I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. Every time I hear or read stories regarding Master's great compassion in spreading the Fa and saving sentient beings, I am deeply moved.

Once, I heard a story about Master. It happened in the Autumn of 2004. I went to deliver truth-clarification materials to the owner of a stationary store. Unfortunately, the owner had moved. The new resident was a massage therapist. His wife and baby were also at home. He greeted me and warmly invited me to come in and sit on the sofa.

I began clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa, talking about how Falun Gong was being persecuted. The therapist interrupted me before I finished, "I did not believe what was said on TV because I met your Master in person."

Then, the therapist began to tell me about how he met Master, "It happened when your Master had just begun spreading Falun Dafa. I went to see a friend at Tieling in Jilin Province. As it happened, my friend had invited your Master to have dinner with him at a restaurant. So I joined them. Your Master is very tall and very polite. He was very modest and amiable when he spoke. He sat there straight and upright, with his hands always in one position. While we ate, my friend mentioned his neighbor, an elderly woman, whose four sons were disrespectful to her. They were very wild and swore incessantly. After the meal, your Master asked my friend to bring the four sons to the restaurant. When the four sons came, your Master gently talked with them at length. The four sons sat there quietly with their heads bowed, listening. Ever since then, the four sons have been respectful to their mother and have become better people."

I said to the therapist, "Wow, what an incredible predestined relationship you have to have been able to meet our Master in person." His wife added, "When my husband saw what was broadcast on TV, he immediately said that it was lies. How could such a good person do things like that?"

Although I have never seen Master in person, I feel fortunate to have heard this account about Master. I realize that it was an encouragement to me as well.