(Clearwisdom.net) Officials at the Ya'an Prison, nicknamed "No. 172 Factory" or "Ya'an Automobile Main Accessories Plant" have illegally detained and persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners since the end of 2001. Prior to the detention of Dafa practitioners, Ya'an prison authorities had dispatched some police to the Deyang Prison to study persecution methods and gain "experience." The Deyang Prison is first and also the most vicious forced labor camp for persecuting Dafa practitioners.

By the end of 2002, Ya'an had illegally detained more than 30 Dafa practitioners. Since then, more and more practitioners were illegally arrested and sent here. Dafa practitioner Xiao Min from Jintang County had been sentenced to eight years and was held there the longest; the shortest term is three years.

The major persecution methods are: electrical shock, other physical torture (including being forcing to stand), beatings, interrogations, "contrary" study (having to sit for extended periods), running and so on. Two criminals monitored each Dafa practitioner around the clock as arranged by the prison police, including toilet use, washing clothes, eating, washing the bowls; even sleep was monitored in shifts and a written record kept. Dafa practitioners were made to write a "thought report" every two weeks. They were forced to study the prison rules, shave their heads bald, and wear the prison uniform. Even the clothes sent by family members had to be imprinted with the logo "Ya'an Prison" before the authorities would allow them to be worn. Practitioners were forbidden to wear a leather belt; the pants can only be tied with a short cotton belt. The letters that Dafa practitioners write must undergo police inspection. The restroom, washroom, the hallway and the cell were installed with a monitoring device. The light is on 24 hours a day.

On the afternoon of July 19, 2002 the police brutally abused Dafa practitioners. The most severely affected were practitioner Wang Jisheng from Jian Ge, Zheng Wenzhi from Suining City's Xinqiao Town, Gao Xianliang from Tangyuan Township, Bi County of Chengdu Cit, Wu Fenglin and Luo Changyong, who were from the Chengdu City's Xindu District, Wang Xueming from the Longquanyi District's Damian Middle School in Chengdu City, Xiang Jinshan from Jinlong Township, Jintang County of Chengdu City, Lu Sanfu from Chengdu City's Pengzhou City, Mu Qiang from Yili, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Yu Wanxue from Guangan City, and others. Everybody suffered from 8,000-volt electric shocks to a different degree, in addition to the torture of long-term standing, beating, solitary confinement, force-feeding, group interrogations and other abuses.

Gao Xianliang was shocked with an 8,000-volt electric baton nearly 200 times in one and a half days by Wu Yun and police agent Su who has since been transferred to the Chengdu Prison Administration Bureau. Gao Xianliang was pulled by each arm and stretched out by two criminals Cheng Hongyan (from Ya'an City's Mingshan County) and Jiang Zhihan (from Ya'an City). Wu and Su shocked Guao's head brutally. Then they shocked his fingers. His forehead swelled severely. After shocking, the police tortured him further by making him stand, resulting in him having difficulty walking. Because Mu Qiang tore up a poster that slandered Dafa and refused to wear the prison uniform he was detained in separate cell several times by Wu Yun. Mu Qiang protested with a hunger strike, but suffered barbaric force-feeding. Zheng Wenzhi was shocked with an 8,000- volt electric baton by policeman Wu Yun in the office. Lu Sanfu was brutally beaten by Dean Chen and two criminals before dozens of criminals and other police officers. Wang Jisheng also suffered the electric shock and was further tortured by being forced to stand. Wang Xueming, Xiang Jinshan, and Yu Wanxue refused to wear the prison uniform or be called a criminal, so they suffered from several long-term detentions in separate cells at the hands of police officers An Zhijian and Wu Yun and others.

While persecuting Gao Xianliang, Luo Changyong was separately detained in a room on the fourth floor; he was continuously abused by six criminals in three shifts. Starting at 7:30 a.m., he was forced to stand with the feet together and standing up straight. He had to hold a piece of paper between his legs and would be beaten if the paper fell. This lasted until 9:30 p.m. with only a short break for lunch and supper. Once he finished eating he had to stand up. Every day his stand-up punishment lasted more than 13 hours. His feet became inflamed and he could not put on shoes. The pain is hard to endure. The police ordered him to stand in bare feet. From beginning to end, his stand-up punishment lasted about one month. Even the tiniest deviation from standing straight would incur a brutal beating, carried out by criminals Liu Dong (lived near Ya'an City's Yunmu Factory, released from prison) and Chen Chang (from Ya'an City's Mingshan County). The other four criminals who joined the abuse are Xu Andian (from Hong Ya), Jiang Zhihan, Cheng Hongyan, and Wang Dabing (from Ya'an City's Mingshan County).

In 2003, Luo Changyong was transferred to the eighth Ward, Mingshan County Branch, Ya'an Prison for continuous abuse under the persecution. On the afternoon of June 3, 2003, Luo Changyong refused to wear the prison uniform. The prison's politics branch head An Zhijian then conducted an interrogation of Mr. Luo. He was aided by education section head Hua Jun and Wang Peng who was the eighth ward head. Eighth ward head Zhang Guangzheng and police officer Li Jingtao, also were in on this plan and called all criminals in that ward to stop what they were doing and gather at the basketball court for this interrogation! Wang Peng presided at the meeting and said, "I have supervised this ward for nearly five years without having such kind of interrogation meeting. Today's meeting is specifically to criticize...."

Then police officer An Zhijian ordered Li Jingtao and seven to eight other police officers to pummel Dafa practitioner Luo Changyong who was pushed down to the ground. They gagged him with a dirty floor rag to keep him from crying out. They took off Luo Changyong's coat and pants and put him in a prison uniform. They handcuffed him. Luo Changyong's face was injured. The left corner of his mouth was bleeding. His back and legs were injured too. All this happened in public. The "interrogation meeting" lasted for over an hour. After that, Luo Changyong asked the police why they, as enforcers of the law, were violating it, quoting that the publicly displayed prison regulations state on the bulletin board "the police must not extort confession by torture, are forbidden to beat the criminals, must not berate criminals, must not physically torture or condemn the criminals..." Police officer Yuan Xi replied, "Who said you were beaten? We can say that you hurt yourself...." Police officer Hua Jun said, "We are subjecting you to individual education..."

This is a prime example how the evildoing CCP lets these corrupt officers operate without having to fear punishment.

All criminals who persecuted Dafa practitioners earned "recorded merit" and had their terms reduced. Cheng Hongyan was the one with highest number of "recorded merit." He got seven "recorded merits" in half a year. The customary rate would be two in one year. For every "transformed" Dafa practitioner in the year 2002 the police could get 6,000 Yuan bonuses (in 2003 and later, bonuses were even more). In the meantime they were handed meritorious service awards and promotions. For the brutal persecution of Dafa practitioners, police officer Zhang Guangzheng's position was raised to be the deputy head of prison politics section; police officer Wu Yun was promoted to deputy political head of the Fourth Ward; police officer Li Jingtao was promoted to deputy political head of the Eighth Ward.

The Ya'an Prison's primary manufactured product is an automobile front axle (also called "Gong" character girder). The product is sold to the Dujiangyan Mechanical Plant, the Liuzhou City's Wuling Automotive Factory, the Dongfeng Automotive Factory and others. Dafa practitioners are doing the arduous physical labor. They were tortured so severely as to have become yellow-faced and gaunt. Particularly in the eighth and ninth ward, the daily weight of metal to be transported was twenty to thirty thousand jin (a little less than a pound). The practitioners had to work more than ten hours with at most two days off in a month. The living costs the practitioners earned is 110 yuan in total.

The police officials who participated in these acts of abuse under the persecution are:

Warden manager: Mu Zhigang

Deputywarden manager: Liu Jiankang

The prison politics section head: An Zhijian (he lived a life of dissipation; receives bribe money from criminals; beats criminals mercilessly. He is so wicked and does all kinds of vicious things. He killed a criminal for no reason in the Ganzizhou Prison without receiving any punishment, but continues his evil deeds in the Ya'an Prison)

Prison politics sector deputy head: Zhang Guangzheng

Education Section head: Hua Jun
Education Section staff :Yuan Xi
The Fourth Ward head Chen (regular duty); Chen Yong (deputy)

The Fourth Ward political head:Wu Yun; this person persecuted Dafa practitioners mercilessly and was heavily influenced by his father who was with the West Sichun Prison police. Wu Yun witnessed since childhood how his father brutally beat criminals. He never treated the criminals as humans. Wu Yun several times shamelessly confessed during a meeting that when his father was a prison police officer, whenever he was not happy or saw something wrong with a criminal, he would order them come over and then brutally beat them. Sometimes he carried a bundle of bamboo poles that are finger-thick (several sticks) to hit the criminals. He would not stop until all bamboo poles were broken and the criminal was bruised and lacerated. Wu Yun brutally abused the Dafa practitioners, going by his father's ruthless example.

The Eighth Ward police officer Li Jingtao

The Eighth Ward head Wang Peng

Ya'an City Zip code: 625000

Ya'an Prison: 86-835-2222040 86-835-2239825 86-835-2239881

Section head: An Zhijian 86-13308161870 (Cell) 86-835-2239825