Esteemed Representatives of the ISHR:

We understand that you,

the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR), are champions for human rights internationally. We believe that it is important for you to hear about the human rights situation in countries around the world. Therefore, we are contacting you via this letter.

We are citizens of China who know Ms. Liu Jizhi. We have watched closely all that has happened to her. We know the kind of person she is and the situation she is facing at home. We witnessed local officials and police persecuting such kind people with impunity because they have the full support of high-ranking officials of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Fundamental Reasons for the Persecution

Many officials in China only believe in making some extra money so that their families might have a "more enjoyable" Chinese New Year, or something similar. Chinese officials were all given free reign when Jiang’s followers (including Luo Gan, Liu Jing and Zhou Yongkang) gave the order that "no measure in the persecution of Falun Gong is too excessive."

In the second half of 2004, officials and police of Dongchengfang, where Ms. Liu Jizhi lives, illegally arrested several Falun Gong practitioners and extorted large amounts of money before releasing them. On November 24, 2005, the staff from CCP’s Dongchengfang Town political faction, and from the police station colluded with the Zhuozhou City 610 Office and Nanma Brainwashing Center to repeat their persecutory actions. They illegally abducted six Falun Gong practitioners from Xituan Village, including Ms. Liu Jizhi.

Can This Still Be Called a Government Office?

The six Falun Gong practitioners were taken to offices at Dongchengfang Town Government, where they were beaten severely. Police beat Ms. Liu Jizhi with their fists, palms and rubber clubs. If she fell to the ground, the police pulled her up and continued to beat her. They spoke to her in filthy language, grabbed her breasts and other body parts and tore her clothes. In the afternoon of November 25, policeman He Xuejian raped Ms. Liu Jizhi and Ms. Han Yuzhi, one after the other. After the rapes, He Xuejian forced them into slave labor and extorted 3,000 yuan from their families.

China has a Constitution; China has signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights! Yet after more than fifty years under the CCP’s reign, the police and officials have no respect for human rights. We only see high-ranking officials willfully persecuting the Chinese people.

We clearly understand that not all policemen in other countries are good persons. But we cannot imagine that anywhere else other than in China would two women be raped and then forced to work like slaves. Then, adding insult to the injury, they were fined three thousand dollars. Can this happen anywhere else? As if this was not enough, the policemen violated even more laws during the so-called "official investigation."

But, where and to whom can Chinese people appeal? Where can we find a genuine law enforcement organization in China? From the Supreme Court, Supreme People’s Procuratorate to the National People’s Congress, which organization does not obey the CCP like a slave? Which province, city, district or county does not continue to have this kind of persecution on a large scale? There is nowhere to find justice. Police and officials

continue to trample on and damage fundamental human rights

Situation After the Rape

After being released, Ms. Liu Jizhi became destitute and homeless to avoid being arrested again. News of the rape provoked condemnation from all around the world. Under huge international pressure, the CCP detained the rapist He Xuejian. But then, they set out to destroy the evidence and soon gave the villain his freedom. On February 23, 2006, CCP officials from Baoding City held a meeting in Zhuozhou City, urging Zhuozhou City and the police headquarters to take "responsibility" for the matter by arresting the rape victims and all witnesses. They even announced a 100,000 yuan reward for those who provided information.

On March 7, 2006, the police in Hebei Province found Ms. Liu Xiuzhi. They had tracked her through cell phone calls through with they illegally abducted her and her daughter, Wei Meiling, at a laundromat of the Air Force residential compound in Haidian District, Beijing. Ms. Liu and her daughter had accepted a part time job to earn a living. Later, when the abduction was revealed, and it again provoked condemnation from all around the world, the CCP reluctantly took them to Nanma Brainwashing Center in Zhuozhou City. There, because Ms. Liu Xiuzhi was in critical condition after a hunger strike, she was taken to the emergency room at Erkang Hospital on April 13. She was still under illegal arrest.

The True Situation of Ms. Liu Xiuzhi and Her Family Member

Ms. Liu Xiuzhi, 52, is an honest, kind and diligent old-fashioned farming woman. She respects her in-laws, loves her children, shows consideration towards her husband and gets along well with her neighbors. After the persecution, her daughter, who was ready to take the college entrance examination, had to withdraw from school to take care of her mother. Wei Meiling, because of tremendous pressure, sometimes fainted. Her father, Wei Xiliang, was close to collapsing himself and fell ill on-and-off. Her grandmother has reached old age. Facing this constant persecution by the CCP, her mood and personality changes constantly and is unpredictable. Everyone in their family had problems sleeping and eating well. They all suffered tremendously under this injustice.

Why Ms. Liu Xiuzhi Suffers Such Terrible Persecution

When Ms. Liu Xiuzhi was illegally abducted on November 24, 2005, local officials couldn’t come up with any crime she might have committed. While she was raped, fined, abducted and secretly detained in Mancheng as well as in a Brainwashing Center, the people who persecuted her couldn’t find anything they could charge her with. Those persecutors know very well that she only practices Falun Gong because it cured her illnesses and asked her to live by the principle "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance."

The reason for the continued persecution of Falun Gong practitioners is because the CCP's evil nature that believes in "falsehood, violence and cruelty" can’t bear for people to believe in the principles "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." Jiang and Luo Gan control bad people at all levels to do evil things for them.

But do they dare to publicize why they persecute Falun Gong? They can’t admit that they persecute good people and have no justification for this persecution.

Who Perpetrated Such Injustice Against Ms. Liu Xiuzhi and Her Family?

If someone thinks that Ms. Liu Xiuzhi is being persecuted by a single policeman, they are mistaken. This persecution was ordered by the CCP. Those who abducted Ms. Liu Xiuzhi and her daughter at the laundromat of the air force residential compound in Haidian District, Beijing came from several governmental systems, including the Chief of the Criminal Police Corps from the Baoding City Public Security Bureau, and officials from the Baoding City Public Security Bureau, Legal Office, 610 Office and National Security Bureau.

Anyone who is familiar with the situation in China must know that the CCP has been in control of this situation at all times. Without the CCP's intervention, such atrocities could not have happened. According to those involved or who are aware of what happened, any individual or institution involved in the Ms. Liu Xiuzhi matter, could not make a decision on their own. They must ask for instructions from the Hebei Public Security Department. And the Hebei Public Security Department also gets its instructions from the "Central Unit." Because they found Ms. Liu Xiuzhi and her daughter at the laundromat of the air force residential compound in Haidian District, Beijing, the two top officials from the compound were punished. Did Hebei Public Security Department dare to punish two top officials of the air force scientific research yard on their own?

The Chinese Communist Party’s high-level officials used China’s manpower, as well as physical and financial resources, to persecute a farming woman. This is incredible! The woman is an ordinary woman, but she believes in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." The three characters, are sufficient to make the CCP’s "deception, wickedness and violence" terribly afraid. If there are more and more people believing in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," the reign of the evil CCP will soon come to an end in China, so the CCP needs to continue with its genocide and persecute Falun Gong practitioners locally and internationally. Tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners are imprisoned, crippled, and killed because of mistreatment. They even have to suffer organ harvesting while still alive. This situation makes us clearly see that millions of people are living under a terrible reign.

Honored representatives, this is China’s present human rights situation.

We sincerely hope that all representatives who are representing the human rights movement, and who try to improve the human rights record, will act expeditiously and do something to reverse the human rights situation in China so they will not have to feel ashamed in the future.


Several fellow citizens of Ms. Liu Jizhi