(Clearwisdom.net) Everyone who sees Teacher can feel his great compassionate personality and can witness that he lives a simple life. On May 23, 1994, Teacher held class for us for an entire day. When I went to a food booth a to buy rice noodles for lunch, I saw Teacher there also.

When Teacher saw us, He said hello. As Teacher was leaving, I ran to ask him, "Teacher Li, can I continue to do the Taiji exercise? I really love to do it." Teacher said, "I talked about this issue in the class." In the afternoon class, Teacher emphasized again that Shadowboxing and Taiji swordsmanship both belong to qigong, and that cultivators should commit to one discipline. I felt that I had encumbered Teacher’s class because of my attachment.

It was about May 24 and very hot. The venue had been changed to a hall in the Third Steel Factory, which was a little far from our hotel. Normally, I came and went by bus. On that day, we saw Teacher and a fellow practitioner walking down the street, so we asked the bus driver to pull over and pick Teacher up. But Teacher waved his hand and told us to go ahead. He continued to walk to the hall at the factory.

The next day, Teacher purified our bodies. There were thousands of practitioners in the auditorium. Teacher told us to think of the main illness we were suffering and then told us to say "One, two, three" all together and to stamp our feet when we said "Three," men stamping their left feet and women their right. But some practitioners were so eager that they stomped their feet when we said "Two," so Teacher had to do it again from the beginning. Teacher also installed Falun for us. He told us to stretch out our hands with our palms up to experience the feeling of Falun rotating.

Teacher also taught us the exercises and explained the movements. Teacher said,

It is hard to save a person, it’s hard to change your thinking, and it’s hard to adjust your body." (Zhuan Falun)

During these ten classes, I really understood the great compassion Teacher has and the great difficulties Teacher has tackled to save sentient beings. Teacher really made every effort to take care of us.

After the completion of the classes, Teacher was asked to take photos with us. Practitioners from each area and factory all wanted to have their photos taken with Teacher. The practitioners from our institution had three pictures taken with Teacher. Even in that hot weather, Teacher moved around the courtyard to be in our photos.

On May 31, it was time for Teacher to leave us. At 5:00 p.m., Teacher purified practitioners' bodies once again. The applause lasted for a very long time. Nobody wanted Teacher to go, and it was only at 7:00 p.m. that Teacher left for Chengdu City by train to continue to pass on Dafa.

To save sentient beings, Teacher stepped around each corner of the world. Thus we should cherish this precious opportunity. Back in 1994, every park across China witnessed group exercises, spreading Dafa practitioner by practitioner. Dafa has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in China. That invaluable period of time has become our very best memory.