(Clearwisdom.net) Clearwisdom.net reported on July 26, 2001 that Falun Dafa practitioner Chen Jinchun was missing. The following is an update:

Ms. Chen Jinchun began practicing Falun Dafa in April 1999. Because she firmly practiced Dafa, the Wuhan police department issued a warrant for her arrest. In order to avoid immediate arrest, she did not return home. The police department frequently dispatched police vehicles to patrol the area around her home, and the street community police, as well as the residents' committee, frequently went to her neighbors' homes to inquire of her whereabouts. The neighbors resented the frequent intrusions.

One day Chen Jinchun's mother received a phone call at home from the municipal police department. At that time she was told that the teacher of Chen Jinchun's child would be visiting her. When some people arrived at her home, Chen's mother very warmly received them. However, upon entering the door it was obvious that they were not from the school. They showed police department credentials only after searching her home, and told Chen's mother: "Chen Jinchun was caught at a supermarket and she jumped from a high place, suffering broken bones. She has been escorted to the armed police hospital for treatment." Chen's mother hurried to go to this hospital. Not finding her daughter there, she searched every big hospital in Wuhan looking for her daughter, but wherever she went, she was told there was no person named Chen Jinchun there.

Chen's mother asked some acquaintances to help her inquire into the whereabouts of her daughter. Only then did she find out that the police department had issued an internal document claiming Chen Jinchun had died on April 30. As of now, the police department still has not informed Chen's family members, asked them to identify the body, or gone through the relevant procedures and there's no information about Chen Jinchun's status. Chen's mother is under surveillance whenever she goes out and her telephone line is also wiretapped.

May 23, 2006