(Clearwisdom.net) Reports from different channels have confirmed that recently the Handan City Labor Camp authorities in Hebei Province are still illegally detaining close to sixty male Falun Dafa practitioners. Forty of them are held by a special-administration team, and twenty are being held by other teams. Their detention was part of the escalated persecution. Since about a half a year ago, most of the practitioners in detention were deprived the right of having a family visit. Only about a dozen who have written the "Four Statements" are allowed to see their families, and the frequency of visits was reduced from twice a month to once a month. Before a family visit takes place, the police conduct a thorough body search of practitioners and their family members. Why would they do such a thing? What kind of crimes are they trying to keep concealed?

Falun Dafa practitioner Chang Xiwen from Ci County was beaten up by the head guards of the labor camp. Their names are Gao Jinli, Yao Jianming, Xing Yansheng, and Wang Zhiming, among others including some of the labor camp prisoners. They shocked him with electric batons and beat him with rubber batons; as a result, he could not get out of bed for over four months after the beatings. In order to cover-up the crime, the labor camp notified his family and told them that he fell due to carelessness and broke his leg. His family members then requested to see him, but were not permitted to do so. On June 12, after being refused to see Chang Xiwen many times, his family questioned the police guards with anger. "If you don’t let us see him, you must have something to hide! You beat him up and are afraid to let the outside know!" Under the pressure his family’s strong repeated requests, they were allowed to meet one time.

Falun Dafa practitioner Huang Yunzhang from Quzhou County was detained for over a year and refused to be "transformed". At the beginning of this year, the head guard of the second team of the labor camp, Xu Peijun, commanded eight prisoners to beat him brutally. They forced him to lift his arms from behind his back and one person even put pressure on his neck. Huang Yunzhang passed out many times from this horrific torture. In order to wear down his will power, he was forced to weave straw rope with Yan Fusheng and was forced to run about 25-30 kilometers every day, and he had to clean the bathrooms. He is always exhausted. Since the last year, Mr. Huang’s wife tried to visit him many times, but was always refused. She has had to support two children by herself. Several days ago, Huang Yunzhang’s elderly parents pleaded fervently and were still not allowed to see him.

Falun Dafa practitioner Dou Pingjun from Shahe City was tortured with electric shock batons and was not allowed to sleep. This torture caused him to develop high blood pressure and symptoms of heart disease. He could barely walk. Though it was only about 10 days before his term was to end, the Handan Labor Camp urged his family to request a temporary release due to his medical problems. They did this in order to shirk the responsibility for their crimes. When his wife tried to complete the procedure to secure his release, she was unreasonably refused. The labor camp said practitioner Dou Pingjun would be taken back after he recovered! Many other practitioners’ family members were very angry upon seeing this situation, and began to worry about their relatives that were being detained.

In early April, the new head guard of the special administration team, Li Poyong, extended the terms of five practitioners who have refused to renounce Falun Dafa. They colluded with some other head guards, and continued to forcibly brainwash and attempt to "transform" them with various torture methods. We have received a message that practitioner, Gu Daping, was called into a small room by a thug named Gao Fei, and was immediately beaten on the face and head.

Falun Dafa practitioner Su Dongze from Lincheng County developed a severe heart disease due to torture. To recover from this condition, he started practicing the Falun Dafa exercises. Subsequently, political instructor Wang Zhiming shocked his whole body with an electric baton for a long period of time. Wang said, "Falun Gong cured your disease and now the Communist Party will take your life!"

Several of the practitioners’ families who were allowed to meet with their family members were also very angry. The officials have repeatedly agreed to reduce prison terms, however, again and again practitioners were forced to write this and that, and after that nothing changed. Aren’t they just plainly deceiving people? (The CCP is deceiving people, and Falun Dafa practitioners as well as their families should not take their bait. The practitioners should not do the shameful things the evil tries to impose upon them.)

The above facts have been confirmed. We hope other Falun Dafa practitioners from China and overseas try their best to investigate the evil in the Handan Labor Camp and stop the evil persecution.

Zip code of Handan City Labor Camp: 056039

Monitor’s Phone number: 86-310-4010152

Phone number of the special administration team: 86-310-4010193, 86-310-4010192

Parties responsible for the persecution: head guard Li Poyong, associate head guard Jia Yingbin, political instructor Wang Zhiming, guards Gao Fei and Gao Jinli