(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Peng Jufeng, who was admitted to the Shanxi Provincial Women's Labor Camp on April 11, 2006, has not been assigned a bed. They deprived her of sleep and forbade her from using the restroom. The camp officials coerced a "collaborator," Ms. Zhang, to swear at and beat and kick Peng frequently.

Practitioner Chen Fang, who was admitted to the camp in June 2005, was beaten by the drug addicts, which caused distinctive bruises on her chest. The guards swore at and humiliated her.

Practitioner Ja Yuzhen, who was admitted to the camp in November 2005, was over 60 years old. They deprived her of her sleep for over ten days in a row. Sometimes they let her stand through the night without letting her use the restroom, which caused her high blood pressure.

Practitioner Jin Jing, admitted to the camp on September 1, 2005, was handcuffed and left to stand in the yard for several days in the middle of winter. Drug addicts and collaborator Zhang Ruiling beat her many times. They grabbed her hair and punched her in the face and about the eyes. They hid her for weeks so people would not see her blood-shot eyes. It took three months for her to recover. During this period, police Meng Hao and others used a shoe-shining rag to muff her and forced her to lie on the ground motionless all day long.

Practitioner Xin Enhao, who was released in 2004, had been persecuted severely while she was in the camp. She was brutally beaten many times and was allowed very little time to sleep at night.

Practitioners Ma Yueying and Li Runfang were admitted to the camp for the second time in 2004. The guards took turns watching them and depriving them of sleep. The guards swore at them in public many times. Li was beaten several times by drug addicts and collaborators when she was on her way to get her meal. Once woman guard, Chen Chunxiang, ordered a depraved inmate to beat Li and knock her teeth out. Her mouth was filled with blood, but that did not stop them. They pulled her out and beat her again. Policeman Yang Bing beat Ma himself. In order to protest, Ma and Li began a hunger strike, but were force-fed with food and a large amount of salt water. The guys used pliers to pry open their mouths during the force-feeding, causing the blood to smear all over their faces, bodies and the bed.

Practitioners Ms. Meng, Ms. Zheng, Ms. Ma, and Ms. Xin were all watched intensively. They were deprived of sleep and warm food, and the right to use the restroom. They were also deprived of water for a long time. But other times they were forced to drink a lot of water to make them urinate into their pants. They were beaten several times and were given very little time to rest.

Drug addicts used needles to prick Ms. Zheng. They forbade her from sitting and asked her to squat all day. In September 2004, she was forced to work during the day and stand in the corridor at night, which lasted over ten days. She was so tired that someone had to pick her up when she fell. Ms. Ma had bruises and cuts all over her body when she was released.

Now Ma Yueying, Li Runfang, Jin Jing and Jia Yuzhen were put in Group Nine, which is even harsher. Here they were not allowed to go out to get food, take showers or stretch. They were kept partially starved, and only given cold food. They were assigned extra workload with no days off. They have been subjected to corporal punishment, and are now all pale and skinny.

The drug-addict-turned hatchet men, and the collaborators, who were trained by the Shanxi Provincial Women's Labor camp, used various schemes to persecute practitioners. Every day they forced the practitioners to do so much work that it exceeded their endurance limits, typically more than ten hours a day. They extended practitioners' camp terms when the practitioners refused to cooperate with them. Police officers Meng Hao, Liu Zhongmei, Lei Hongzhen, Chen Chunxiang and Yang Bing are some of those involved in carrying this out.