(Clearwisdom.net) After I read Master's new article, "Pass the Deadly Test," on the Clearwisdom website, I had an experience of being bathed in Master's grand compassion and boundless grace. I could not hold back my tears. In order to save sentient beings, Master came down to the lowest level, level by level. He suffered countless tribulations and difficulties to come to the Three Realms, which is such a filthy and dreadful place, to establish karmic relationships with all beings. In this filthy human world, it is unimaginable how much Master has endured for us to dissolve the karma which we ourselves accumulated throughout numerous life cycles. Master rescued us from hell and helped us to reach the realm of gods, and Master seeks nothing from us in return, requiring us only to firmly believe in Master and Dafa, and to conduct ourselves with righteous thoughts and actions.

With Master's compassionate salvation, many Dafa disciples seized this unprecedented, precious opportunity, let go of their attachments and followed Master closely. They were able to walk through the most difficult period of time wherein the evil was rampant and the rotten ghosts stopped at nothing in the persecution. They truly let go of life and death. Free from fear, the evil no longer dares to commit outrages in front of them.

There have also been some practitioners who, in front of the so-called devastating "tests" arranged by the evil, were not rational and did wrong things out of fear. Master has pointed out the roots and the consequences of such wrongdoings in many articles. With Master's care and protection, many of these practitioners gradually became clear-minded and corrected their mistakes. They published solemn declarations and were no longer controlled by the evil. Some even became very diligent in cultivation and in doing the three things well to make up for the losses they brought to Dafa and to catch up with the progress of Fa-rectification.

There are also those who fail to realize that they have done wrong things. They are still assisting the evil in committing crimes against Dafa. Time and again, these practitioners were exploited by the evil as tools to persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples. However, even so, our compassionate Master does not give up on them. Master still tries to offer salvation to them, teaches them principles, guides them to come back and gives them more chances.

I could not hold back my tears when I read Master's article, "Pass the Deadly Test," in which Master taught specifically this last group of people who are still being controlled by the evil, because I, too, had once taken a tortuous path in cultivation and committed wrong deeds.

In early 2000, when the evil was most rampant, I was arrested twice and I gave in twice. Actually, I knew from the bottom of my heart that Dafa is great, but due to a lack of deep understanding of the Fa, I had the attachment of fear, which was taken advantage of by the evil. At that time, I tried to make up excuses for myself, such as thinking that it was an arrangement by Teacher. When I saw Master's article, "Towards Consummation" and "Guiding the Voyage," I immediately realized it was not Master's arrangement, it was an arrangement by the old forces. I felt extremely sad and deeply regretful. Although I realized I did the wrong thing, I was unable to face it and I felt ashamed to see other fellow practitioners. Oftentimes, I hid inside my home and did not want to step out my door. I even felt I could not continue to live in my old place, so my whole family moved to another city. I started to do the "three things" with other practitioners who were in similar situations. I wanted to do well as a Dafa disciple to make up for the loss.

However, because I did not let go of the fundamental attachment, as soon as I had the courage to write the solemn declaration, I was arrested again in 2001, just before I was able to publish the declaration. After the police fined me a huge sum, I always had the attachment of fear. Because I was known to so many practitioners locally, and the police blacklisted me, I didn't dare to publish my solemn statement. I felt extremely sorrowful and I often wept when nobody was around.

Dafa is able to rectify all abnormalities. As long as I have the wish to do well, to aid Master in Fa-rectification and rescue sentient beings, Master will not give up on any disciple. This was my personal experience. Master knows all of his disciples clearly; He has often given me hints and helped me to break through my human notions. Later on, as I intensified Fa study, I had less and less fear when doing the three things, and my righteous thoughts increased. After I published my solemn declaration, I immediately felt that my mind was clearer and there were also many bad things cleansed from my body.

I returned to the region I previously lived in several times to do what a Dafa disciple should do. I let go of attachments and seized all opportunities to rescue sentient beings. I found out that when I had a wish in my heart, especially when I had the wish that I would try all means to find those who had predestined relationships with me in this lifetime, Master helped me through every moment. I vowed to clarify the truth to them regardless of whether they had been my friends or not.

For example, once I planned to go to the region where my previous work unit was located, to clarify the truth. I wanted to get off the bus at two other stops on my way to that region. Because I only had one day, I didn't have time to look for my acquaintances one by one. So I simply thought about whom I would like to meet and with what approach. Everything happened as I had planned. I didn't even have to make much effort looking for them, One of my acquaintances helped to gather nine people together, and all of them were the people I was looking for. When we had lunch together, I kept sending forth righteous thoughts and openly clarified the truth to them with wisdom. After lunch, all of them decided to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its related organizations. One of them took the initiative to help me arrange to meet those I wanted see on my next stop. They even arranged to have a person from the police department meet me. They personally drove me to the next stop, where I clarified the truth with ease. Three people decided to quit the CCP right away, including the person from the police department. Everything was so arranged in such an orderly way! Master doesn't hold the mistakes I made before against me. He still took good care of me and made efforts to make arrangements for me.

Upon reading Master's new article, "Pass the Deadly Test," I was deeply moved and I had mixed feelings. I felt from the bottom of my heart that when the attachment of fear is eliminated, in retrospect; the feeling of fear is indeed nothing. I sincerely hope that all those practitioners who have made mistakes will let go of attachments as soon as possible and become true Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period. Do not linger around where you are and feel that it's very difficult to make progress. If you can truly conduct yourself according to Master's requirements, you will find, "there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!" (Zhuan Falun) Master is concerned so much about us. We should conduct ourselves well and not have Master worry about us any more.