correspondent from Vancouver

( On July 7, 2006, Falun Gong practitioners held a press conference in front of the Chinese Consulate. Canada's former Secretary of State for Asia Pacific Mr. David Kilgour, and human rights lawyer David Matas just released a report of their investigation confirming the existence of mass organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners in China.

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Mr. Fred Muzin, Chairman of British Columbia Health Coalition, gives a speech
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Press conference venue

Falun Dafa Association Issues Statement

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Meiqi read a statement from the Falun Dafa Association Canada. The statement reads, "We are not surprised at the investigation result because the brutal persecution of a practice group under CCP's control cannot be described in full in words."

The investigation report verifies the fact of the persecution that practitioners continuously explain to the international community. Since July 20, 1999, the CCP has applied its persecution policy of "ruin their reputations, bankrupt them financially and destroy them physically" and "those beaten to death are counted as suicide." Hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners were arrested and imprisoned. Thousands have been tortured to death.

The CCP organ harvesting crimes have gone on for several years, but were not disclosed until March this year.


Chinese officials in Chinese Consulates and Embassies exert pressure on world governments, attempting to coerce them to keep silent on the persecution and even restrict Falun Gong practitioners' truth-clarification activities using trade and economic interests.

The statement called on the Canadian government and people to stand up to condemn CCP atrocities and request independent investigation into CCP crimes in the persecution in China.


Victim in the persecution narrates personal experience

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Yuzhi Wang was arrested three times in China. In the press conference, she narrated the facts of the persecution she experienced and witnessed in a labor camp. She was imprisoned for more than nine months. She said that she was tortured to life danger and near blindness for not giving up her belief.

Ms. Wang said, "The labor camp sent me to four hospitals to have physical examinations and blood tests. After the exposure of live organ removal in Sujiatun Concentration Camp, I understood clearly. The so-called examination was probably for identification of suitable organs.

Falun Gong practitioners in labor camps are sent to have blood tests and physical examinations. I suspect that this data is entered into an organ transplantation database.

In China, because of the CCP's implication policy, many practitioners do not like to disclose where they work or live. Thus many practitioners are missing and their whereabouts are unknown.

Ms. Wang called for the rescue of Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted in China and a stop to the CCP's genocidal crimes.

Chairman of British Columbia Health Coalition Gives a Speech

Mr. Fred Muzin, Chairman of British Columbia Health Coalition, spoke at the press conference. He expressed his wish that the Ministry of Health will investigate the organ harvesting situation. When asked about the live organ removal, he said clearly that from professional standpoint of view, he believed it was real.