(Clearwisdom.net) I am an 11-year-old Dafa disciple and recently Teacher opened my remote memory. I would like to share what I have recently seen and come to understand about certain situations regarding our reincarnation, attaining the Fa, and the causes of being persecuted.

(1) We all come from different heavenly realms, and in order to attain the Fa, we came to the Three Realms.

All of us have come from different heavenly realms. In order to attain the Fa, we went to the level that was closest to the Three Realms to wait to be reincarnated. I waited there with my mother in this lifetime. Suddenly, we heard a loud and grand voice say, "It is coming, it is coming." My mother looked at something similar to a watch and said, "The time for reincarnation is near, do not be late." She then took my hand and we both flew toward a big square with an attractive platform in the center. The platform was made of jade that was an orange-yellow color and decorated with diamonds. On top of the platform, there was a rim of jade parapet. And on each pole of the parapet, there were statues of Buddhas, Daos, and Gods. All sides of the platform were engraved with a Falun emblem. Master was standing on a lotus flower above the platform. There were many gods with young appearances standing inside the square. They went onto the platform in groups, bowed to Teacher and said, "Good-bye." There were also many heavenly beings who came to see us off. After taking part in the ceremony, the numerous gods flew away as fast as meteors.

(2) In the course of being reincarnated, we encountered layer upon layer of obstacles arranged by the old forces; and some of the Gods were compelled to sign treaties.

At that time, there were seven of us together and we began to introduce ourselves. By now, the sky had changed from a light-yellow to an orange color and then to red. All of a sudden, a group of gods from the old forces came, along with young red dragons. Among them, a goddess was the leader. We knew that their motive was not good. They came to prevent us from being reincarnated and attaining the Fa, so we began to argue with them, which then turned into a fight. In the end, to not to delay our reincarnation and attaining the Fa, we decided not to be beleaguered by them, and took off swiftly. I ran to a second floor staircase, but these bad deities were already there waiting, and did not let me go. They forced me to sign a treaty before I could be reincarnated. In order to attain the Fa, I was compelled to sign the treaty. The content of it was to not study the Fa or practice diligently; and not to study my schoolwork diligently. My father was also blocked by them, and forced to sign a treaty. The content of his treaty was to indulge in lust. Both my mother and Grandpa Xu were let go by them on purpose. After my father and I signed the treaties, I reincarnated to a mountainous village south of Gansu while my mother reincarnated to the north of my birth place. We were not too far a part, as we were only separated by several mountains.

My father and I would like to solemnly declare, "May all the treaties that we were forced to sign, become null and void. We completely decline everything arranged by the old forces. As Teacher's disciples, we firmly abide by the path arranged by Teacher, all the way to the end."

(3) The persecution encountered during cultivation.

The old forces will seize every opportunity to interfere with our cultivation. With or without signing some kind of treaty, they want to drag us down by any means and stop us from cultivating. For the past several years, my father and I have encountered serious interference from the old forces.

In 1998, my mother and I started to practice Falun Gong. I mainly studied the Fa. In 2003, Teacher opened my third eye, and I could see scenes in other dimensions. I also had the supernormal ability of precognition and retrocognition. I could see a lot, and understood a lot. Teacher also took me to play and eliminate the evil spirits in the heavens. At that time, my state of mind was extremely good. I was able to quickly calm my mind and eliminate the evil spirits in other dimensions almost every time I sent forth righteous thoughts. Teacher was watching over me all the time, and the things he gave us were many!

However, after 2005, my state of mind changed and I did not want to study the Fa or do the exercises, nor did I want to send forth righteous thoughts. I was not even willing go out and clarify the truth with my mother. I recalled that I started to go out and clarify the truth with my mother in 2000. At that time, I was not even six years old yet, or going to school. It was really tiring to climb over ten flights of stairs to distribute truth-clarifying materials.

I worried about my bad state of cultivation and so did my mother. However, the worrying did not change my cultivation state for the better. My study was also affected; my school teacher always called up my mother to discuss with her. This was in line with my signing the treaty. The old forces wanted to drag me down, and destroy me and the beings in my world.

Teacher must have been anxious about my current situation and he thus opened up my memory, to let me know about what my father and I did. I have already figured out that, now it is whatever Teacher says that counts, and whatever I say also counts.

The old forces not only interfere with and persecute me, but they also made a thorough arrangement for my father. My father started to practice Falun Gong in the beginning of 1999. However, he stopped practicing after the "April 25" appeal. He not only gave up the practice, but also indulged in lust and could not overcome it. He spent a lot of money visiting brothels and this almost ruined our family. My father became half-man and half-ghost, and lost his basic morality as a person. He did not have a conscience, or a sense of honor.

Last year, I used my third eye and saw in another dimension that there were over 100 holes on my father's body the size of an average adult's palm. The holes were oozing pus and dripping water; some had insects in them; and some were full of insect excrement. There were also many wounds on his body that were bitten by a fox, and the wounds were bleeding. A seductress has been following him ever since he came down from heaven. This seductress has a tail and is composed of many small foxes; some of them have nine tails.

Now I understand that my father and I have suffered from the persecution by the old forces. My mother has also severely suffered mentally and physically. Under Teacher's guidance, my father has returned to the path of cultivation, and is unceasingly correcting himself to make up for his previous mistakes. Through studying the Fa, my mother has improved her character, and is practicing even more diligently. We have finally overcome this critical test. The old force's arrangement to ruin us has failed.

Thank you Master, for saving our family. We will practice even harder, do the Three Things well and fulfill our prehistoric pledge, so as to not disappoint Master's merciful salvation and the expectations of all living beings.