(Clearwisdom.net) On May 10, 2006, four Falun Gong practitioners, Liang Jinhui, Jiang Jiyun, Hu Jingbin, and He Shifang, who had been detained for ten months, were illegally sentenced at the court of Naxi District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province. Liang Jinhui was sentenced to two and a half years, Jiang Jiyun was sentenced to three and a half years, Hu Jingbin was sentenced to two years, with a three-year suspended sentence, and He Shifang was sentenced for a year and a half, with a two-year suspended sentence.

The four practitioners were turned in for distributing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and calling on people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They were betrayed by a local special agent, Rao Qing, who posed as a Falun Gong practitioner. Six other Dafa practitioners were also illegally arrested on July 19, 2005, by the 610 Office in Luzhou City. This case has been exposed both in and out of China, and has drawn a significant amount of attention. Under the CCP's pressure, the case was postponed several times. The court held a total of three sessions, repeatedly changed the court date, and avoided holding the court sessions on politically sensitive dates. The court waited until the night before the court session to notify the family members, even though the law requires a three-day notice. After Hu Jintao returned from his visit to the United States in April 2006, the court hastily announced the verdict.

Before practicing, Liang Jinhui had suffered from mental illness and a disability of his foot. After his illegal arrest, the local 610 Office requested a review of his case. In September 2005, the Xinan Judicature of Sichuan Province determined that Mr. Liang was not capable of serving the prison term. Instead, the CCP arbitrarily refused to release him and increased his punishment. His family refused to accept the verdict and decided to appeal.

Liang Jinhui's younger sister, Liang Xiaofeng (Liang Zhen), is a US citizen residing in Hong Kong. After her brother's arrest, she aggressively launched the rescue effort. More than ten United States Congressmen and Hong Kong Assemblymen sent correspondence to CCP Premier Wen Jiabao, Sichuan Province Governor Zhang Zhongwei, Luzhou City Major Xiao Tianren, and the United States Ambassador in Beijing requesting accountability under law. But the CCP not only continued with the persecution but treated the rescue efforts as a serious case of anti-government activity. Beginning with the Sichuan Province 610 Office and directly involving the communist party's system, the case was sent through a morass of review and reexamination. In the end, the local judiciary officers claimed they were powerless to do anything about the case, because the matter was beyond the scope of its jurisdiction and must be decided by a higher authority.

For fear of exposing its evil acts, the 610 Office of Naxi District in Luzhou City changed its phone number several times. Next, Liang Jinhui's mother Yuan Yuju was illegally sent to a forced labor camp for one year. To add further context to the unjust proceedings, Policeman Gao Li even refused to disclose the labor camp papers to family members.

Since the persecution began on July 20, 1999, Luzhou City's 610 Office has followed the communist party in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. In the earlier days, they secretly sentenced three practitioners, Zhao Derong, Zhou Honglan, and Liang Yufeng. As a result, Liang Yufeng's only son became mentally traumatized, leaving Liang's ninety-year-old mother uncared for.

Country Code: 86, City Code: 830

Luzhou City, Naxi District, Public Security Department, National Protection Brigade, brigade leader Huang Zhongjie: 4118633
Policeman Gao Li: 13982416316 (Cell)
Luzhou City, National Protection Contingent Brigade, Contingent Brigade leader Hu Zeshu, brigade leader Zhang: 3199201

Luzhou City, National Protection Contingent Brigade: 3199200
Luzhou City, Public Security Department head Liang Xiaojun: 3199003
Politics and Law Committee (Manager 610)
Luzhou City, Municipal Party Committee, Politics and Law Committee Secretary Wei Shi: 3112291
Luzhou City, Naxi District, Politics and Law Committee: 4295057

Sichuan Province, Public Security Department - (Person in charge of Falun Gong persecution) 86-28-86301114 transfer - Department head Wei

Luzhou City, Naxi District, People's Court, Criminal Court: 4262169
Chief Judge: Tian Qifu
Judge: Jiang Xinglong
Wan Xiaojiang
Chief Lei Zhengyun: 4261866
Switchboard: 4262079

Luzhou City, Intermediate People's Court
Criminal Court: 3109781, 3109101

May 21, 2006