in our work.

We Failed to Have Printing Sites Spring up Everywhere and Blossom all over as well as Bring into Full Play the Whole Body

It has been several years since the Clearwisdom website stressed the need to have printing sites spring up everywhere and blossom all over. Have the practitioners in our Yanbian area done that? Why have we not done it even now? What mentality stops us from doing so?

At the same time we found that it was difficult to expose the persecution happening locally and clarify the truth. Some areas have sent very few articles to Clearwisdom to expose the local persecution. The article "Expose the Evil Happening Locally to the Local People" (With Teacher’s Comments) has been published by Clearwisdom twice, however, the practitioners in Yanbian area as a whole still lack attentiveness in exposing the evil happening locally to the local people. The practitioners as a whole failed to actively cooperate in exposing the evil happening locally to the local people.

Practitioners who are making the truth-clarification materials said that it was difficult to collect articles to expose the evil happening locally. The practitioners who write articles had to do a lot of traveling in order to collect just a few articles. Many practitioners complained that our truth-clarification materials were limited. However, to expose the evil happening locally is not a project for just a few practitioners who are responsible for writing articles or compiling truth-clarification materials. Instead, it is a project for all of the practitioners in our area. Everyone should actively participate in this project. However, only a small number of practitioners are getting involved in the work of exposing the evil happening locally.

We Did Not Position Ourselves Correctly Between Fa-Rectification Cultivation and Personal Cultivation

Teacher said,

"Dafa disciples as a whole have passed the stage of personal cultivation." ("Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World’s People")

It has been almost three years since Teacher spoke this Fa, however, many of our fellow practitioners are still in the state of personal cultivation. Though we all talk about Fa-rectification cultivation, we still cannot put ourselves in a correct relationship between the Fa-rectification and personal cultivation. When we share experiences, we all talk about ourselves. I think at this time, practitioners’ sharing should concentrate on how to deal with the conflicts we come across during the Fa-rectification and how we can do the three things better, not about our family and personal conflicts. When we can do the three things well, Teacher will settle all sorts of personal grudges and resentment as well as complicated and confused relationships for us.

We should let go of all our attachments and do the three things well. Of course, during the process we should not forget to measure ourselves by the requirements of the Fa to cultivate ourselves.