(Clearwisdom.net) It was reported that 610 Office head Luo Gan recently went to Dalian City. He issued an order to recapture practitioner Mr. Chen Minghui, also known as Chen Minhui, by any means. The police were given the authority to kill him without pardon. The order has been sent to all local police stations.

Please, help to send forth righteous thoughts to deny all evil arrangements in this situation! Following is Chen Minghui's story.

Mr. Chen Minghui was arrested in Jinzhou, Dalian City, on September 21, 2005. National Security agent Xu was responsible. Mr. Chen was detained at a National Security agency-owned white building in Tianjia Village, Xinzaizi Town, Dailian. During his detention, the police tried all kinds of ways to persuade him to spy for them in order to get to practitioner Yang Banliang. They promised Mr. Chen many benefits if he was willing to be a spy, such as 2,000 yuan per month in payments, arranging a stand for him to have a home appliance repair business, and other enticements. When Mr. Chen was tortured to near death they were afraid he would die in jail. They ordered him to call his wife to bail him out, demanding that she pay 10,000 yuan. Mr. Chen Minghui refused their request.

On the morning of September 24, Mr. Chen climbed the wall's wire fencing and then crawled out of the three-foot deep latrine pit, thus successfully escaping.

The authorities manned a large-scale search for him. All major intersections were blocked. Police came to a practitioner's home to check residential registrations and explained they were searching for an escaped prisoner. They monitored Mr. Chen's home 24 hours per day. They even went to his hometown of Wafangdian to search for him but failed to find him.

After Mr. Chen was eventually arrested, his wife was captured as she left home and then the authorities raided his home. They took all the tools and materials he used for his appliance repair job. After Mr. Chen successfully escaped from capture with righteous thoughts, they kept following his wife around, even to her place of work.

Liaoning Province officials recently informed all related branches to carefully search for Mr. Chen, who was involved in the truth-clarification TV broadcast in Liaoning Province. The notice they published specifies Mr. Chen's characteristics, his ID card, a photo, and other personal information. The notice explicitly stated that he knew freezing technology, that he was certified to do such repairs, and that he usually rode a bicycle. They are going to search for him among the professions related to freezing technology, such as frozen storage or businesses involving ice cream.

Here we sternly warn those who continue to persecute practitioners: Do not continue to be a scapegoat for those prime culprits who persecute Falun Gong. Leave a door open for your family and yourself. It is the heavenly principle that good is rewarded with good and evil meets with evil returns. More and more national security spies have suffered karmic retribution for their evildoings. If you continue persecuting practitioners, you may become the CCP's scapegoat and harm yourself in the end.